Israeli agent heckled by students is key defender of USS Liberty whitewash
By Martin Hill
September 28, 2010


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Turns out that the Israeli Ambassador who was heckled earlier this year by Muslim studentswhile giving a speech at UC Irvine is a stalwart defender of the official U.S.S. Liberty government story.

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, heckled by students whose 'Muslim Student Union' club was suspended as a result, pled with the crowd to let him speak last February 8th. "You sir, are an accomplice to genocide", one student shouted before he was defiantly led away by police.

Many of the students at UC Irvine who interrupted Oren's speech were members of the Muslim Student Union, although the group denied officially organizing the protest. Nevertheless, the group's rights on campus were suspended until the end of the year, including, incredibly, their right to religious practice as a group on campus. [See our full Irvine 11 Archive here.]
[Also: Read the story that corrupt zionist elements do not want you to see. Although I had allowed this story to be published elsewhere, (before they deleted it,) I always maintained ownership of the copyright to it: Corrupt D.A. Rackauckas met with Jewish influence peddler prior to filing charges against Muslim students.]

Oren seeks to influence public opinion about Israel, scoffing at skeptics and defending the establishment line- including the story of the USS Liberty, which is commonly regarded by researchers today as a documented case of false flag terrorism and government corruption.

Wikipedia reports  "As the only Jewish boy in a Catholic neighborhood, he says he experienced anti-Semitism on a daily basis. In his youth, he was an activist in Zionist youth groups"  They also note that while he was born in America, 'In 1979, Oren emigrated to Israel' and 'joined the Israel Defense Forces'. 

In an article from USA Today published in 2007, Coverup theory alive at USS Liberty reunion ,  Oren is presented as the Israeli debunker of the so-called 'conspiracy theory' espoused by  USS Liberty crew members who were actually on the ship when it was attacked: 

In an extensive recent discussion of the article,  posters at argue the merits of the official story verses the actual events as recounted by survivors and even Israelis who were there that day, some of whom agree that Israel knew full well it was an American ship when they attacked. has a USS Liberty data page, 'Cover-Up Alleged in Probe of USS Liberty'  which includes news articles chronicleing the matter, including the story of retired Naval Captain Ward Boston: "A former Navy attorney who helped lead the military investigation of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 American servicemen says former President Lyndon Johnson and his defense secretary, Robert McNamara, ordered that the inquiry conclude the incident was an accident" [Newsday

 Also in the report is mention of an Israeli pilot who was there that day but arrested after refusing to engage in the attack on Americans. Fifteen years after the attack, the Israeli man visited USS Liberty survivors and spoke with U.S. Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey. ran an article reported that "Senator Adlai Stevenson III in 1980, his last year as a United States Senator from Illinois, invited Jim Ennes to his Senate office for a private, two hour meeting to discuss the USS Liberty attack and coverup. ..Stevenson called a news conference in which he announced that he was convinced that the attack was deliberate and that the survivors deserved an investigation. He would, he said, spend the remaining few weeks of his Senate term attempting to arrange for an inquiry." 
 In the video below, U.S. servicemen who survived the attack insist the aftermath of the attack was a coverup, and say the massacre was an intentional act by Israel.

On 'The USS Liberty Memorial web site', there is a message titled  Anti-Semitism and the Anti-American Apologists, which scorns many variant groups who support exposing the truth about the matter:  "The USS Liberty Memorial web site abhors the racist and extreme positions taken by antiSemitic, Holocaust denial, conspiracy theorist and other such groups which often seek to identify with us and to usurp our story as their own. We have no connection with and do not support or encourage support from any of these groups including National Alliance, National Vanguard, The New Order, National Socialists, The French Connection, Liberty Lobby, American Free Press, Republic Broadcasting, USS Liberty Radio Hour, Storm Front or other such groups. We wish harm to no one and encourage social justice and equality for everyone; we seek only accountability for the criminal acts perpetrated against us and can do that without help from hate-mongers.

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