Vice President Mike Pence's Older Brother Says The 2nd Amendment Is "To Protect Us From The Government" Vice President Mike Pence's Older Brother Says The 2nd Amendment Is "To Protect Us From The Government"

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Greg Pence, Mike Pence's older brother, is running for Congress in Indiana and has released a series of videos. So far, from what little I've seen, he actually seems like a good guy. I haven't found anything on Israel yet, despite a search, and did not see Israel mentioned on his campaign website. The former oil company executive is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and conservative who enthusiastically supports President Trump's agenda to make America great again. He and his wife own two malls and have four grown children.

At the end of this one minute and a half minute video, where he's being interviewed in a folksy type manner, he remarks that the "I dont want the federal government telling me what guns I can have and can't have, I don't want them telling states what the definition of possession is. I am an absolute, adamant supporter of the 2nd Amendment, for the purpose protecting us from the government."

The interviewer Greg then responds in a matter-of-fact manner, "Well that's what it was for, in the first place!"

The video, posted on March 26, currently has only 55 views, no likes, one dislike, and no comments. [I just added the first 'like' and the first comment, to even the score.) I suspect by tomorrow the video will have gone viral and will have many more views as it deserves. I haven't watched many of his other videos yet. They are all below. If you find anything interesting on him you can post comments & links at the very bottom of this page, you don't have to log in to do so, you can post as a guest. Watch the video here (and please save it, in case it's scrapped.):

Pence's campaign website is His twitter is @GregPenceIN, his account is verified and he currently has 610 followers and is following 97.

The NYTimes published an article on Greg Pence, 'As Another Pence Runs for Congress, His Business Record Raises Questions.'

In 2016 I published Trump's VP Pick Mike Pence: Certified Kosher. Mike Pence, an evangelical protestant Arch-Zionist and former governor of Indiana, tweeted "I've signed HEA1378, req. @INPRS to divest from any biz that engages in action to boycott/divest/sanction Israel," on March 23, 2016.

His older brother Greg, meanwhile, is Roman Catholic, and is very active in his church.

Here are some more of Greg Pence videos, from his campaign website:

His about page states,

About Greg

Greg Pence is a proud husband, grandfather, Marine officer and small businessman. He is an unwavering pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and faith-driven conservative whose roots in the Sixth District date back nearly 60 years.

Greg is a staunch supporter of the Trump-Pence agenda and will fight alongside the President to Make America Great Again. Greg Pence will ensure Indiana’s Sixth District continues its strong tradition of leadership in Congress.

Greg joined the Marine Corps at a young age in 1979 in his hometown of Columbus, Indiana. Today, Greg feels that same calling to serve his country and the people in the Sixth District. Having served as an officer in the Marines, Greg understands the Sixth District needs a leader who will serve its constituents rather than serve special interests. Greg Pence will fight for Hoosier values, not D.C. values.


Greg and his wife Denise currently own and operate two antique malls with a team of full and part-time employees. They understand the challenges of building and growing a business. If elected to Congress, Greg Pence will strengthen the middle class, help create jobs, and support pro-growth policies for small businesses.

Greg earned a bachelor’s degree in theology and philosophy and a master’s in business administration from Loyola University of Chicago. Greg and Denise live in Columbus in the same house in which they raised their four children.

Along with spending time with his five grandchildren, Greg also likes to hunt and fish. Greg and Denise are active members of St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in Columbus. Greg currently serves on the Board of Advisors for IUPUC and is a former Chairman of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce.

Use of Greg Pence’s military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

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