Rep. McClintock gives lip service to sovereignty after endorsing open border globalists for years
By Martin Hill
May 22, 2010

Congressman Tom McClintock is being praised for a fiery speech he gave on the floor of Congress in which he rightly criticized Mexican President Felipe Calderon. "I rise to take strong exception to the speech by the president of Mexico here in this chambe today", McClintock began, outlining the inappropriateness of the foreign visitor daring to lecture the U.S. Congress on immigration law. He referred to the display as an outrage and disgrace.

While McClintock's speech deserves accolades, some scrutiny of his actual record may be in order, lest he be falsely characterized as a no-compromise patriot.

When Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist ran for Congress in California in 2005, McClintock offered no support. Instead, McClintock endorsed Gilchrist's opponent, John Campbell. As promised, Campbell has since towed the neocon line, rejecting a timetable for the withdrawal from Iraq, voting yes on the Military Commissions Act, and voting no on a proposed ban on cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of detainees held by U.S. forces. Campbell also voted to give spy agencies expanded power to eavesdrop without a court order.

Soon afterwards, McClintock endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor in 2006, despite the fact that Arnold had called for "a free flow of people across" our nations' borders. In a March 2006 L.A. Times op-ed entitled 'Next Step for immigration', Arnold wrote "immigration is about our economy. The freest nation in the world, and the freest economy in history, depend on a free flow of people".

McClintock, who most recently endorsed 'former' abortionist, pro-tax advocate and Al Gore donor Steve Poizner for California governor, has a history of bizzare and hypocritical 'flip-flops', endorsing big government authoritarians and socialists.  McClintock enthusiastically endorsed Council on Foreign Relations member Fred Thompson for president in 2008, and even after Thompson dropped out of the Republican primary, McClintock told this writer that he's 'not sure that Ron Paul is presidential timbre', and refused to endorse Paul.

Earlier this year, McClintock voted to extend provisions of the Patriot Act.

A new campaign ad for Poizner begins 'Tom McClintock warned Republicans about Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was right'. McClintock then comes on screen and says "California can't afford Arnold Schwarzenegger's third term". What Tom fails to mention is that after losing the governor's race to Arnold in 2003, he later wholeheaertedly endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger for a second term as governor in 2006. This was despite the fact that Arnold had signed anti-gun bills into law, advocated open borders, stem cell research funding, homosexual agenda bills, etc. During Arnold's 2006 campaign, McClintock spoke fervently of the need to keep Schwarzenegger in office. McClintock gave a speech insisting on "our party's responsibility to work tirelessly to reelect this Republican governor", adding "I view any effort to attack Governor Schwarzenegger as an attack on my own candidacy and those of every Republican seeking partisan office in 2006."

After Arnold's disastrous and increasingly destructive second term as governor, McClintock, who was about to be termed out as a State Senator, decided that the expedient thing to do would be to turn against his buddy again, and began rightly criticizing him. You can revist all these twists and turns., along with original links to speeches, in my 2008 article Which Big-Government Socialist Will Tom McClintock Endorse Next?

So in the final analysis, Tom McClintock gives great speeches, but is not trustworthy.