Ten Republicans who voted no to renew Patriot Act in 2010
By Martin Hill
May 9, 2010

On February 25th, Congress voted to renew three sections of the Patriot Act which were set to expire. They did so in a secretive way, lumping the 'Patriot Act' renewal into a group of other bills that were set to expire. In effect, they bundled the bills into one vote as to avoid public debate or publicity on the matter. So at 7:25 PM on a Thursday night, it was extended for another year, in bill H R 3961 titled Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act. (Roll Call 67, which was a 'yea-and-nay' voice vote).

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, in their article entitled Epic Fail in Congress: USA PATRIOT Act Renewed Without Any New Civil Liberties Protections, pointed out

"Disappointingly, the government's dangerously broad authority to conduct roving wiretaps of unspecified or "John Doe" targets, to secretly wiretap of persons without any connection to terrorists or spies under the so-called "lone wolf" provision, and to secretly access a wide range of private business records without warrants under PATRIOT Section 215 were all renewed without any new checks and balances to prevent abuse... Democratic leaders' push for reform fizzled in the face of staunch Republican opposition buoyed by recent hot-button events such as the attempted bombing of an airliner on Christmas Day and the shooting at Fort Hood."

Congress had previously renewed the Patriot Act in March 2006 and had briefly extended the act in 2009 until this February.

Here is a list of the ten Republican Congressman who voted 'nea' on the bundled bills:

Roscoe Bartlett from Maryland: His website states "Now serving his ninth term in the United States House of Representatives, Roscoe G. Bartlett considers himself a citizen-legislator, not a politician."

Rob Bishop from Utah; he was elected to congress in 2003 and is currently serving his 4th term.

Jason Chaffetz  is in his 1st term, from Utah.

John J. Duncan, Jr.  from Tennesse has served in Congress since 1988 and was formerly a State trial judge. 

Vern Ehlers of Michigan is serving his eighth term, first elected in 1993. 

Dean Heller  from Nevada is serving his second term and previously served in Nevada state government.  

Timothy V. Johnson  represents the 15th District of Illinois and was first elected in 2000. Not to be confused with Congressman "Hank" Johnson, the Democrat  from Georgia who famously expressed concern that Guam may 'capsize'.  Although it should be noted that Hank also voted not to renew the Patrioc Act provisions.

Walter B. Jones, Republican from North Carolina, was elected to Congress in 1995. His website states that Jones "concern for Vietnam-era veterans led him to introduce the War Crimes Act of 1996, which allows prisoners of war, the opportunity to bring their persecutors to justice in U.S. courts. While only three percent of all bills introduced in the 104th Congress ever became law, the President signed Jones' War Crimes Act into law on August 21, 1996".  

Don Young From Alaska, whose website states "Congressman Don Young was re-elected to the 111th Congress in 2008 to serve his 19th term as Alaska’s only Representative to the United States House of Representatives".

Last but certainly not least, Dr. Ron Paul has been the most vocal and articulate opponent of the Patriot Act since its' inception in 2001, and has pointed out numerous times that no one was allowed to read the bill before it was voted on.

Also: Ron Paul endorsee Rep. Tom McClintock, alleged libertarian, voted to extend Patriot Act
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