Aggressive Wal-Mart Goon Demands My Receipt, Again Aggressive Wal-Mart Goon Demands My Receipt, Again
By Martin Hill
January 13, 2017


I recently came back into contact with a very good old friend who I hadn't spoken to in years. She's a great married lady with kids who works part-time at Wal-Mart.

So that brought me to my story, and she thought it was hilarious, so I may as well share it here. I have written about this before.

If you are offended by salty language, I'd suggest you leave now.

So first of all, those bastards at Wal-Mart always ring up the item for more than what the price tag says on the shelf! Totally illegal! They do it on purpose. They've been fined literally millions of dollars in California for repeatedly doing that! I always watch them! &#@!

You know what really gets me though? When they have an aggressive guy who stands at the door and acts as if he can demand to see your receipt before you leave.

Here's the thing.

At Costco for example, I believe that's a condition of membership, then people supposedly sign and agree to that when they get their Costco card. BUT...

Not at Wal-Mart. In America, we have the 4th Amendment. So even a cop can't walk up to you, block your path and demand "SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS! EMPTY YOUR POCKETS!"

FUCK YOU! I think to myself.

So some smarmy Wal-Mart employee certainly has no authority to demand SHIT from me any more than a cop or a homeless derelict would. I've dealt with this at Wal-Mart many times, most recently on Christmas eve.

So I buy my items and I'm walking out, in a hurry and I already waited in line too long, and the idiot people are standing waiting in 'yet ANOTHER line' to obediently show the door guard their receipt! So I simply walk past them all towards the door...

And this geek in his 20's manically says "sir, sir, your reciept!"

And I'm like, "what about it?"

And he says "I need to see it."

And I say, "No."

And he repeeats "Yes, I need to see it" and actually blocks my path! NOW he is getting into very foolish and harmful legal territory. Grrr, I hate these people, lol.

So I tell him "Look. You you listen to me very carefully...

"I've discussed this with your bosses, with Wal-Mart management many times and they will explain to you that I am right, if you are still confused..

In Amercia, we have something called the 4th Amendment. So even if you were a cop, or a security guard, which you are not, but even if you were, you can not bark orders at me demanding that I 'SHOW you my papers,' or "empty my pockets." I'm not showing you shit. I am a CUSTOMER, and once I contract with your corporation to buy your cheaply produced overpriced Chinese communist shit, the shit is MINE and I have no obligation to prove otherwise...

So, now if your store security personnel, who I know watch everything, if they suspected or accused me of stealing or shoplifting, if they had probable cause, then they could ARREST me and call the police.

But we both know that's not the case, so I suggest you move out of my way because I am leaving.


And the previously aggressively manic minimum-wage reciept checker was like 'Oh, absolutely! We don't demand, sir, we only ask!"

(Yeah? then why'd you sidestep in front of me, you lying asshole? I thought to myself.)

He just played it off like oh 'yeah yeah no problem,' but that's not what he did when I first refused!!

And I love shopping at Wal-Mart, like I said! They have basically everything I need all in one place, with good prices.

But when people do stuff like that and get agressive, I get so mad in response. Actually just like Bill Bixby in the original Incredible Hulk series. That was my favorite show when I was a kid. Remember when his eyes turned green and he was so pissed that there was no turning back??? That's how I get when someone pushes me too far. Bixby's character Dr. David Banner, was a very nice, quiet, peaceful guy who just wanted to be left alone.

Did you watch that show? Here is a clip .

Sometimes, I will see an overly aggressive reciept checker and I will try to use the other door and just avoid them. And sometimes, especially if I'm in a hurry, I'll think to myself, ok gee, just show them your reciept, but NO I JUST CANNOT DO IT!! LOL! NO WAY, FUCK THAT, THAT'S FUCKED UP! I just can't cave and act against my instints.

One time, in Texas of all places, (oh no, here we go again) this old hag actually grabbed my cart when I wouldn't show her my reciept! OHMYGOSH I almost had a heart attack, I WAS SO SO SO PISSED! I began to shout at her and demanded her manager, who was conciliatory and apologized.

You see, that's actually assault what she did. You ARE NOT ALLOWED to touch, block, or impede anyone. That is SO ILLEGAL.

So that's a huge pet peeve and the only thing I dislike about Wal-Mart. But I have found that if I talk to them and explain why I'm not showing them my reciept like I did to the guy on Christmas eve, they will back off.

[Note: I will be a guest live on Dr. Kevin Barrett's radio show tonight at 6PM Pacific time.]

My previous experience at Wal-Mart and some related articles are here:

But first, a quick note on cussing. Growing up in So. Cal., in tbe 80s of course we all know males cuss. Frankly it doesn't offend me. Because even though I have a pretty good vocabulary, sometimes there's just no better words to use to emphasize your point. A hearty 'WTF!?' or M@#$%F@#$ers!' is sometimes just the most appropriate verbiage. I draw the line, however, at using God's name in vein. I DO NOT do that. It is against the 3rd commandment and a serious sin, not to mention a very bad habit. I should note that while I do cuss at times for emphasis, I would never cuss for example around my parents, old people, ladies, chilldren, etc. That's just bad manners.

NOTE: In case anyone's curious as to who visits what's been described as a 'fringe' and 'conspiratorial' website such as that looks like it was designed by a high-schooler in the 1990's, here is an example of who spends all day looking at my site and WRH. Lmao!

Harvard, Princeton, Yale, JPMorgan Chase, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, United Nations, the Vatican, BofA, Wells Fargo, federal courts, cops everywhere, Disney, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, Ford Motor Company, Boeing, HP, International Criminal Court, EPA, FBI, DHS, etc. Along with normal people whos info I never publish.

I mention these things very rarely but I think it might sound like I'm making it up. I promise I'm not and I actually find it hilarious and it never fails to shock me, who visits here. That is why I have so much fun running my website. If I couldn't see the visitors then writing and making videos would not be nearly as fun.

Mike Rivero's site gets monster traffic, he is very humble but very influential. I know he doesn't have the time to monitor his visitors- heck I barely can check mine. The people in power watch and listen to everything Mike posts and says at WRH, you can trust me on that.

I find that very interesting.

Here is one of the ones that the DOI visited, it went viral last night. I usually don't cuss in articles but sometimes it just fits.
Aggressive Wal-Mart Goon Demands My Receipt, Again

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