5th graders taught about 'hate crimes', taken to Museum of Tolerance by Prosecutors
By Martin Hill
November 14, 2009

More than 17,000 students enrolled in Los Angeles County public schools have taken a 20 week course called L.E.A.D., (Legal Enrichment and Decision Making), a program taught by the L.A. District Attorney's office. The program targets 5th graders, because as the D. A.'s office puts it"Educators believe that the fifth-grade level represents a turning point for elementary school students. Children at this age begin to think more about the society around them, their place within that society, and the laws, customs and traditions that shape how society functions. Programs for fifth-graders that promote nonviolent attitudes, positive attitudes , and interpersonal skills are crucial for preventing juvenile delinquency"

District attorney Michael Carter views the program as a preventive measure, and is quoted on the L.E.A.D. website: "We're reaching them before there is an adversarial relationship".
Ken Bell, a "Senior Investigator", states "The best thing about Project LEAD is that you can make some positive image changes in the way kids see law enforcement; you have a chance to dispel some rumors as to what law enforcement is about in a very positive environment".

Directly underneath Bell's remarks is a quote by Michael Bullotta, Assistant United States Attorney.
Bullotta was involved in the prosecution of criminal police officers in Detroit in 2004, and might actually be an appropriate L.E.A.D. speaker for students. Writing in a court filing about the Detroit case, Bullota recounted:  "The officers planted drugs and guns on their victims. They claimed that the arrests of the victims occurred in public when actually (the) defendants entered the victims homes illegally and arrested them. They repeatedly made false claims of 'hot pursuit' to justify unlawful entries. They caused bodily injury to the victims and concealed that,"...

In the L.E.A.D. program, prosecutors, investigators and 'other professionals' who work for the state discuss various issues with captive students: "The lessons consist of instruction on law and an analytical approach to solving hypotheticals involving drug use, gang involvement, theft, hate crimes, driving under the influence, truancy, graffiti, and other issues. The curriculum also focuses on self-esteem, conflict resolution, and peer pressure. The program is strengthened by presentations from law enforcement officers and judges-even drug sniffing dogs- as well as field trips to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall, the Museum of Tolerance, and a local courthouse."

The website concludes "At the end of the 20-week course of study, Project L.E.A.D. students conduct a mock trial involving either drug selling or gun possession on campus. 

Their pamphlet notes that "The program's curriculum recently was updated and improved to make it even more effective", but doesn't specify what sort of changes were made, or by whom.


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