Hannity tells Chuck Norris that Ron Paul is nuts
By Martin Hill
November 13, 2009

In a segment titled "Chuck and Gena Norris on American Politics" Sean Hannity asks Norris if he would ever consider runnning for the U.S. Senate. Gena Norris says she would support whatever decision he makes. Norris scoffs at the idea, saying "with all the senators there you can't get anything done."

Hannity: I disagree with you. You can!

Norris: What would I do, I'd have to choke out all the democrats? (laughter from both)

Hannity: thats a good start , you know, what do you call a lawyer at the bottom of the ocean?

At 2:26 in the video, Norris continues, "it's kind of my sayings, one of the facts, America's not a democracy, it's a Chucktatorship.

Hannity: I'd like a Chucktatorship.

Norris: Yeah and if it was, I said I would go to congress , I'd line up every member of congress, and I'd have Ron Paul, who I believe is the, probably the, one of the more honest ones there, and I'd say Ron, point out the honest ones.

Hannity: I like Ron Paul, he's nuts.

Norris: yeah I know. That's why I like him.

Hannity: Alright, yeah, well there you go,

Norris: he's nuts, but anyway,  I'd choke out every dishonest politician that's up there.

Hannity then continues,  "you dont think theres a dimes worth of difference between the two parties?"

Norris: I'm very disapointed because we had the republican majority in congress..

Hannity: And they blew it.

Norris: and they blew it. and we had George W. Bush, and they could have made a strong positive difference in our country, and they didn't."

Hannity then tries to explain that the Republicans have 'lost their way' but how he sees "very bold differences" between the two parties on several issues.

At 3:38, Hannity once again tries to marginalize Paul, saying  "Because Ron Paul's a libertarian. Reagan said, and I'm a big Reagan supporter. I consider myself a Reagan conservative, Im not a Republican, although most people think I'm a republican. Im a conservative.  Absolutely. But Reagan said it in '75, is it a third party we need, or a revitalized second party.
they need to take back the republican party