Ron Paul Questioned About 'Likudnik Operatives' and 9/11 'High Treason' Against The U.S. Ron Paul Questioned About 'Likudnik Operatives' and 9/11 'High Treason' Against The U.S.
By Martin Hill
January 23, 2017


In this classic 2012 clip, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, a longtime activist who has famously confronted many politicians over the years, had a chance to question Congressman Ron Paul live on C-SPAN during his 2012 Presidential run.

Rothe-Kushel, a Jewish man originally from Los Angeles and an active member of 'We Are Change L.A.,' was recently arrested For Asking a Question about Israeli-sponsored terrorism to the Israeli Ambassador at a Kansas library, ingeniously garnering surprisingly positive mainstream support from free speech groups and library associations.

In 2015, Roth-Kushell got on air with Rep. Mike Pompeo, Trump's CIA Chief, and asked him about the "Zionist-Controlled Media." A flustered Pompeo replied that Jeremy's remarks were "Offensive" and "Deeply Troubling."

A few weeks ago he called into the Alex Jones show to talk about Zionism, which sent Alex into a meltdown rant against 'mental illness.'

I know Jeremy from Los Angeles activism over the years, and interviewed him in 2009 at minute 3:50 in this video. He is included in a group photo on the front page of my website. I'm wearing the black shirt holding the large sign, and Jeremy is standing to the left of the woman in the blue shirt. This was in 2008 when we protested Obama and McCain- they both appeared at Pastor Rick Warren' s protestant 'Saddleback' mega-church in Orange County, Calif.

[By the way, at that 2008 protest I came across some of the infamous 'Westboro Baptist Church' protesters and interviewed them about 9/11, Ron Paul, etc. It's probably the funniest interview I've ever done. You can watch those two videos here. I want to make crystal clear that Jeremy has NO AFFILIATION with me, them, or those interviews, LOL.]

You can follow Jeremy on Twitter here.

In the 2012 C-SPAN call to Ron Paul, Jeremy began with some compliments and accolades to Paul and then continued, "As we know, every single war that is started by the United States of America is done through fraudulent and deceptive initiating events. (Ron Paul nods in agreement.) And so this era, it was September 11th. And you took an oath to honor the constitution that includes against domestic enemies. And under article 3 section 3 of the constitution, it's clear that the fraudulent nature of the September 11th attacks are treason, and it goes to the bowels of our National Security complex and to the likudnik operatives who have infested many of the high positions in the Pentagon and that would include people like Michael Chertoff..."

The host interrupts the caller and asks Paul for a response.

Below is the video of Jeremy's call. Be sure not to miss the classic collection of Ron Paul on 9/11 conspiracies in chronological order, a mind-numbingly absurd collection of Paul's own wildly varying and contradictory statements on the 9/11 conspiracy, which change depending on which way the wind is blowing or who he's talking to. The collection has no commentary whatsoever, only Paul's own statements in chronological order. My article was even linked by neocon website 'Red State' in 2011.

Red State points out that my article "chronicled some of the many, many truther statements by Ron Paul, including repeated statements that the official government story concerning 9/11 was a "cover-up" and that there needs to be an investigation. This timeline, by the way, highlights Ron Paul's usual M.O. -when he is in front of his truther buddies and college students, he is perfectly happy to say that 9/11 was a cover up and there needs to be an investigation. When he's being interviewed by sane people (like Reason Magazine), he says there's "no evidence of an inside job." As his 2008 campaign progressed along and he took interviews with more mainstream conservatives, he started changing his tune and saying he didn't support a 9/11 investigation. In other words, he stopped doing things like this."

[FYI, be sure to visit for way more info than you'd ever want to know about Ron Paul's disgusting, traitor likudnik son.]

Here is Jeremy's 2012 call in to C-SPAN:

The video with Jeremy and I is here at 3:50; That's him in the video screenshot image.

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