Palin and Beck 2012? A match straight out of hades
By Martin Hill
November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska who is making the media rounds promoting her book Going Rogue, has said that she would consider TV host Glen Beck as a running mate if she ran for president in two years:

Palin, touted as a conservative who might save the faultering Republican party, cemented her standard establishment line on Israeli policy in an interview with Barbara Walters airing this week, saying 'the Jewish settlements should be allowed to be expanded upon', even if it encroaches into Palestinian areas.

An Israeli flag was seen displayed in her gubernatorial office in a February 2008 interview, 
with Palin making the shocking remark that the 'only flag in my office' is Israeli" when she met Israeli President Shmon Peres along with John McCain in September 08 at an event hosted by Bill Clinton. "I wanted to meet you for many years...The only flag at my office is an Israeli flag, and I want you to know and I want Israelis to know that I am a friend.", Palin said.

Beck meanwhile, an admitted alcoholic and recovering drug addict, is touted by some as a 'staunch libertarian'. Beck is Mormon, otherwise referred to as "the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", which is described as "a pseudo-religion designated as a cult by many religious and secular organizations and fitting many, if not most, of the classically designated characteristics which define cult activity".  Mormon publications have described Beck as  "one of the most influential Mormons in the media today".

'Focus on the Family' pulled a Glenn Beck interview over his Mormon faith  in December 2008, with their spokesman Gary Schneeberger explaining to news outlets that “differences in the Mormon faith and the historical evangelical faith are not inconsequential"... adding that “some from our base” were concerned that the interview aimed to “signal theological compromise.”

The Christian ministry group Underground Apologetics had initiated the criticism of Focus on The Family's promotional interview of Beck, stating:

Politically, Beck touts himself as a conservative and purported libertarian, but doesn't mind the fact that
Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele’s is 'pro-choice'. This logic fits right in line with neocon Republicans Rudy Giulliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who betray their so-called base with their views while being continuously lauded as Republican heros. In a March 2009 interview, Beck told an interviewer "Yeah, I’m a libertarian, man. I am pro-life, but in my perfect world, we encourage people to make decisions that are pro-life. That’s the way it works"

While claiming to be a libertarian, Beck supports the myriad of undeclared wars launched by George W. Bush, endorses the patriot act, and showed disdain for Ron Paul supporters in November 2007 during the presidential election, with documenting the fallout:

In reality, "Glenn Beck is a Neocon Not a Libertarian" , as this youtube video so brilliantly illustrates [with 300+ comments]

In a candidly honest appraisal, the Libertarian Party Co-Founder David Nolan Calls Sarah Palin A Shill, Glenn Beck A Wanna-Be Libertarian in an October 2009 radio interview.

Palin, meanwhile, in an MTV interview during her vice-presidential bid, referred to Ron Paul as "cool." adding "He's a good guy,.. He's so independent. He's independent of the party machine. I'm like, 'Right on, so am I."

Congressman Paul however, in a Politico interview in July of this year, threw cold water on the Palin hysteria that seems to be sweeping through the GOP:


It should be interesting to watch as the circus develops over the next two years, with statists of every stripe fawning over their D or R celebrity puppet candidate. Meanwhile, I wish them well in buying and selling their books, while the people who genuinely care about freedom can continue to expose the phonies, and strive for liberty in our time.

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