Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Vows He Will Be Criminally Indicted & Ominously Warns "Anything Happens To Me, Well, My Attorney Has My Files." Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Vows He Will Be Criminally Indicted & Ominously Warns "Anything Happens To Me, Well, My Attorney Has My Files."

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"People will go to jail," Kelly Jones says. She also says a "Blackwater merc stalked me" and posts his picture with Alex Jones. She is scheduled to appear on several shows today and tomorrow and her messages are intensifying. "Alex Jones does not follow Christ," she posted on Easter Sunday.

Out for my morning walk, fearless, anything happens to me, well, my attorney has my files.

I know how that sounds, but we all heard the #StormyDaniels threat.

My story of my ex's criminal acts touches on big, big power.

A's Blackwater merc stalked me.

Middle finger, Q

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

Thug on right is "Q," Quentin Carter. Blackwater mercenary & genuine scum, who bullies my son and has stalked me.

I couldn't say it if it weren't true.

Wish I could post his sick texts to show horror my son lives.

Thug on left Alison Wilhite, mocked me while I lost my kids

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

Yes. She is a wretched person.

She and her husband, Randy Wilhite went on InfoWars and participated in the broadcast of sealed court documents.

This endangering and defamatory/fake news video was pulled by @YouTube for violating their privacy policies.@statebaroftexas

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

I was 29 when I met Alex, who was outwardly very different.

He is a skilled narcissist, and I fell prey to systematic grooming tactics, domestic abuse cycle.

I tried to leave and even filed years prior.

He threatened to destroy my life, and he did.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

Better view of Q.

— Not Ian Rapoport (@notianrapoport) April 2, 2018

And man, I wish I could post it all here, but I can't.

But I have given it to law enforcement and @KenPaxtonTX

And it is criminal and it is coming out and NOW is the time to #indictalexjones and the corrupt criminal actors in Travis County Court.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

God is love.

Alex used faith as a weapon against me, told me that i was "worshipping satan" not God, told me God was on his side.

Alex Jones does not get to dictate whose side God is on.

God is alway for good and peace, never for hate.

Alex Jones does not follow Christ

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

Alex's "Christian" outcry that includes hate/racism/homophobia is not of God.

Eph: Take no part in & have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds and enterprises of darkness, but instead [let your lives be so in contrast as to expose and reprove and convict them.

God is ❤️

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

I've survived this by faith. I follow Christ teachings. I know faith is a touchy subject, but without my faith I wouldn't have survived this, gotten this far.

God is love, never hate, intolerance: if someone talks about God to evoke hate, they are the opposite of Christ.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

#MondayMotivation America is finally waking up to the criminal aspects of the child custody case that my ex, Alex Jones, filed. Real criminal acts.

I'm launching my podcast this week and am motivated by this:

“Truth never damages a cause that is just.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

Looking forward to appearing on The David Packman Show tomorrow at 12:15 Eastern.

I'm very grateful to all journalists wanting to talk to me about concerning corruption: the Jury decided for me to be Primary Parent but the Judge left the kids primarily with Alex.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

I'm looking forward to going on House of Mystery radio today at 12 Pacific.

The show covers a lot of True Crime among other things, has had forensic scientists, Making of a Murderer producers on.

I'm launching my own podcast this week, will unravel my true crime story.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 2, 2018

@MotherJones had my story years ago and was too afraid of liability to run it.

Also, Alex's thugs, including his father lie and threaten publications when Alex is contacted for comment.

It's coercion.

They did this with the story about @actually1ashley

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 1, 2018

There was always a darkness within, but it has gotten markedly worse

Or, he has just tired of wearing his mask.

Either way, he definitely looked a world different.

Didn't we all.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 1, 2018

"People will go to jail," Kelly Jones says.

You all are mostly here because you are angry about Alex Jones.

I hold the key. I need real coverage, real help to make a difference.

You can start by just going to my petition on

When the crime story comes out about my case, people will go to jail

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 1, 2018

Ask yourself: why does Alex have a team of attorneys fighting to block my Free Speech?

Why does he fight to silence me?

'Ex-Wife’s Free Speech/Civil Liberties Appeal Illustrates Alex Jones’ Hypocrisy' on Kelly Jones' website

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 1, 2018

And, I'm sorry if that sounds hard or bossy, but my family is on the line.

I have spoken our at great risk and wait for the great gaslight.

Alex will have no problem doing that if the mainstream coverage continues as it has.

So, whether or not you care about my family..

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) April 1, 2018

Note that Kelly Jones also "liked" the latest LibertyFight tweet, here:

Wow, "anything happens to me, well, my attorney has my files. " Over the weekend she said that Alex would be criminally indicted. Today she said "Alex does not follow Christ."

today she says she's being stalked by a " Blackwater merc," & posts a pic of him with Alex Jones.

— Martin (@LibertyFight) April 2, 2018

Here is a video of her, posted last week:

There is no way to get the verified check on Twitter right now.

It's me.

I'm Kelly Jones, Alex Jones ex, and I need your support.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) March 30, 2018

"Alex Jones does not follow Christ." That's obvious. Any man who'd divorce his wife & abandon his family to "marry" someone else is committing adultery, as Christ very clearly stated in Matthew 19:9.

— Martin (@LibertyFight) April 2, 2018


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