L.A. County Health Dept acknowledges vaccine exemptions
By Martin Hill
November 13, 2009

On the L.A. County "Calworks" website, the health department openly acknowledges that parents are not required to get their kids vaccinated if they have religious objections or health concerns:


This transparency and honesty on the part of L.A. County is refreshing and should be commended, particularly in an age when parents are often lied to, and told  "Get your kids vaccinated or go to jail", with some kids being vaccinated against their parents will. Jenny McCarthy's group Generation Rescue reminds people that "You can't be forced to vaccinate your child or follow the CDC's recommended immunization schedule". 

With the media parroting that everyone should get the H1N1 vaccine, including pregnant women, people should be informed of their true options. A healthy 14 year old athlete was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, after receiving the H1N1 shot, but Obama's daughters knew better than to receving the vaccine.


Infowars: flu pandemic archive

considering putting unemployed parents to work by paying them to care for their own young children


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