HEROIC: Rep Tulsi Gabbard EVISCERATES War Propagandist Jake Tapper On CNN: "STOP SUPPORTING THESE TERRORISTS IN SYRIA Who Are Raping, Kidnapping, Torturing, And Killing The Syrian People." HEROIC: Rep Tulsi Gabbard EVISCERATES War Propagandist Jake Tapper On CNN: "STOP SUPPORTING THESE TERRORISTS IN SYRIA Who Are Raping, Kidnapping, Torturing, And Killing The Syrian People."
By Martin Hill
January 27, 2017


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    Mike Rivero recently posted this video on the front page of WhatReallyHappened.com, but I thought it deserved some more attention in case anyone missed it. This is a ver powerful, absolutely must-see.

    In this amazing exchange on CNN, disgusting war propagandist Jake Tapper asks Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who represents Hawaii's 2nd District, why she met President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. What follows is an extremely impressive and powerfully skillful response from Gabbard. She is very composed and competent. She eviscerates Tapper's propaganda immediately, turning him into a stuttering, stammering dunce.

    Tapper begins, "So you were in Syria for four days. Did you meet with President Assad?"

    After her brief reply, he asks "what did Assad say?"

    Gabbard explains that she had not initially plan to meet with Assad, but continues "...If we profess to truly care about the people in Syria, about their suffering then we've got to be able to meet with anyone that we need to, if there is a possibility that we could achieve peace. And that's exactly what we talked about."

    Tapper: "Now I know that maxim that people say in the military, 'you don't make peace with your friends you make peace with your enemies.' But obviously Bashar al-Assad is responsible for thousands of deaths and millions of people being displaced during this five year long civil war. Did you have any compunctions about meeting with somebody like that, giving him , uh, any sort of enhanced credibility because a member of the United States congress would meet with someone like that?"

    Gabbard: "Whatever you think about President Assad, the fact is that he is the president of Syria. In order for any peace agreement, in order for the viability for any peace agreement to occur, there has to be a conversation with him. The Syrian people will determine his outcome, and what happens with their government and their future. But our focus, my focus, my commitment is on ending this war that has caused so much suffering to these Syrian people, to these children, to these families, many of whom I met on this trip. It's important for us to stay focused on doing what is in their best interest. And what is in our best interest. And doing what is necessary to make that happen."

    Tapper: "So um. Congressman Adam Kinzinger, a friend of yours, also a military veteran, a Republican, he said on twitter when he heard about your visit, quote, 'fact finding mission? fact: 50,000 dead children in Syria. Tulsi Gabbard, I hope you didn't meet with their butcher Assad.'"

    Tapper continues with the completely debunked and unsubstanciated lie that Assad 'gassed his own people:'

    "Now Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people. You said it's gonna be up to the Syrian people but there really aren't free and fair elections in Syria."

    Gabbard replies: "I'll tell you what I heard from the Syrian people that I met with Jake, walking down the streets in Aleppo, in Damascus, hearing from them. They expressed happiness and joy at seeing an American walking through their streets. But they expressed a question, they said 'why is it that the United States and its' allies in other countries are providing support, are providing arms to terrorist groups. like al Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda or al-Asham, ISIS, who are on the ground there raping, kidnapping, torturing, and killing the Syrian people. Children, men, women people of all ages. They asked me, why is the United States and its allies supporting these terrorists groups who are destroying Syria, when it was Al-Qaeda who attacked the United States on 9/11, not Syria?"

    Tapper fails in a weak attemt to interrupt her, begining: "Obviously.."

    Gabbard cuts him off: "I didn't have an answer for them".

    Tapper continues: "Obviously the United States government denies providing any sort of help to the, to the,,, terrosist groups who you're talking about. They say they provide uh, help, for the rebel groups - tell us more-"

    She brilliantly and skillfully cuts him off and begins her beautifully powerful truth bomb:

    Gabbard: "The reality is, Jake-"

    Tapper: Yeah?

    [At minute 4:32]
    Gabbard: "The reality is, and I'm glad you brought up that point because this is an often talked about thing by people like Adam Kinzinger and others who say 'well we've got to support the moderate rebels.'

    "Every place that I went. Every person that I spoke to, I asked this question to them and without hesitation they said there are no moderate rebels. Who are these moderate rebels that people keep speaking of? Regardless of the name of these groups, the strongest fighting force on the ground in Syria is Al-Nusra or Al-Qaeda and ISIS. THAT IS A FACT. There's a number of different other groups, all of them essentially are fighting alongside, with, or under the command of the strongest group on the ground thats trying to overthrow Assad. The Syrian people recognize, and they know that if President Assad is overthrown, then Al-Qaeda or a group like Al-Qaeda that has been killing Christians, killing people simply because of their religion, or because they wont support their terror activisties, they will take charge of all of Syria. This is the reality that the people of Syria are facing on the ground, and why they are pleading with us here in the United States TO STOP SUPPORTING THESE TERRORIST GROUPS. Let the Syrian people themselves determine their future. not the United States, not some foreign country."

    Tapper then quickly tries to change and avert the topic, since he is obviously intellectually and morally outgunned by Gabbard.

    Tapper: "And we've been showing video of your trip, from your trip, I - in the, in the, minute we have left tell us the most striking uh, image you have from your visit from this war torn region."

    Despite Tapper's weak attempt to change the subject, Gabbard then BRILLIANTLY returns to the FACT that the United States funds terrorists in Syria, and gives the most heartbreaking of personal examples, leaving Tapper no 'out' to try and refute it.

    Gabbard: "Jake you know, the destruction is very real, both on the physical buildings and the things that people have gone through. Looking into their eyes and hearing first-hand from a girl who is now 19, but who when she was 14 years old, these "rebels" that people say we should continue supporting, they came and kidnapped her. they raped her, multiple times. they killed her father in cold blood right in front of her and her little brother. All she is asking for literally is for the United States to stop supporting these so called rebel groups. STOP SUPPORTING THESE TERRORISTS, SO that the Syrian people can begin to try to get back to some semblance of normalcy in their lives."

    Also note that in the CNN video, many photos are shown of Tulsi Gabbard speaking with and posing for photos with the Catholic hierarchy in Syria. This is very relevent because I have been reporting on their very strong statements for many years, which are generally completely ignored by the western press and corporate media. Below is a small sampling. I should actually put up a Syria section but for more than these you can go to our archives and use your 'find' key (CTRL + F) and type in the word Syria.

    Watch this very powerful video of Tulsi Gabbard on CNN here:

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