Alex Jones asked about Zyklon B gas chambers and the Protocols of Zion
By Martin Hill


In an interesting and little noted peek into the world of alternative press, popular radio host Alex Jones was asked about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion as well as the alleged use of Zyklon B in German gas chambers during World War II.

As is his general sytle, Jones jumps in with his reply before the caller finishes his questions. Regarding the protocols, Jones notes that "they call it a forgery but a forgery would be a copy of something that isn't real". Perhaps Jones misspoke in trying to make a point, but actually a FORGERY would be a copy of something that is real. A forged signature, for example, would be an attempted replica of a persons actual signature.

Similar to the mainstream establishment, Jones discredits the legitimacy of the work, saying the document is "written like a comic book" and was sold even by the likes of Walmart. Walmart actually did sell the book at one time, at least on their website, but after being pressured by the ADL and Simon Weisenthal Center, they pulled the product from their offerings, as a "business decision".

Jones discounts the Protocols, saying "And it basically says there's a secret Zionist plot to take over the world", adding a caveat that "Quite frankly every major group and organization wants to take over the world", including 'Every major corporation','The Chinese', 'The Anglo-American establishment', and 'The Israeli interests'.

What's interesting about this point is that in addition to minimizing a Zionist role in the "new world order" machinations, Jones attempts to specifically differenciate references of a "Zionist plot" from the "Israeli interests" of today. However, as points out in their page on the protocols, "While Zionists and their agents are dispersed world wide, the heart of Zionism resides with those who control the state of Israel".

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When the caller brings up the topic of Zyklon B and the veracity its use in gas chambers, Jones brings up several strawman arguements instead of addressing the callers points directly. First, Jones responds by asking the caller if he doubts that Nazis shot people as well.

The caller skillfully returns to the specific point at hand, saying "I'm just asking about the gas chambers and the Zyklon B . Do you think that thats real or not? Cause I can't come to any conclusions." Jones replies with an even more absurd strawman, saying "I know here in the United States we execute people with gas, but some say that didn't exist either. Gas chambers don't exist I guess in Germany or here in the U.S. I thought it was part of the death penalty and things."

Here is the audio. At the bottom of this page is the transcript:

Jones concludes stating "I actually have an allergy to the obsession for Israel and against it." [Audio is here].

Despite ones opinion of Alex Jones, one can't fault him for avoiding the 'Z' word or 'J' word in his body of work if he wants to successfully sell advertising to his numerous sponsors, many of which are Jewish owned companies. Many writers - myself included- have been fired, blackballed and demonized for daring to call out the inappropriate Jewish influence in America. The late Joe Sobran and Helen Thomas come to mind. Father Charles E. Coughlin, a popular Catholic priest from Michigan who derided the undue Jewish influence on American affairs in the 1920s and 30s, was constantly threatened with censorship and eventually removed from the air by FDR. In the years before Ron Paul was even born, Coughlin railed against the privately owned Federal Reserve, the "warmongers" and those "propagandists" engaged in the "blood business" of constant war, which he said was the "gospel of satan", rather than that of Jesus Christ. Coughlin relentlessly pointed out that atheistic Jews funded and continued to promote communism, and urged good Jews to stand up against it. [A comprehensive detailed report on the late Fr Coughlin, who I consider a genuine American patriot and hero, will be released by in the coming months].

When a documentary filmaker and self-described historical expert such as Jones refuses to address the legitimacy or relevance of a discussion on the use of Zyklon B in the use of alleged Nazi gas chambers, it calls into question their agenda. Most of todays undeclared, premptive wars are vehemently encouraged by modern day Zionist (neocon) propagandists. A great number of sincere American Christians are duped into blindly supporting the modern day state of Israel- and by extension, cheerleading the U.S. involvement in disasterous, immoral wars and the mass murder of millions of innocents. In addition to the wars, support for Israel coincides with shocking support for a tyrannical police state, enacted under the guise of 'keeping us safe' from terrorist boogeymen wearing turbins. In reality, most all terrorist events are plotted and carried out by U.S. and Israeli governments themselves in phony, "false flag" operations. Our vice president Biden is an admitted Zionist, and Zionists use the smear of 'anti-semitism' as a trick to derail opponents of the empire. This tactic is admitted by Jews themselves.

If the corruption of Israel and the fraud of the World War II concentration camp gas chambers is readily exposed, this may help to wake people up and lessen general American support of Israeli Zionist warmongering police-state interests.

Bishop Richard Williamson was prosecuted after doubting the veracity of the Nazi gas chambers in a media interview. Williamson, a prominent cleric whose excommunication from the Catholic Church was lifted by Pope Benedict XVI, insisted that he believes the evidence shows that no one was gassed because it would have been impossible as they described it using Zyklon B. Williamson, who was also courageous enough to expose the lie of 9/11/01, was mercilessly attacked from all sides, and deemed an 'anti-semite'. Despite Williamson being featured in the worldwide media for months, Alex Jones, interestingly, never once mentioned Williamson, the controversy surrounding him, or the Bishop's exposure of 9/11 as a flase flag operation.

Alex Jones protoge Jason Bermas was sharply criticized in 2009 after Bermas bizarrely said that anyone stating that Jews own the media should hang or electrocute themselves. I'm proud to say I broke that story exposing Bermas in 2009: 'InfoWarrior' Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Are 'Anti-Semites' Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves . This prompted Bermas and Jones to respond to my article on air the next day, with the original caller calling back in. [Part one of that audio is here, and (part two is here . It caused quite a stir in the "patriot community", prompting Jeff Rense, Texe Marrs and many others to widely expose the innapropriateness of Bermas position. Bermas, in short order, finished working on an Alex Jones documentary film and disappeared from the scene permanently.

Regardless, Jones continues to be constantly criticized by people for being weak on the Israeli Zionist issue. Here is my take on that issue. I know many people who got their 'reality check' introduction to 9/11, false flag terror and the police state through Alex Jones Infowars and PrisonPlanet. Most all of them eventually researched on their own and discovered the extent of Israeli involvement in corruption of our world affairs, and undue Israeli influence into our country. They didn't need Jones to spell it out for them. I think that Jones has done, and continues to do, a lot of great work. People come across information in stages. To the average hard working American who is dumb enough to believe the state nonsense, Alex Jones is skillful in exposing and documenting many forms of government corruption. For whatever reason, Jones obviously stays away from the importance of Zionist Jewish influence. This does not mean that the remaining body of his work is all subterfuge, or that he is some sort of cointelpro government agent. It probably means that he is smart enough to know what side of his bread is buttered to earn a nice living. He can talk about vaccines, gun-grabs, 9/11, mind control, GMO foods, etc and as long as he never mentions Jews, he can gleefully remain on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC.

Below is a partial transcript of the call.

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(9/8/11 Hour 3, approx minute 24).

Jones: "Let's talk to Don in Oregon. Don youre on the air."

Caller: "Yeah hey Alex. I wanted to get your opinion about two points of history that I've been researching, but it's really hard to come to any conclusions. Uh, the first, number one is the Protocols of Zion. Uh, just wondering what you thought about that, uh,"

The caller is faded down and Jones begins his response:

Jones: "I mean nobody knows who wrote that, uh they think the Czarist secret police wrote it, it's written like a comic book. And they call it a forgery but a forgery would be a copy of something that isn't real, so. Again, I dont tend to get into things that can't be proven one way or another. I think it sold over the last hundred years , something like you knoe hundreds of millions of copies. Uh, one time I was in Walmart and looked down they had stacks of them being sold . And it basically says there's a secret Zionist plot to take over the world. Quite frankly every major group and organization wants to take over the world. Every major corporation states their plan is global domination. The Chinese want to take over the world. The Anglo-American establishment. The Israeli interests want to dominate and take over. So there is a lot of that going on, but I tend to go off of what's happening and what I can prove, not documents like that."

The caller then continues a bit about the Protocols, then moves on to the topic of Zyclon B, which annoys Jones even further:

Caller: "The second thing is the holocaust, specifically with respect to the gas chambers and the Zyklon B. Do you think that...-"

Jones: "No. No. I know. Listen, I know all that gets debated all day. The Nazis themselves shot- because we've done a lot of research here on World War II, and we've got the National Archives footage that came from Germany, they admit its theirs, where you know they herd the people into the pits - women, children, men and shoot them, are you saying that isn't real either?"

Caller: "No, I'm not saying anything, I'm just asking about the gas chambers and the Zyklon B . Do you think that thats real or not? Cause I can't come to any conclusions.

Jones: "I know here in the United States we execute people with gas, but some say that didn't exist either. Gas chambers don't exist I guess in Germany or here in the U.S. I thought it was part of the death penalty and things. You know, I, I, - again, I actually have an allergy to the obsession for Israel and against it. Uh, you know I'm here talking about Rick Perry getting in the face of Ron Paul and grabbing his arm , and I just want to get rid of the federal reserve, whoever runs it. Uh, it could be run by the Easter bunny, I want to get rid of it. Is there Jewish mafia? Absolutely. Uh, did they set up the ADL, whenever they got caught doing stuff to demonize anybody that went after Jewish mafia? Yes. Am I against the Jewish mafia? Yeah, I'm against every other form of organized crime, I appreciate your call. Uh Let's go ahead now and take another call.