Alex Jones Ex-Wife Starts Bevy Of New Websites, YouTube & Twitter Channel, Says She Needs Help Alex Jones Ex-Wife Starts Bevy Of New Websites, YouTube & Twitter Channel, Says She Needs Help

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Kelly Jones says she is going to help others fight against corruption and for their constitutional rights in the family court system, and she has ammassed over 22,000 Twitter followers in the past few days.

There is no way to get the verified check on Twitter right now.

It's me.

I'm Kelly Jones, Alex Jones ex, and I need your support.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) March 30, 2018

"I am Alex Jones' ex-wife. I was with him for 15 years and married to him for twelve. We had three children together, and I have been battling for the past three and a half years for the custody of our children. I'm ashamed to say that I had a big part in the beginning of Alex's career, and produced his radio show and website for many years. I am speaking out publicly because I can, and I should. I feel a need to publicly apologize in my part for helping Alex disseminate disturbing content for his personal gain. When I was at my most vulnerable, Alex convinced me to work with him and subsequently to marry him. Over time, my life morphed into almost complete isolation as Alex indoctrinated me into his cultish mentality by using a domestic violence loop of cruelty, apology and threat. I accept responsibility for my actions. I can no longer live with myself unless I reveal a tiny taste of the truth. At the beginning, Alex's content was never partisan, and leaned heavily on libertarian principles, and a constitutional stance, focusing on privacy, big brother, and our over-reaching police actions. As the story of our divorce and custody case unravels, through the media and on my sites... the American public will discover the degree to which Alex has become the very thing which he originally professed to hate. While Alex has always been a disturbed, troubled, cruel and violent man, he has seriosuly deteriorated over the past ten years, as his meglomania was fueled by success and wealth. He is almost unrecognizable from the man I married." - [Kelly Jones, in a YouTube video posted 9/20/17.]

UPDATE: Kurt Nimmo, who worked for Infowars for many years, has confirmed to LibertyFight that the woman in the videos is indeed Kelly Jones, Alex Jones ex-wife.

That’s her.

— Kurt Nimmo (@kurt_nimmo) March 29, 2018

She can talk specifically about what an asshole he is, I don’t think there’s a non-disclosure agreement connected to her marriage.

— Kurt Nimmo (@kurt_nimmo) March 29, 2018

This was posted today:

I am horrified & incredibly concerned for my vulnerable minor son who has been endangered and exploited fo ratings by my ex-husband, Alex Jones.

I implore @YouTube to immediately remove these endangering videos.

I am speaking to counsel and will issue a video statement today.

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) March 30, 2018

The following is shocking, and I'm surprised I never heard of or saw any of this until today. A blond-haired woman claiming to be Alex Jones ex-wife "Kelly Jones" has launched a bevy of websites, YouTube videos and tweets discussing what she describes as her relationship with Alex Jones, their divorce, custody issues, and the injustices of the family court system.

I recall only once seeing Alex on video with his ex-wife, then girlfriend Kelly Jones in a very brief scene in his Bohemian Grove video.

In examining these matters, it is important to verify the veracity of ths woman's claims. One should never just naively believe what someone says just because tbey start a website or post a video. The first question one should ask is, is this woman really Alex Jones ex-wife Kelly Jones, and can it be verified?

Jones, who reportedly earns $15 million dollars per year, or his ex wife Kelly for that matter, surely would not tolerate an imposter claiming to be someone she is not.

The next matter is, if this woman is indeed Alex's ex-wife, why is this relevant, or is it relevant at all?

For people who have followed Alex's work for many years and watched his trajectory towards Zionism over the past few years, this is a somewhat interesting and sad glimpse into his operation. Personally, regardless of what one thinks of Jones, I think it's sad that when any couple divorces and when a family gets split up. Not intending to divert this article before it's even begun on to a religious debate, but I also dont know how Jones, who has always presented himself as a proudly and unapologetic professed Christian, or any Christian for that matter, can divorce their wife and re-marry someone else, given the fact that Jesus Christ clearly forbid it in Matthew 19:9. ["And I say to you, that whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and he that shall marry her that is put away, committeth adultery."]

The videos and links are below. And also, below that, is some interesting history regarding this site and Alex Jones.

At any rate, these videos and websites of Kelly Jones linked below are likely of interest to truth-seekers who follow the independent media.

In this first clip, at minute 4, the woman talks about how she is ashamed of the part she played in Alex's career.

This is the most recent video, posted March 23, 2018. It currently has only 185 views. The video description reads:

Alex Jones Ex: Report Abuse and Get Gaslit in Family Court
Alex Jones Ex's CustodyWars
I'm Alex Jones' ex-wife. None of hired "experts" believed me when I reported serious domestic abuse during my marriage to Alex Jones. I know you believe it. Please share this to let people know that when you say #mefamilycourttoo in a divorce case you can lose your child to your abuser.

In this clip she explains why she is starting two new websites in 2018, because of the rampant corruption in family court in Travis County, Texas and to help others in similar situations.

In this very dramatic video entitled "What if Alex Jones was after you?" it intersperses footage with Jones spouting rageful, violent and vulgar lines with a tearful Kelly pleading for her kids back, saying "enough is enough!" and reminding him that she's the one who showed him the court's corruption.

This is from 9/20/17

This one is from late 2017:


Check out 'Sign Alex Jones’ Ex’s Petition: YouTube Define Your Polices Regarding the Alex Jones Channel & Defamation' on Kelly Jones' website

— Kelly Jones (@AlexJones_Ex) March 29, 2018

If you're interested in some history as far as this site, Alex Jones ran many of my articles and videos on his websites and for about ten years, which I appreciated. He discussed my work specifically twice on his show, and surprisingly, continued to run my stuff despite the fact that I was occasionally critical of his websites stance on Israel and Zionism. When Jason Bermas said that Jew critics should electrocute themselves in a bathtub with a toaster and commit suicide, a story I broke which subsequently went super-viral, Bermas and Jones discussed my article on air. Texe Marrs, a minister and author who is rumored to have married Alex and Kelly, even published my article on the matter on his own website at the time. Marrs by the way has also linked to my articles for many years and even wrote an exclusive opinion piece for my site Rand Paul Zionist in 2015. [Zionist Puppets for President By Texe Marrs, 1/12/2015.]

In 2010, Jones discussed amother article I wrote when a Texas candidate for governor whom Jones had endorsed said that 9/11 Truthers beliefs are "despicable." In discussing my article on the matter, referring to me, Jones said that "I'm familiar with the writer, he's done a lot of good reports in the past." That video is here:

I met Alex twice at his 9/11 conference in Los Angeles in 2006, got my picture taken with him a few times. Incidentally, I also met Mark Dice at the same time. I was familiar with Dice's work calling into mainstream radio shows injecting 9/11 truth. Dice (actually Shouldice) was standing at Alex's booth when I walked up, and he asked me to take their picture together. We also briefly discussed freemasonry. A few years later Alex ran all of my stories covering the Michael Reagan death threat against Mark Dice, "I'll pay for the bullets." Here is the archive with links to all those articles.

In recent years I covered occasional aspects of Jones' operation such as when Paul Joseph Watson, whose work and writing I used to respect, absurdly insisted that there is no Jewish influence anywhere. What an unbelievably absurd, preposterous and dishonest claim to make!

When Alex Jones had Donald Trump on his radio show, the two gaggled on about how it was "Muslims" who cheered and celebrated on 9/11 in New Jersey. That really pissed me off since I knew that Alex knows full well that they were Jewish "dancing Israelis." Jones and Watson had covered the arrested Israelis extensively on their sites at the time. Jones even published my specific article on the matter, which is still on his website today. [See "Dancing Israelis" Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case.]

So for Jones to gratuitously pander to Donald Trump and not correct him that it was Israelis, not Muslims, cheering in New Jersey was in my view, egregiously dishonest and immoral, literally bearing false witness..

And that is one of the reasons I felt compelled to confront Trump in person on live international television that same month and set the record straight. To which he surprisingly and oddly replied that I was "very committed, got a lot of energy, is a Trump guy, and is on our side."


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