WTF Did Trump Say To DEVASTATE Melania During The Inauguration Ceremony? TWO Bystanders Look Freaked Out Too WTF Did Trump Say To DEVASTATE Melania During The Inauguration Ceremony? TWO Bystanders Look Freaked Out Too
By Martin Hill
January 28, 2017


LOL, my friend Dr. Kevin Barrett has posted this article at Veterans Today and notes, "Frequent Truth Jihad Radio guest Martin Hill has stirred up a hornet's nest of angry Trump fanboys by posting the article excerpted below at LibertyFight. Go, Martin! - Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor."

My response to the mesmerized 'Trump fanboys' is below the vids.

Look at this short clip where newly sworn-in President Trump turns around and says something to her during Reverend Graham's prayer and at first she is smiling and beaming, but after Trump says whatever he said,  immediately her face falls, and extremely sad and crushed,. . VERY weird, odd, and sad stuff.

Watch the videos here:

Here is the longer version.

Also be sure to check out the third video below, which doesn't show Melania's face, but shows the faces and reactions of both the young blonde haired lady and the chubby grey haired man who are standing directly between Trump and Melania. Almost spooky.

Here is another version which shows Barron Trump.

NOTE: Many people have seen several versions/angles of this scene and there are a lot of comments on the horrified reaction of both the blonde girl, who is VP Mike Pence's daughter, and the older man who is Melania's dad. You can read the comments here. More updates below.

Slate even did a write-up on this here.


Hey guys, excuse my "locker room talk" but I'm sure Trump wouldn't mind. Watch these vids, and it is obviously creepy and weird. So one of my long time YouTube subscribers was defending this, and saying it was normal what we see in ths videos, saying he has lost respect for me because of it , and asking if by posting these videos, I was just "trying to get hits" by "being a conspiracy theorist." Other Trump fanboys said I was a "cuck" and one even posted "fuck off and die" merely because I have posted these videos from the inauguration.

This gets into a larger and more important issue, mainly the rabid and mindless "cult of personality" that infests weak-minded men regarding politicians whom they actually "idolize," whom think are going to "save them."

So here is my response to my long-time subscriber, and I am actually glad this happened because it gave me a chance to explain my position on all this. And again, excuse my French and salty language but I am far from a politically-correct snowflake. Frankly I am just an Alpha-male who grew up in a tough blue-collar neighborhood and sometimes cant resist telling it like it is.

"Lol' trying to get hits? I have 10 million hits on my YouTube channel and millions on my site. As far as being a 'conspiracy theorist', the people in power read about their satanic conspiracies all day every day at my site. I've posted the ISP logs. US congress, senate, Dept of justice, harvard, yale, MIT, JPMorgan, ABC, nytimes, disney, ford, Boeing, United Nations, FBI, DHS, cops nationwide, etc.

As far as President Trump I think he's the best president in my lifetime so far despite his flaws. I believe he actually loves America and that he would never do a false flag or kill Americans like all those other faggot satanist terrorist presidents we have had in power since before I was born.

When he does good I will note it and when he renigs on his promises I will hold him to account. But does that mean that normal men should be mesmerized and smittten over some fucking politician like 7th grade girls? Lol. fuck that, that is fucked in the head. Like for example this week he said that those illegals who don't commit violent crimes don't have to worry about being deported. That is bullshit and you know it. That is not at all what he promised during his campaign.

And what about all these usurious Goldman Sachs Jews he's appointed such as Mnuchin, that twitchy faggot who loves the federal reserve and who promises to increase the size and scope of the IRS? That's bullshit too. Or Defense Secretary Mattis, who's never even been married and yesterday proclaimed his undying fealty to Israel? Talk about a 'cuck!'

You see, I'm actually a principled conservative. Unlike Trump, I've  never called for gun bans or open borders like Trump did as recently as 2013 in an official CNN op-ed, which is still on their site. I am actually a journalist who meticulously documents all this shit. So no, I am not 'smitten" with any politician. i worship Jesus Christ, not the government.

So I will point out both the genuine good and bad that President Trump does over the next 8 years. And unlike all the keyboard warriors, I've actually met President Trump and spoke with him twice, and he complimented me on live international TV, saying I'm "VERY COMMITTED, GOT A LOT OF ENERGY", AM A TRUMP GUY, AND THAT I'M ON HIS SIDE."

President Trump then stopped his live televised speech, for another full minute, to instruct his security team to "Be nice to him, don't hurt him, be nice to him, don't hurt him, be nice to him, don't hurt him," no less than SIX TIMES, as the Secret Service escorted me out. You see, Trump respects me and what I did. I spoke with him about the undue influence of Israel on our government only nine days prior in another state over 1,000 miles away. No one else has done this. He knows who I am, and that is why he said that I am "very committed."

Donald Trump knows that bombs blew up the world trade towers on 9/11/2001, he said that on live tv the day it happened. So he respected when I loudly pointed out that it was 5 JEWS, not muslims, who were cheering and arrested in NJ on 911. So I don't much care who disagrees with me or why. When President Trump compliments them out the ass, then maybe they'd have some credibility.

People should understand that Trump respects people who actually have the balls to tell the truth. Successful and powerful men DO NOT respect groveling sycophants who act like mesmerized schoolgirls fawning over him and who do not honestly scrutinize his actual record.

Trump knows that tbose kind of people are weak, gullible, and dumb. I will continue to report the truth about our new president,, who like i said is thus far the BEST President in my lifetime, despite his faults. And YES, what is clearly shown in this vid was weird and as Trump would say, "NASTY."



Damn, people are so fucking stupid... it must be the vaccines or fluoride in the water. one of my Facebook friend said "lol, but he's still your president" and another said, gee, I never heard you attack Obama like that." OK, here is a better explanation, in case the people here are retarded too. I explain in 2nd grade language:

you have to read the message in its proper context Michael. I said i like Trump and unlike anyone here, I have actually met him and spoke to him twice and spoke to him twice, he likes me as he said on tv. what i said was. in case you didn't read the msssage, these supposed men who get angry when we critique trump's failures and BETRAYALS of his campaign promises are indeed GULLIBLE SUCKERS, and F' d in the head. I will give you a very simple example. Are you aware that yesterday when asked if he was going to deport all the illegals, Trump said no, we must have compassion, and that he will only go after the ones who have committed violent crimes? That is BULLSHIT, is 100% opposite of what he said for two years on the campaign trail, and is very wrong. I dont know if you know anything about illegal immigration but I sure as hell do, and have been fighting it for years. I was even featured in a law book by a 'reconquista' law professor who attacked me for being for U.S. sovereignty.

I am a conservative. and what I am saying, which you both seem to have completely missed, is that those of us who actually hold Trump to his campaign promises are right. Trump fanboys who bend over for him and dont CALL HIM OUT ON HIS BETRAYALS and KEEP HIM TO HIS WORD are total gullible, weak, 'cucks.'

Do you love illegal immigration? unlike most Americans I actually have a passport and have been in every state and across the world in over 30 countries. I believe in borders and don't believe that we should let 30 million 'non- violent benevolent INVADERS stay. DO YOU??????? are you gonna cry when I call trump out on his TRAITOROUS, flip- flipping positions betraying those who just voted him in to office? If so, trust me he would call such people GULLUBLE SUCKERS AND FOOLS. Get it now? Trump said he would deport ALL OF THEM. NOW DO IT.

UPDATE 3: A sane friend replies:

Martin: I think we're facing a moment of spiritual exhaustion after the blockbusters that have been thrown at us the past couple of months or so. There is so much on your fellow posters' plate that they don't know how to process it all.

GOD KNOWS what Trump said to Melania. Right now, I'm not sure I want to know. At the moment, I am just trying to piece together all of the conflicting signals that are coming out of Washington. While I am jubilant that TWO dynasties have been dislodged from access to high office, it appears that well-known elements of the Deep State remain at many of the levers of power.

It's just over week after power has changed hands, and it's just too early to tell what constellations of influence will come to the fore. Watching the Trumps on the inauguration platform and speculating on the meaning of their movements and gestures reminds me of the old days when sovietologists used to spend hours studying the protocols and faces of communist officials lined up on the reviewing stand at the annual May Day parades.

It's all too danged speculative for me to offer anything intelligent to say about it. But yet, you are right. While lots of folks are giddy that this rotten branch has been lopped off, everyone has to maintain a skeptical mental barrier with every signal that issues not only out of the Pentagon and the Congress, but the White House as well. We're in for many more surprises. Some of them will be more (or less) pleasant than we imagine. This roller coaster ride has just left the station.

My reply:

"Thanks for the good feedback, I agree with everything you said. it's good to converse with smart, sane people. ;-)

"As for the third video a friend pointed out to me that the reaction of the woman and man standing in between Melania ans Trump says it all. does that mean that whatever occurred here 'is a national issue' or will affect anyone in any way? NO, it's just very interesting. revealing, and creepy. Life is indeed interesting, and these geo-political affairs are interesting to observe and analyze. Thanks."

UPDATE 4: Another sane friend writes:

Yeah, saw that, who knows.

He’s been divorced twice, I doubt he got married for the right reasons the third.

It would be unwise to forget that most people didn’t vote for Trump the man, they voted for his anti-establishment rhetoric. 80% of the population is going to want him out for one reason or another if he doesn’t follow thru on it. Right now it’s dicey at best

... My take on borders mirrors yours I think. Having said that, there was a story about a Christian Syrian family that had already had visas to come here and live, but were denied by the Feds at Philadelphia in a very unaccommodating and hostile way over the past few days.

Who knows whether the story is true, and if so it could easily have been anti-Trump feds doing the harassing.

Nevertheless, people already cleared should be allowed in.

As to the rest, this issue has been ongoing for half-a-century and likely won’t change, even if it does, is it too late?

UPDATE 5: Yet another sane friend writes:

"I will will grant you this: Gary Franchi, Alex Jones, several other alternative media outlets have stopped seeking and reporting truth and become hemorrhoids on Trump's ass, and are now singing the praises of several neocons that they vilified (rightfully) before Trump put them in his cabinet. The price of liberty is VIGILANCE not kissing any politician's butt. That said, the only person I have seen that actually fits your description is Milo Yiannopolis and he cracks me up."

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