Hours Before Florida Massacre, DHS Chief Jeh Johnson Boasted About Airport Security: "The FBI And Others Are Doing An Excellent Job Detecting, Investigating, Preventing, And Prosecuting Terrorist Plots In The Homeland"(!!) Hours Before Florida Massacre, DHS Chief Jeh Johnson Boasted About Airport Security:
"The FBI And Others Are Doing An Excellent Job Detecting, Investigating, Preventing, And Prosecuting Terrorist Plots In The Homeland"(!!)

By Martin Hill
January 9, 2017



Mere hours before an armed gunman murderered five people in a Florida airport, the outgoing Chief of Homeland Security 'Jeh Johnson' bragged in an official memo about how safe the Department of Homeland Security was keeping airports.

He specifically mentioned how effectively they keep dangerous loaded weapons out of airports!

26-year-old Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, an alleged mental-case weirdo who had walked into an FBI office just last month babbling that the CIA controlled his brain and wanted him to join ISIS, was given his gun back and was able to transport it with him on his flights from Anchorage, Alaska to Minneapolis, Minnesota to Fort Lauderdale, Florda, load it up inside the airport, and open fire on hundreds of witless disarmed passengers in a supposedly secure area.

The shooter's aunt, Maria Ruiz Rivera, of Union City, New Jersey told NJ.com that Santiago-Ruiz was born in New Jersey, currently living in Alaska with his girlfriend and new baby boy.

"He appeared to be doing well and was working a security job in recent months, she said. But he was hospitalized for mental health issues after returning from a year-long tour in Iraq about five years ago, his aunt said.

"He lost his mind," Ruiz Rivera said in Spanish.

His uncle Hernan Rivera added "the only thing I could tell you was when he came out of Iraq, he wasn't feeling too good."

Here is a video of the shooting. Additional related news videos of interest are below.

As we reported Friday, outgoing DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, in an official and very lengthy 'Exit Memo' to President Obama, boasted about how safe DHS was keeping airports, and how they had prevented loaded weapons and other dangerous devices from entering airports and endangering passengers. Johnson stressed that it was imperative to keep their budget funded to keep doing such a great job.

Johnson also stressed public vigilance (I guess that doesn't include the FBI?) and he specifically addressed ISIS and lone wolf internet extremism: He added the the FBI specifically is doing a superb job, literally as the gunman is on his flight to carry out the masacre! The very murderer who had TURNED HIMSELF IN TO THE FBI SHORTLY BEFORE THE ATTACK!

" In law enforcement, the FBI and others are doing an excellent job detecting, investigating, preventing, and prosecuting terrorist plots in the homeland."

You just CAN'T make this shit up!

Here are some juicy excerpts from Johnson's success status report regarding airport security:

DHS Record of Progress and Vision for the Future

Cabinet Exit Memo
January 5, 2017

Secretary Jeh Johnson

In the world of homeland security, good news does not get much press and public attention, while bad news quickly becomes front-page news. But there is much good news to report. Day to day, the men and women of the Department of Homeland Security do an outstanding job protecting our homeland - on land, at the borders, at sea, in the air, and in cyberspace. Routinely, our Customs officers prevent high-risk travelers from boarding flights bound for the United States; our TSA personnel seize loaded weapons from carry-on luggage at airports; our cybersecurity experts detect and prevent cyberattacks against federal civilian networks; our Secret Service protect the First Family and world leaders who visit this country; our Coast Guard pull drowning boaters from the sea; our Border Patrol officers combat illegal smuggling and rescue starving migrants from the desert; our investigative agents break up human trafficking operations; and our FEMA personnel help thousands rebuild their home after natural disasters.

To aid in these efforts, over the last eight years we have adopted a more effective and efficient risk-based approach to homeland security. With more technology and sophisticated uses of data, we are better able to screen more people that warrant it, and, at the same time, reduce the burden and inconvenience on those who pose less risk. The benefits of this approach are seen across the spectrum of port, border, maritime, and aviation security - more people and things of suspicion detected, and greater efficiency in processing lawful trade and travel.

Aviation Security

We have taken aggressive steps to improve aviation and airport security. To address recent threat streams, much of our efforts have focused on international flights and last-point-of-departure airports overseas. We have reversed a multi-year trend of downsizing the TSA workforce.

Since 2014, we have enhanced security at overseas last-point-of-departure airports, improving the way we screen passengers, property, and cargo. Today, TSA assesses security at 280 last-point-of-departure airports worldwide.

A major turning point for TSA was May 2015, when a classified DHS Inspector General's test of TSA screening at eight airports identified a dismal fail rate. I directed a 10-point plan to fix the problems identified by the Inspector General. Under the new leadership of Administrator Pete Neffenger over the last year, TSA has aggressively implemented this plan. This has included back-to-basics retraining of the entire TSA officer workforce, increased use of random explosive trace detectors, testing and re-evaluating the screening equipment that was the subject of the IG's test, a rewrite of the TSA standard operating procedures manual, increased manual screening, and less randomized inclusion in TSA Pre+ lanes. These measures were implemented on or ahead of schedule.

Our TSA Pre+ program continues to make an impact. More than 4 million passengers have enrolled in TSA's Pre+ expedited screening program since the initiative began under Secretary Napolitano in October 2011.

We have been focused on increasing airport security, including restricting access to secure areas at airports. In April 2015, TSA issued guidelines to domestic airports to reduce access to secure areas, to require that all airport and airline personnel pass through TSA screening if they intend to board a flight, to conduct more frequent physical screening of airport and airline personnel, and to conduct more frequent criminal background checks of airport and airline personnel. Since then, employee access points have been reduced, and random screening of personnel within secure areas has increased four-fold. We have continued these efforts in 2016. In February, TSA issued guidelines to further enhance the screening of aviation workers in the secure areas of airports, and in May, TSA and airport operators completed detailed airport-specific vulnerability assessments and mitigation plans for nearly 300 federalized airports.

To continue to improve aviation and airport security, we must ensure that TSA has the personnel and resources it needs to employ its capabilities effectively and keep pace with evolving threats. Specifically, Congress and the next Administration should support maintaining the additional staff we brought on in 2016 to handle increased travel volumes, and support this Administration's funding requests to bring on new detection technology equipment, canine teams, cyber security for mission-essential systems, and cargo screening capabilities. As we balance security and efficiency at airports, expanding the trusted traveler population is imperative. And globally, we must work with our partners to advance security standards at last-point-of-departure airports to stop potential threats at their point of origin.

Over the past eight years, Secretary Napolitano and I have fundamentally changed how DHS works with its state and local partners to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate the effects of disasters. Under the leadership of Administrator Craig Fugate, FEMA is now a top performing disaster response agency.

We have worked with and across state, local, tribal, territorial governments, the private and non-profit sectors, and other departments and agencies to design and implement a National Preparedness Goal and National Preparedness System. The National Preparedness Goal, and the plans that support it, have enabled the Nation to better prepare for and have the capabilities to more cohesively prevent, protect, mitigate, respond to, and recover from all threats and hazards. These capabilities build on lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy and are continually improved over time to help make our communities and our Nation more resilient.

Here is Johnson's full quote regarding the FBI:

"In 2010, Secretary Napolitano launched the 'If You See Something, Say Something' campaign to highlight the role everyday citizens can play to protect their communities by recognizing and reporting suspicious activity. To help reach the public across the Nation, the campaign forms partnerships including with states, cities, airports, colleges and universities, entertainment venues, the National Football League, and Major League Baseball. In this particular environment of home-grown violent extremism and the lone-wolf actor, public vigilance and awareness can and do make a difference.

...Today, the national security apparatus of the federal government, of which DHS is a part, must continue to guard against large and small scale "terrorist-directed" attacks originating from overseas, but now must also detect and prevent "terrorist-inspired" attacks from homegrown violent extremists. These actors are inspired by effective terrorist use of the Internet, live among us in the homeland, and most often plan and attack alone and in secret, with little or no notice to law enforcement. ISIL has, in effect, outsourced terrorism when it comes to the U.S. homeland.

The Obama Administration has been very successful in degrading al Qaeda and its affiliates. Our military, along with an international coalition, is also making considerable progress rolling back the size of ISIL's territory in Syria and Iraq, shrinking the size of ISIL's fighting force, taking out its leadership and those focused on external attack planning, and degrading ISIL's ability to communicate and finance its operations.

In law enforcement, the FBI and others are doing an excellent job detecting, investigating, preventing, and prosecuting terrorist plots in the homeland.

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting Finds New Details

"He was carrying a 'military ID." (Alaska National Guard)

Ft. Lauderdale gunman checked weapon in bag (from Alaska to Florida)


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