Mel Gibson asks Jewish reporter "you got a dog in this fight?" regarding DUI comments
By Martin Hill
February 27, 2010

Los Angeles KTLA 5 reporter Sam Rubin recently interviewed Mel Gibson regarding Gibson's new film 'Edge of Darkness'. During the interview, Rubin brought up comments Gibson alleged made during a DUI arrest in 2006.Gibson responded by asking the reporter if he "had a dog in this fight". At the end of the interview while still on air, Gibson called someone a "jerk", but later claimed he was referring to his publicist who was off-stage making faces at him, rather than Rubin.  In the aftermath, Gibson told a French reporter that he has a "short fuse". Gibson, whose father Hutton Gibson endorsed Ron Paul for president in 2008 and questions the official 9/11 story,  told last month that President Obama "is a man with an impossible task on his hands... He got left a mess and I wish him all the best but I don't think he's going to fix it in five minutes and probably not in his entire tenure".

Hutton Gibson, in a 2003 interview with New York Times magazine, said that the planes that attacked the buildings on 9/11 were 'crashed by remote control" and that  Vatican II was a "Masonic plots backed by the Jews". 

Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin introduced the recent KTLA 5 segment to 3 co-anchors, and told of his interaction with Mel Gibson:

Rubin: "We will begin this morning with an unusual experience I had on friday involving the newly returning to the screen Mel Gibson. Now the last time we spoke at any length about Mel Gibson, it was all bad. The summer of 2006 you recall, Gibson was arrested for drunk driving and reportedly during that arrest went on a slur-filled 'anti-semetic tirade' . That was then. This. This is now. Gibson's arrest has been expunged from his records. He completed three years of probation, paid a fine and attended mandatory alcoholics anonymous meetings. He has a new movie 'Edge of Darkness' that opens later this month. He stars opposite the actor Ray Winstone in the thriller; as you might recall, Ray, who is sitting next to Mel during the interview you're about to see, was in the studio with us last Thursday. We all exchanged pleasantries, and well then things got less pleasant.

[Video of actual interview:]

Rubin: "Some people are gonna welcome you back and other people are gonna be like, "'you should never come back!"

Gibson leans forward onto the edge of his seat and says "why?"

The reporter pauses and says "because of what happened before".

Gibson: "What happened before?"

Rubin: "The remarks that were attributed to you."

Gibson: "The remarks that were attributed to me that i didn't necessarily make?"

Rubin: "mm hmm."

Gibson: "Okay"....but, and.. I gather you have a dog in this fight.

Rubin: "Pardon me?"

Gibson: "You have a dog in this fight? Or are you being impartial?

Rubin: "I'm trying .. you tell me, I'm trying to be impartial i guess.."

Gibson: "Okay..well im back. and I hope it works out. and I hope people will graciously accept me back."
[end interview clip]

Rubin then continues to explain to his co-anchors, "See when I left that interview I was mad at myself, first to be honest because I simply didnt initially understand what he meant when he said "do you have a dog in this fight". And then a few seconds later when I did understand I didnt speak up and say that as both a Jew and as a human being I was really offended by what he said in 2006. And while there have been plenty of reports of private apologies and making amends, it never really seemed to me that he apologized , nor, as he did when we spoke, did it seem that Gibson contested the remarks, like he didnt actually say them. So frankly im still conflicted . And I should have told him. Audiences of course will vote with their wallets and their feet, when the movie opens at the end of the month.

Another anchor adds, "yeah, being defensive is not the best way to handle things sometimes huh.

Rubin: "I guess not".

Yet another anchor tries to console Rubin, adding "What you didnt say, said more. yeah.  yeah"

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