Kerry, Schwarzenegger, Shriver: Elitist scofflaws abound in Los Angeles
By Martin Hill
November 24, 2009

Anti-gun rights Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the news yesterday after being caught parking his silver Porsche in a red zone. Maria Shriver was caught three times violating the 'cell phone' ordinance which her husband signed into law,  and she apologized to the public earlier this year. CNN reported that Shriver was not cited, but would have owed at least $300 in fines if she had been charged.

Shriver had also been busted previously by the gossip sites for parking her Cadillac Escalade in a red zone for about an hour. As usual, she claimed to have 'regretted her mistake''. The governor himself had earlier been caught driving a without a motorcycle license as required by California law, after getting into an accident. I wonder if his insurance company had covered the damage, considering he was not licensed? Furthermore, how would a company issue motorcycle insurance if the applicant was not properly "licensed"? Not my concern, really, as I'm not the one who crashed into the car. But it is interesting to note the blatant disregard these phonies have for the myriad of laws that they themselves supposedly wholeheartedly endorse and enact.

This past summer, Obama was 'caught' riding a bike without a helmet and caused quite a stir among the nanny-state busibodies, who cried that the 'role model' was "defying the advice of safety advocates at both the federal and state levels". John Kerry's daughter was arrested recently for suspicion of DUI, but was not prosecuted because of "insufficient evidence". Senator Kerry, who was recently feautured in a CNN piece on Yale's occult society Skull and Bones, said in a press release that his daughter's registration tags had expired, but the breathalizer test showed that she was under the 'legal limit'.

California, which has an 'aggressive delinquent registration collection process in place'  according to the DMV, allows for the impound of vehicles with registration expired over six months, as per CVC 22651(o)(A). MADD and other 'Teetotaling do-gooders'  have worked quite sucessfully  for years to continually lower the legal blood alcohol level, while collecting millions in government funding: $12,700,000 taxpayer money in 2004, according to

Now before I'm accused of joining the busibody squad, I'll clarify that I don't agree with a lot of these statutes and think that everyone should fight their traffic tickets -every time .I talk on my cell phone and have beaten a cell phone ticket in court. Seat belt laws are a bunch of nonsense, and can also be beaten in court. I also don't agree with red light cameras and have outliend how motorists cited in California have beaten thousands of these tickets.

Furthermore, driving is actually a right, not a privilige, as the propagandists in government school and traffic courts have endlessly parroted for years. You can read more excellent articles on 'driving as a right' here and here. The difference between freedom advocates and scofflaws like Kerry, Obama, Scharzenegger, Shriver, etc is that we do not advocate tyrannical laws and force the public to abide by them through the use of force. They do. They enforce these countless laws and collect millions of dolllars in fines through their revenue agents, the cops. Which is why they are phony hypocrites of the highest order. 

"Jimmy Justice" of New York beautifully illustrates this concept by  continually filming and confronting cops who park in red zones (Be sure to watch the video below. It is priceless.)