Palin continues standard establishment line on Israeli policy
By Martin Hill
November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin, Vice-presidential candidate on the GOP ticket in 2008, was interviewed by Barbara Walters of ABC News and cemented her previously stated viewpoint as a staunch supporter of Israel. With the release of her new book 'GOING ROGUE: An American Life' and chatter of a possible Palin 2012 presidential run, her view on foreign policy in particular is getting the attention of pundits and politial junkies. Palin's latest statement on Israel is nothing new, however, since her position on the matter has been clear for some time to anyone paying attention.

In an article entitled Sarah Palin: A Closet Zionist? from September 2008, IsraeliNationalNews reported on an unearthed video interview of Palin from February of the same year in which an Israeli flag was seen displayed in her gubernatorial office. 

Michael Collins Piper of the AmericanFreePress reported during the presidential campaign on Palin's views regarding Israel and foreign policy, particularly as it related to her religious faith. He noted how "the [Washington] Times’ religion writer, Ralph Z. Hallow, said she is a disciple of the theme that preservation of modern-day Israel is “a biblical imperative.” Hallow said Mrs. Palin’s religious ideology “makes her a favorite with the staunchly pro-Israel neo-conservative elements in the Republican Party.”

Starting around the 03:20 mark in the latest interview, Walters questions Palin about the Middle East:

Palin is touted by many Republicans as one who may return the party to it's purported limited government Constitutional platform. Yet as Ron Paul pointed out in his landmark 2003 Congressional address We've Been Neo-Conned, supporting an empire along with extensive foreign entanglements will only result in deficits and a loss of liberty. Congressman Paul, who broke fundraising records during his presidential bid and recieved more money from the military than other candidates,  explains neo-con's philosophy as it relates to israel: "They are not bashful about an American empire; instead they strongly endorse it... They unconditionally support Israel and have a close alliance with the Likud Party".

True limited government conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists, particularly if they are still members of the Republican party,  should concede that meddling in foreign entanglements and promoting the ideology of foreign governments will never result in the liberty they claim to restore. Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin addressed this issue during the 2008 campaign.  In his column Ron Paul's Israel Problem, Balwin wrote: "If the United States continues on its current path of aggressive, preemptive war, incessant nation-building, empire-building, and globalism, our country will collapse". Balwin, a protestant Christian minister, continued, "The problem is, some Christians seem to give more loyalty and support to the government of Israel than they do their own country's independence and freedom."

During Palin's ABC interview, she also discussed her daughter's unwed pregancy with Walters, stating "That's why I was shocked..Truthfully, we were devastated". Her newly released book is reportedly being sold below cost by major retailers.
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