Republican Congressman advocates charging drivers by the mile to replace 'obsolete' fuel tax
By Martin Hill
April 19, 2010

In an interview with Road King magazine entitled Improving roads without raising fuel taxes , Wisconsin Republican Congressman Tom Petri decried the condition of the nation's highways, pointing out that the fuel tax is "obsolete" and that he's 'particularly interested' in a 'vehicle-miles traveled fee' to resolve the problem.

Petri, a 16 term congressman who voted recently to make the Patrot Act permanent, supports the Iraq war with no exit date and is against medical marijuana, pointed out that the "technology exists" to track and tax vehicles by the mile, but that it is "a matter of political will and public acceptance" to get it through.

Petri noted that the the amount needed to maintain the nation's roads in the next 5 years is an estimated $2.2 trillion dollars. This number is ironically the same as the amount that Donald Rumsfeld announced was missing from the Pentagon budget and unaccounted for, on September 10, 2001. [Watch video of Rumsfeld's statements]. Perhaps Petri should launch an investigation of those missing funds, to cover the cost that he maintains should be paid instead by enslaving the American people with an intrusive, tyrannical and nitemarish government tracking system.

Petri explained that tax by the mile would resolve the funding issue:


Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-Minn) touched on the idea this past January in an interview with Road King, though was not as enthusiastic as Petri about the idea. Oberstar stated, in part, "The Federal motor fuel excise tax has not been increased since 1993. Over this period, purchasing power has been eroded by nearly 40 percent. By 2015, it is estimated that the gas tax’s purchasing power will be half what it was in 1993. This lack of political will to maintain purchasing power has undermined the highway trust fund and led to significant underinvestment in the nation’s highways....Several groups have called for short-term increases in dedicated user-fees. In the long-term, we must seek a new approach to funding our infrastructure."

Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed a DMV chief  in 2004 who advocated a charge by the mile tax, with nearly 100 per cent of Californians against the idea. Dr. Katherine Albrecht , co-author of the best selling book SPYCHIPS, outlines in great detail how an intrusive RFID microchip tecnology is being planned by corporations and governments to track and database the public's movements. Albrecht has a daily radio show on GCN Live, which airs 3-5PM Central time. You can listen online and also via telephone, by calling the listen line at (760) 569-7703.

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