Dan Rather on David Letterman Show, 9/17/01 Discusses Dancing Israelis: "We've Never Dealt With These Kind Of Hateful, To The Core, EVIL PEOPLE."
By Martin Hill
January 9, 2017


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Dan Rather was a guest on CBS 'Late Nite With David Letterman' show on September 17, 2001.

I had never seen this clip until this week. How did I miss this one? Very interesting.

Right before this segment at minute 9, Dan Rather breaks down and starts to weep openly in front of Letterman on live TV about the attacks. Letterman consoles Dan, holds his hand, says "take care of yourself" and goes to commercial. When they return, he continues:

Letterman: Dan Rather is here. I was talking earlier- these are questions from a dumb guy, so, help me out.

Zealots motivated by religious fervor? Am I accurate to think that? Is it possible to reconcile, is that what we're dealing with? And if so, what are the events really, that have pissed this guy off? What did we do here?"

Rather: First of all David, I want to apologize. You know I'm a pro and I get paid not to let it show, and I'm sorry about that. Now to answer your question. And again this is so important to understand. No, I don't think it's about religious fervor. 'Cause this has nothing to do with Islam. This is not Islam. Osama bin Laden...

Letterman: What the hell are they up to?

Rather: Well. They hate America. They hate us. It isn't - This is what makes this war different. They don't want territory. They don't want what we got. They want to kill us and destroy us. Now it's a heavy statement but it's true. They seek to accomplish our death. Death as a people, as a society, as a culture.

Letterman: But WHY? Why? What- what- Why?

Rather: Well,

Letterman: They don't get cable? What's the problem? (Laughter from the audience.)

Rather: They don't get cable. Who could explain madmen? And who could explain evil? Umm- They, they see themselves as the world's losers. They would never admit that. They see us, we have everything, we win everything, This is their, ya know, thing. They see themselves as, ya know, 'we should be a great people but we're not.'

Letterman: Mmm-hmm.

Rather: And it drives them batty. That's the only explanation-

Letterman: And that really is it? That's why we have 5,000 people dead in this city?

Rather: We have 5,000 People...

Letterman: It's just envy? Jealousy? Bitterness?

Rather: Deep abiding hate. It's very difficult for anyone in western civilization, much less our United States of America, to understand this kind of hate. You have to see it first hand, you have to have been among it to understand. It's - it's - There's no rationality to it by our standards. There's no trying to explain it. But I keep coming back to the point, David, it's a mistake to believe that this has anything to do with the Islamic religion.

Letterman: Mmm-hmm.

Rather: These are crazy people. They are haters. They hate us for who and what we are. They don't want anything except to see us dead and see us destroyed.

Letterman: "Yeah, I, I, I mean, I'm, listening to what you're saying, but - do you know anybody alive today who is capable of that? I mean, it's so abhorrent, and so far afield of what we regard as the human experience. How can it exist at a level large enough to be of any consequence for God's sake?"

Dan Rather: "I don't have the answer to that question, I come back to, some evil, it's just- it can't be explained."

Letterman: Are these people happy?

Rather: No.

Letterman: Are they joyous now? Are they celebrating? 'Thank God'?

Rather: "Oh absolutely. They're celebrating. There's one report, this has not been confirmed, there's several reports there was a cell, one of these cells, across the Hudson river, and they got on the- this is tbe report, I don't know this for a fact but there's several witnesses who say this happened. They got on the roof of the building- to look across. They knew what was going to happen. They were waiting for it to happen. And when it happened, they celebrated. They, they jumped for joy. To see this happen, it was a great triumph. IT'S INCONEIVABLE TO ME AND TO YOU, BUT DAVID, THIS IS WHAT we have to understand as a country. We're not dealing with the kind of things in any war we've ever fought before. Because we've never dealt with these kind of hateful, to the core, EVIL PEOPLE."

Letterman: "Have have have.. has... did this country, um, years ago, or currently, make some kind of mistake that that made us more vulnerable than we should be? Has there been any kind of.. I think about the FBI, that is run like a high school volleyball team, (laughter) I think of the CIA, you know, they can't even find the drinking fountain, (laughter) I mean, have we made mistakes that we should not have made?

Rather: Absolutely. And you've touched on some. Look. We spend in excess of $25 billion dollars a year for alleged, supposed, intelligence... (continues)

Watch the video here:

Be sure to see my in-depth article on this aspect of the story, which I broke in 2012: "Dancing Israelis" Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case [Featured on Infowars.com.]

Also, don't miss my meeting with President Trump on 12/21/15, where I told him that it was 5 Jewish Israelis, NOT Muslims, who were arrested for cheering in NJ on 9/11. This is a shortened, edited version that someone made which includes a snippet of my video along with Donald Trump's response to me which aired on TV:

Here is my full, original 5-minute version. The maniac secret service guy who dragged me out went berserk when I gloated to the camera 'Welp! I'm getting kicked out of a Trump rally for talking about Israel! Donald said it was OK, Donald said I could stay...' He then shuts my camera off and unleashes a profanity-laced tirade to me. (Our tax dollars at work!) Little did the moron know I had two cameras rolling the whole time, so I continued to record the whole thing. :-)

Here you can listen to an interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett where we discuss my 2013 article Jews Suing Jimmy Carter over Palestine book represented by 'Dancing Israelis' Lawyer.

Here is a fun video where I ask a KABC 7 TV Los Angeles reporter who was interviewing me about something else, I turn the tables and ask him about the dancing Israelis, which his network reported on: [More details along with the ABC interview of me here: ABC7 TV Eyewitness News reporter asked about the 'Dancing Israelis'.]

More details:

My friend over at the Truther TV YouTube channel has the following very interesting videos as part of 'An Inconvenient 9/11 Truth':

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