Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles radiating pregnant women and everyone else in forced body scanners
By Martin Hill
November 24, 2010

The Mexican government's Consulate located in Los Angeles is forcing all visitors to walk through RAPISCAN body scanners. The scanners are the type where people stand against them and place their feet in the foot markers. Under a black curtain covering the back of the machine are two logos:, which provides the machines to many U.S. airports, and , which is a U.S. government website. Oddly, both and seem to be currently unavailable from my browser, but I have visited both websites before and their cache can be viewed using google or another search engine. 

No printed information or pamphlet is provided as to the safety of the body scan machines, and no opt-out' option notice is given to customers. A sign near entry to the scanners shows a a stick-figure like man and also a pregnant woman, with a check mark, indictating to customers that it is safe for pregnant women to enter the body scanners. Two short videos of the body scanners can be seen below.

The Consolate is located at 2401 W. Sixth St ., Los Angeles, California 90057. Below is some video taken from the public sidewalk outside of the Consulate, since the back of the body scan machines are partially in view of the public from the street. The entrance to the facility is located off 6th street on S. Park View St., adjacent to MacArthur Park.

The issue of forced body scanners under the guise of security has gone viral in recent weeks in the United States, after Texas radio host and documentarian Alex Jones of broke the story. featured many of Infowars and recent articles on the matter, launching it from the alternative media to mainstream media outlets worldwide. Full-Body Scanners to Fry Travelers With Radiation was featured late last year on infowars and covers the dangers of the body scans. Full-Body Scanners Increase Cancer Risk, originally posted by, was featured November 22nd. Frequent fliers and airline staff are particularly endangered by the radiation, and have rebelled: World’s Pilots Reject Naked Body Scanners Over Radiation Danger, Privacy Breach.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center,, has filed a lawsuit 'to suspend the deployment of body scanners at US airports, pending an independent review'. Their website states 'On July 2, 2010, EPIC filed a petition for review and motion for an emergency stay, urging the District of Columbia Court of Appeals to suspend the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) full body scanner program. EPIC said that the program is "unlawful, invasive, and ineffective." EPIC argued that the federal agency has violated the Administrative Procedures Act, the Privacy Act, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and the Fourth Amendment. EPIC cited the invasive nature of the devices, the TSA's disregard of public opinion, and the impact on religious freedom.'

EPIC, who points out that the majority of Americans oppose the body scans, has also recently filed a FOIA request demanding documents from DHS about Mobile Body Scanners, Use of Devices at Trains Stations and Stadiums.

Former Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff lobbied heavily for the body scanners while he was still in office under the Bush admninistration. He is currently under fire for not disclosing the fact that he was tied to the manufacturers of the machines. Rapiscan is a client of Chertoff's security consulting firm., described as 'the largest non-profit consumer organization representing airline passengers', sharply criticized Chertoff and has encouraged all Americans to opt out of the body scans.

As an alternative to the invasive and dangerous body scans, many people are opting to drive instead of fly. This alternative is particularly attractive to those who are visiting North American destinations, such as Canada and Mexico. Many people in The U.S., and in border states such as California in particular, have friends and family in Mexico. In order to drive a certain distance into Mexico, travellers departing the U.S. must pay a small fee and get permission for their vehicle from the Mexican Consulate.  

To force potential travellers to undergo the body scans, which generally include Millimeter wave technology  or Backscatter technology, is completely unnecessary, particularly since the visitors to the Consulate are not even travelling anywhere other than to a clerk's window. The clerk is behind glass, and is in no danger from Consulate visitors. Consulate security also patrols the property and monitors all interactions. 
Comment from Consulate officials regarding the body scanners was not immediately available.

On my vist to the Los Angeles Consulate this morning, I spoke with Consulate officials who told me to e-mail them to set up an interview. Meanwhile, while on the public sidewalk outside the Consulate on Park View St., an unnamed Consulate guard demanded I leave. Full story and video of that exchange will be posted soon.

There are two short videos of body the Rapiscan body scanners. They can be found here:

Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles radiating pregnant women & everyone else in Rapiscan body scanners

Mexican Consulate in L.A. body scanning every visitor with Rapiscan machines- No opt out (2/2)

The video exchange with the Consulate guard who tried to tell me I couldn't remain on the public sidewalk is here: Reporter covering body scanners at Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles told to leave public sidewalk.

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