Fr. Coughlin: "Not AntiSemitism But AntiCommunism" (1938)

A few months back i saw an article in the Wanderer Catholic Newspaper about Father Coughlin. I had never heard of him, and found out as a result of that article that my late grandpa, who had come to the U.S. from Italy, was a big fan of Fr. Coughlin. So I looked into it and learned more about him, and found some great audio speeches. Under each video are some rough notes about the content of the speeches.

Jewish Rabbi Lies About Henry Ford- Father Coughlin Exposes Liars, "War Mongers, International Bankers," 1938
Father Coughlin: Not Anti Semitism But Anti Communism 1/4

"all you know that the advertising dollar which manages editorials"
"story of a typical controlled newspaper. advertising dollar controls freedom of press"

Father Coughlin: Not Anti Semitism But Anti Communism 2/4

should not all good men Jew and Gentile join together...
One injustice produces ther. ...Archbishop of San Francisco.. Russia, Mexico and Spain.
There can be no justice without God
Jewish bankers financed the Russian revolution

Father Coughlin: Not Anti Semitism But Anti Communism 3/4

Jews were only prosecuted after Christians were
No invitation of persecuted Christians from Mexico
Jewish youth
Why the silence? Ask the gentlemen who control the 3 national radio chains.
Mexico City
but also from the blood of Christians , snuffed out, property confiscated, without official protests from America!

Father Coughlin: Not Anti Semitism But Anti Communism 4/4

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May every honest Jew, God fearing Jew.... cooperating
Jew and Gentile both must repudiate Communism, from which Nazism comes
page 88 from "The Mystical Body Of Christ" ,
March 6, 1920. "the American Secret Service takes responsibility",. banking house, jews. all jews.
There can be no doubt that the Russian revolution was launched formented by jewish influence.
56/59 of this quasi cabinent were Jews.
claims of antisemitism are all false witnesses NY Times mention of communism. Jews were silent on communism and reluctant to oppose it.

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