DON'T BE FOOLED By Rand Paul, the Zionist Shill Phony DON'T BE FOOLED By Rand Paul, the Zionist Shill Phony
By Martin Hill
January 11, 2017


Rand Paul Decries $42,917 State Dept. Grant For 'Adaption of Palestinan Poetry Into Performance Art' While Never Mentioning BILLIONS Annually Given To Israel

Just to be clear up front- I'm all for eliminating the IRS, the income tax and the federal reserve, cutting waste and stopping the theft of American taxpayers. Rand Paul, by the way, has never officially or legislatively advocated for abolishing the IRS or the income tax or the federal reserve. And he actually said he wants to make the Fed more effective ", a story I reported last year. I have no problem with libertarian ideals. Matter of fact this website was launched in 2007 specifically to promote Congressman Ron Paul for President. [Here is the front page of as it originally appeared.]

But better than the mere 'espousal' of smaller government ideals is the actual promotion and enacting of them.

Rand Paul, however, is another story entirely. Rand Paul talks a good game against the 'status quo' but he is actually fully on board with it.

I have followed this guy's political career in the Senate and his joke of a presidential bid very carefully, and particularly his disgusting, traitorous fealty to all things Israel and Netanyahu.

Paul began his political career by duping his father's dedicated supporters into electing him into the U.S. Senate. He followed this up by immediately endorsing Mitt Romney for president and claiming that his father's extremist supporters threatened his life!! I shit you not. I have covered this stuff for years, it's all meticulously documented at

In 2013 Rand Paul admitted in an official Senate speech that he "MEETS WITH ISRAELI GROUPS DAILY!" He continually votes to give BILLIONS of American tax dollars to Israel and signs love letters to Benjamin Netanyahu .

So don't be fooled by this treacherous outrageous charlatan who espouses lofty-sounding ideals of smaller government.

Rand Paul has condemned the confederate flag and callled it "a symbol of hate and murder," whereas his father Ron gave speeches in front of the same confederate flag. By the way, while Rand hates the confederate flag, he literally flies the Israeli flag on his website. Rand has said that the eleven million illegal aliens can stay, and boasted that they aren't going anywhere. That 'eleven million' number is completely made up anyway, there are probably 30 million illegal aliens in Los Angelss County alone. Rand said that the GOP should not be a party of "old white men." [Rand Paul: When We Become The Old White Man's Party We're Never Going To Win An Election!". Tell that to 69-year old white Donald Trump, who won in a landslide, you SELLOUT asshole!]

This guy is a 'cuck' to the enth degree and is a disgrace.

Here is the latest example. While I agree that all these programs should be eliminated, many other larger programs which Paul wholeheartedly supports, such as the untold trillions that the U.S. gives to isreal, are never condemned by this phony Rand Paul, who according to his wife, had some meaningful religious epiphany when he donned the beany (yarmulke) and slathered at the "wailing wall" in Israel.

In his latest press release, Paul correctly opines:

"Government promotion of selected American culture - as well as taxpayer support for preservation of culture in foreign countries—is a difficult expenditure to defend when nearly $20 trillion in debt is staring taxpayers in the face. In fact, it seems that many of the foreign cultural programs paid for by taxpayers exceed the cultural programming available in some parts of America itself, yet that has not stopped federal bureaucrats from making determinations about where in the world culture should and should not be subsidized, and in what form. When an American family faces reduced income- perhaps from a cut in work hours or more expensive health insurance premiums because of Obamacare-they have to make difficult decisions about where to spend their money, and it is unlikely they will put money into movie tickets, concerts, or trips to the ballpark. In this age of economic uncertainty, Washington is actually quite overdue for an examination of its own cultural spending habits.

Taxpayers may not understand the frequency and cost of their support for music programs. With numerous performances around the world, the State Department actually uses millions in taxpayer dollars to facilitate concerts and musical acts—something for which taxpayers themselves receive essentially no benefit. Here are some examples of how American tax dollars have been used to put on shows and concerts in recent years:


Paul then goes on to condemn a ridiculous program which squanders American tax dollars on 'ADAPTION OF PALESTINIAN POETRY INTO PERFORMANCE ART: STATE DEPARTMENT GRANT $42,917.

Page 9 of Paul's report states:

Mahmoud Darwish, a Palestinian poet, was a significant cultural figure among Palestinians. A one-time member of the Israeli Communist Party and author of the 1988 Palestinian “declaration of statehood,” his 2008 death was observed by the Palestinian Authority with a state funeral (as described by the New York Times), the first such honor since the death of Yasir Arafat, according to Darwish’s Times obituary.141

In Israel, however, his works have proven controversial.142

In fact, in 2000, the proposed inclusion of his poetry into Israeli high schoolcurriculum actually forced Israel’s government into a no confidence vote.143

A significant theme of Darwish's poetry is the longing for Palestinian independence. His poetry collection The Butterfly's Burden features long sonnets on Palestine, including State of Siege about the second Palestinian intifada against Israel. 144

With all this in mind, American taxpayers may wonder, then, why they are funding the performance of a live-action adaptation of The Butterfly’s Burden through a grant by the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem.145 According to the grantee, the Palestinian performance of The Butterfly’s Burden will feature a collaboration with "...a dozen Palestinian dancers and actors" as well as a full orchestral performance of the full-length score.146

It is hard to imagine a more wasteful use of taxpayer money than to celebrate poetry that romanticizes an intifada against Israel.

Paul's press release introducing the worldwide waste report stated:

United States Senator for Kentucky
Dr. Rand Paul Presents: ‘Worldwide Waste,’ Part 1 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, chairman of the Federal Spending Oversight Subcommittee, released the first installment of his “Worldwide Waste” series, a special project of “The Waste Report.” Dr. Paul’s “Waste Report” alerts taxpayers to egregious examples of waste within the U.S. government to help reform spending and keep legislators accountable to the people. In 2015 alone, the U.S. government’s foreign assistance programs, which have largely escaped close scrutiny, absorbed $48 billion of taxpayers’ money. This amount represents the average tax liability of 6.6 million Americans – about one-and-a-half times the population of Dr. Paul’s state of Kentucky.

Dr. Paul’s series will equip Americans with specific examples of how their money is being misused, offer possible solutions, and narrow the accountability gap between the American taxpayer and their representatives, who have searched frantically for excuses to protect the overseas-spending status quo.

By its end, “Worldwide Waste” will identify over $3 billion of waste in our government’s foreign assistance programs.

You can read Part 1 HERE, and you can find a summary of its featured stories HERE.

Paul's summary stated:

The Waste Report's "Worldwide Waste" Series Examining waste in U.S. foreign assistance programs

Part 1: Cultural Promotion

This edition highlights: • $3.2 million spent on foreign concerts, including:


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