From 9/11 Conspiracy to 911 Dispatch: Photos of Charlie Sheen & Brooke at conspiracy conference
By Martin Hill
December 30, 2009


Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller meet Lt. Col. Robert Bowman PhD, at the American Scholars Symposium.

Charlie Sheen and his wife of two years Brooke Mueller have been all over the news since� Mueller's infamous 911 call made on Christmas morning.��Mueller was �spotted out in Aspen the day after the incident. Earlier this week, RadarOnline published an "exclusive" claiming� "Charlie Sheen Wife Was Pressured To Recant, Will File For Divorce" then published another "exclusive" stating "Charlie Sheen Says He And Wife Won't Divorce".�The next headline read ‘Sheen Strikes Back, Says Wife Made Up Story Out Of Anger'. Earlier this year the New York Daily News claimed that Brooke Mueller was "jealous of Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards".

The cop who arrested Charlie Sheen is an ‘interesting' character, to put it nicely. An aspiring artist, the officer�was investigated for writing letters to Osama bin Laden, boasts about hiring illegal immigrants on his website, admitted using drugs while an officer, and was criticized for�committing a lewd act in public.

The last time�Sheen was in the news before he and� Mueller�became embroiled in their painfully public spectacle was when he released his�Twenty Minutes with the President letter to Obama regarding the questionable events of 9/11/01 . It was covered on national and local news, including radio in Los Angeles.

In better days, Charlie and Brooke were seen in this impromptu lighthearted interview outside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. It wasn't always fun and games though; Charlie is a serious person and researcher who has been involved in what's known as the 9/11 Truth Movement for several years. Sheen has several big name celebrities accompanying him in the search for truth, including Jesse Ventura, Willie Nelson, and Ed Asner.�Fellow actor Daniel Sunjata wrote a column supporting Sheen's call for answers last month. Anti war activist and MASH star Mike Farrell told me he does not believe it's a conspiracy, though, and he questions the motives of those who advocate such a position. Nevertheless, it is a serious undertaking to question the establishment in such a serious way, and it involves some degree of risk. I commend Charlie Sheen for having the courage and conviction to not only do the research, but to speak out publicly for�this cause, which I also support.

Many people don't know that Martin Sheen, Charlie's father and a man whose Catholic faith inspires his activism, has also questioned the events of 9/11. He was interviewed by We Are Change L.A. at an anti war rally on 10/27/07 and expressed some concern about the official story, particularly WTC 7 and the way it came down as if in a controlled demolition.

Charlie had previously gotten coverage worldwide when he first went public with his 9/11 questions in 2006.� In the aftermath of that media barrage, Sheen and Mueller attended�Alex Jones ‘American Scholars Symposium' in Los Angeles in June 2006. "We are here today to effect a change. We are here today to ask those still sleeping to wake up and join us", Sheen told the sold out crowd of 1200. He continued "we are here today to present a case forged in science at the bedrock and common sense in it's foundation…We are here today to fuel the deconstruction of the official myth. We are also here today to honor the victims and the families of 9/11. We're here today for our children. As well as their children." You can watch this speech in it's entirety below. Alex Jones later came onstage and thanked Charlie, crediting him with the idea of having a truth convergence in Los Angeles.

Sheen seems to have inherited the conviction and passion for justice from his father Martin, who shared his perspective in a 2003 interview: "I went to my first demonstration as an activist and was arrested with Fr. Dan Berrigan. But it's not just going to a place and objecting to something and getting arrested. It's a deeply spiritual experience. You do it non- violently. You do it inclusively. It's a spiritual thing; I can't separate it from my (Catholic) faith". He continued, "I love my country enough to risk its' wrath by drawing attention to the negative things we don't always want to see; and that can be risky and you have to pay for that, but It's just like being a parent. If you're always, you know, complimenting your children and never recognizing their faults, then they won't grow, and they're gonna get mad at you later and say ‘why didnt you tell me I was on the wrong path when I was'. Ya know, that's they way; I love my country that much."

The two day event in 2006�was aired�in part�on CSPAN and featured a panel of experts including BYU Physics Professor Dr. Steven Jones, historian and author�Webster Tarpley, and Lt. Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force(ret)., Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Ford and Carter.

Charlie Sheen and his (then girlffriend) Brooke�attended the two-day�event and met Dr. Bowman after Sheen addressed the audience.��Photo of that encounter is above. Two more photos of the couple at this event can be seen here.

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