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By Martin Hill

Fr. Charles E. Coughlin had one of the most popular radio shows in the country in the late 1930's. At his height of popularity, upwards of thirty million listeners tuned in to his radio show each week and he received 10,000 letters per week with a clerical staff of over 100 people. He advocated a sound money system, abolition of the Federal Reserve, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and was a stringent opponent of Communism, which he pointed out was funded by corrupt Jewish interests and international bankers.

There is a well circulated clip of Fr. Coughlin on stage at an Illinois rally shouting about the treasonous politicians in Congress who refused to oppose the Federal Reserve Bank's control of American money, noting "They're not even Americans, these so-called Democrats and Republicans!" [Father Coughlin speaks against the Federal Reserve.] An influential critic of president Roosevelt and America's empirical foreign policy, Coughlin became the target of FDR himself, who was temporarily successful in getting Coughlin kicked off the air.

LibertyFight.com has put together ten articles documenting specific aspects of the brilliant and heroic work of Father Charles E. Coughlin. I have compiled hundreds of newsletters, pamphlets, books and recordings written and spoken by this priest who to this day is shamefully and dishonestly smeared as un-American and an 'anti-semite'. In reality the exact opposite is true. A close examination of Fr. Coughlin's work is important for a revealing documented historical perspective. Also, it relates to the situation today because the same war-mongers, bankers and internationalists about to start World War III by getting the U.S. entangled in a completely fraudulent, unwinnable, an unnecessary war in Syria. As the saying goes, there is nothing new under the sun.

I encourage everyone to download Fr. Coughlin's absolutely invaluable books and listen to his recordings. More posts of interest will come in the following weeks and months as time permits. The story of how I came across this great historical figure is here. Resources are at the bottom of this page.

Negative Propaganda About My Historical Hero Father Charles E. Coughlin Needs To Be Debunked February 12, 2017

Fr. Coughlin's New Years Day Message, 1933: Not Despair, But Hope Of 'Understanding The Flagrant Financial Abuse Of The Rothschild System' 12/31/14

1939: "Anti-Semite" Fr. Coughlin Warns that Warmongers will Use Japan to Ensnare U.S. Into 2nd European World War 11/14/14

Catholic Priest Exposes War Agenda in 1939: "The propagandists are at work in government, in journalism, and in the cinemas. Forewarned is forearmed!" 11/13/14

1938: Fr. Coughlin explains the causes of Jewish persecution in Germany, warmongers falsely attack him as an Anti-Semite & Nazi December 1, 2013

Fr. Coughlin explains the Federal Reserve, 1940: This privately owned corporation 'thrives on misery' and is 'leading this country into chaos' 11/10/13

Easter 1939: Father Charles E. Coughlin warns of the war propagandists, their system of financial control & their evil "blood business"

1938: Fr. Charles E. Coughlin calls out Rabbi for lying about Henry Ford & Jewish persecution in Germany December 18, 2012

J.P. Morgan war propagandists plot to control the media: U.S. Congressional Record, 1917 August 30, 2013

Father Charles E. Coughlin's famous 1938 radio address entitled Not Anti-Semitism But Anti-Communism

When the U.S. government supplied ammo & military planes to kill thousands of Catholics September 18, 2013
Fr. Coughlin weighed in on Mexico's slaughter of Christians as it occurred, criticizing the silence on behalf of the U.S. government and media

Iamthewitness.com Fr. Coughlin Archive Page This is where I first found Fr. Coughlin's programs.

You can find 53 MP3 archived Fr. Charles E. Coughlin radio programs here: https://archive.org/details/Father_Coughlin.
On the right side of the page you will see a menu that lists DOWNLOAD OPTIONS and MP3 53 files. You can listen to each or download all of them in one zip file, or singular mp3 files. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this fascinating journey through time, these radio shows given by this brilliant, principles Catholic priest who warned of many of the problems this country continues to face today.

FatherCoughlin.org A lot of memorabilia here
Archive.org: Old Time Radio Programs, Fr. Coughlin - a lot of MP3 audio files here

Father Coughlin speaks against the Federal Reserve

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A 'Mission' lecture series on The Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell: - By Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea

This is an absolute must-hear from my favorite website, AudioSancto.org. I highly recommend this five part series of free audio lectures by this traditional Catholic priest on the most important things which we all will face. (Of course we will experience only three of the four last things, since a person can not go to both Heaven and hell.)

Prelude to the Mission
On Death
On Judgement
On Hell
On Heaven

Here is Fr. Relyea's website which has several more talks on various subjects: StPiosFriary.com

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