Webster Tarpley: Hitler's critque of FDR policies the same as modern day libertarians
By Martin Hill
December 8, 2009

Webster Tarpley, 9/11 conspiracy proponent and expert on false flag government terrorism, offered a scathing critique of Congressman Ron Paul, free trade and Roosevelt "New deal" critics during a recent broadcast of his radio show..  Tarpley, author of several books including 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography, and George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
began by discussing Obama's job summit and offering his own solutions, which would include nationalization and massive government programs.

In the second hour of the December 5, 2009 show  World Crisis Radio, which can be heard in it's entirety here, Tarpley took issue with some of Ron Paul's statements to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

"The federal government has no role in government and health? Sorry my constitution says general welfare. The general welfare clause. The constitution belongs to us. Don't cede the constitution to the austrians. Mcculloch vs Maryland  and a national bank of the Hamiltonian type is constitutional...the great nationist John Marshall of Virginia...
"The new deal, the parts of it that survived are also a matter of settled law... so the idea of tampering with that stuff ...is a decidely radical and reactionary move."

"So remember, the problem with economic theory is we've got the leftists are dominated by british economics...Malthus, Keynes, and the rest of that... Marx.. British. On the other side we've got the Austrians and their deflationary theories. We want to go right down the middle.. The American system of political economy.

Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts; Benjamin Franklin. Alexander Hamilton... Abraham Lincoln, the populists.. Franklin D Roosevelt and the new deal and Kennedy. That's the American system; that's what built the United States, not this free market claptrap. and by the way, we're sick of free trade. We want to get some jobs? it's beginning to dawn on some people...10 per cent protective tarrif across the boards.. no more free trade. The Austrian critique of free trade is that its not free enough.
they want no regulation.... nothing to protect you... again the Austrian demand always comes down to 'let the full fury of the depression be visited on the naked flesh of the American people for the sake of the market and then mysteriously magically the invisible hand of the market will come along.'"

Tarpley then moves on to the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day Dec 7th but focuses on a speech given December 11, 1941 "when Hitler declared war on the United States four days after Pearl Harbor". He then discusses 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer' and a speech given by Hitler which begins on page 897 of the book.

Tarpley continues, "The point that i want to make about this,... the critique of Franklin D.Roosevelt developed by Hitler is the same one you will hear from so many libertarians and so-called libertarian republicans today. And that is first of all that Franklin D. Roosevelt is responsible for the Japanese attack on the United States; thats what Hitler says, and that the new deal is a failure. a couple samples of this...

Tarpley continues to address Hitler's critque of  the New Deal and how "many respected Americans" agreed with Hitler's view: "The big attack here is on the New Deal. Roosevelets new deal legislation was all wrong. .. he would have faced a criminal charge of delibarate waste of national wealth ... and would have faced a charge of criminal business methods...
There was a resistance in the United States by the Roosevelt haters, the pro nazis, the pro fascists. the new deal was spurious,...  'the world jewish conspiracy' the spurious nonsense of Hitler."

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