Hannity calls Ron Paul supporters nuts, extremists, says military complex gives us freedom of speech
By Martin Hill
December 20, 2009

In response to the previous article Sean Hannity continues demonization of Ron Paul, calling his supporters crazy , youtube poster SaveOurSovereignty3 has posted the full audio of the Ron Paul caller, George from Chicago, who managed to orchestrate a skillful masterpiece in calling Hannity out for being a "spokesman for the merchants of death". Hannity had  called Ron Paul nuts a few weeks ago while interviewing Chuck Norris, and had smeared Ron Paul continuously during the 2008 presidential campaign, claiming that the 9/11 Commission report and CIA admissions were 'conspiracy theories'.

Hannity began the Monday, December 14th, 2009 segment by reading an article about a bill sponsored by Ron Paul, not missing a chance to denigrate Congressman Paul and his "followers":

Hannity: "'A Republican and Democrat have put forward legislation that would rescind the automatic pay increase lawmakers are slated to recieve in 2011'Ron Paul- yes- and by the way some of Ron Paul's followers are nuts but Ron Paul I like him , I like him a lot of the times. We got
George in Chicago WLS , George hi."

George: "Hi Sean, maybe President Obama should stuff you into a bunker and call you an ememy cobmatant..." Sean laughs and they then proceed to have a discussion about Khalid Sheik Mohammed, with the caller continuing "if you concede that the federal government can hold whomever they want then youre conceding that President Obama can hold you and [Mark] Levin and throw you guys in a bunker and call you enemy combatants."

Hannity: "Are we gonna be held in the same bunker or do I get my own private bunker?"

George: "I dont know, but you should check out Sibel Edmonds, who that guy was just talking about before you..

Hannity immediately cuts off the caller's reference to Edmonds and begins discussing military tribunals , with the caller skillfully interrupting "..yeah and we have the most corrupt govenrment in the world, the biggest world empire.. and you're a violent imperialist."

Hannity: "I'm a violent what? Whats violent about me?

George: "Because you love death destruction and murder, you're a spokesman for the merchants of death Sean Hannity. The military industrial complex owns you- it's time to wake up and be a Ron Paul Republican".

Hannity: "What is the military industrial complex?

George: "Raytheon G.E., I could go on and on with all the- Northrup Grumman, I mean you can go on and on, you act like the pentagon isn't the biggest socialist part of our government Sean."

Hannity: "They own me; is that what youre saying?"

George: "You're a spokesman for the merchants of death."

Hannity: "I'm a 'spokesman for the merchants of death'. And what do you suggest that we do, do we not have a national defense?

George: "Certainly, but they shouldn't be controlling our government the way they do now".

The caller continues to lead the dicsussion by bringing up big corporate welfare.

George: "You think Raytheon is free? Do you think those guys don't get massive tax benefits?

Hannity: "I think the fact that we have great companies that create great, uh, defense weapons that keep us safe is fantastic. yeah, i think its wonderful. So I'm part of the industrial military complex that you discuss. Because I believe in security and safety and liberty and freedom and everything else that is associated with it.

"Folks, Ron Paul for president, trust me. This is.. this .. this is part of what you get. and i like Ron Paul, and Ron Paul's right on a few things. but he's not right.. some of his followers are nuts. uh.. yes that will get a lot of play.

"Folks this is where my buddy Neal Boortz  gets into trouble. Neal Boortz says he's for a national defense and he is for the war on terror, and he's excoriated by members of the libertarian party when he single-handedly has done more to advance libertarianism for the last 30 years than anybody I know.

"And it's sad that you get these quote extremists that fundamentally dont understand that they dont even have freedom of speech but for a military complex".