LAPD Counter Terrorism Chief backs away from 'Israeli organized crime' comments
By Martin Hill
December 4, 2009

Michael Downing, who briefly served as the interim police chief after William Bratton's exit and before Charlie Beck took over, backtracked Tuesday on some earlier comments he made while in Israel regarding Israeli organized crime in Los Angeles.

Questioned by Clearchannel's KFI Los Angeles about his comments regarding a shooting at an Orthodox synagogue in October, Downing said "There is no nexis to terrorism, it appeared to be a targeted shooting, but I have no evidence to say it's related to organized crime," KFI News reported.

Downing added that 'some of his comments published in the Jerusalem Post were taken out of context', according to KFI.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Downing's attendance at the 'Safe City Solutions' Conference in Tel Aviv.

In addition to reporting Downing's comments on Israeli mob activity in Los Angeles, The Post noted that during the conference, there was a discussion about whether local police departments should be accountable to city mayors or if a more centralized system should be in place, with Israel's Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch favoring the latter.

Downing, who serves as deputy chief of LAPD's Counter-Terrorism/Criminal Intelligence Bureau,
is quoted in the Jerusalem Post as saying "When we speak to public groups, we always use the Israel Police as an example". He also noted how they try to build trust with Muslim groups by "providing government services".

Israeli company MK Security Consulting, owned by Marc Kahlberg, organized the conference. Their website states lists a profile of Kahlberg, whose username is listed as "M", and is listed as having posted one comment on Saturday, Apr 4, 2009 at 2:44:22 PM in response to the article Israel’s war crimes.:

"Seven Years of Missile Bombardment
I am interested to know what Country in the World would be patient enough to let thousands of missiles and suicide bombers attack their freedom for SEVEN YEARS?
I wonder who should be accountable for War Crimes?"

Kahlberg is also on record promoting city "safe zones." to protect the public from terrorism. A company profile is outlined here..

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