TSA airport screener arrested for child porn also worked at Catholic school; Questions remain
By Martin Hill
February 5, 2010

CBS News reported yesterday that a former Homeland Security TSA agent was arrested on federal charges in January. Billy Alfaro, who CBS reports worked as a screener at Los Angeles International Airport since January 2008, is reportedly in federal custody facing child pornography charges. He was fired on January 12th of this year.  [Screener At LAX Accused Of Possessing Child Porn]

CBS also reports that Alfaro worked at St. Paul's Parish School in South Los Angeles as a "volunteer religious education teacher". CBS reports "Parents we spoke to at the school never knew". and that  "The parish did notify parents in the monthly bulletin of what happened."  Alfaro also allegedly coached a soccer team not associated with the church school, but that according to school officials quoted in the CBS report, he may had recruited players from the school.

Notification regarding Alfaro's arrest can not be found in the church school's epistles dated 1.14 or 1/21 or in any of the online versions of the recent church bulletins.

A request has been sent to St. Paul school administrators as well as to L.A. Catholic Archdiocese officials for clarification on this matter of notification, as well as a request for details on what classes Alfaro taught, what his credentials were, and if he completed the mandatory background check.

St. Paul Catholic Church, located on Bronson Ave in Los Angeles, lists Rev. Gerardo cabral, M.G.
as the Pastor and Mrs. Jennifer Grenardo as the school principal.

The Catholic church lists detailed guidelines regulating adult interaction with minors at schools and parishes in their publication Guidelines for Adults Interacting with Minors at Parish or Parish School Activities or Events . The document states, in part, "Staff members, faculty or volunteers serving either in a paid or volunteer position need to maintain professional relationships with minors whether on or off parish or parish school locations"

L.A. Archdiocese's Protecting Our Children training page outlines a required program entitled
VIRTUS® Protecting God's Children Adult Awareness Session , described as "a three-hour training that helps clergy, staff, volunteers and parents to understand the facts and myths about child sexual abuse; how perpetrators operate; and how caring adults can take five important steps to keep children safe. The parent session also stresses monitoring of computers, cell phones and other technology that perpetrators use to gain access to children and young people. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles mandates this training for all adults working with children..."

were effective 9/2002 and are revised occasionally. There is also a general policy page.

A volunteer teacher recruiting students for unsanctioned off campus activities does not seem like it would constitute acceptable behavior in accordance with all of these stated policies. Respecting the presumption of innocence of those accused in such circumstances, the church still has a serious ethical obligation to make broad knowledge of an arrest known to the school students, parents, and parishoners, in case there are any possible victims who have yet to come forward.

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests is a support and activist group that monitors this issue and holds church officials accountable for past abuses. Roman Catholic Faithful, {RCF.org), a traditional Catholic group that recently announced it is closing, has valiantly fought corruption in the church for over ten years. I highly recommend a careful perusal of their website and documents to learn the hard truth about the scandalous pederasty problem.  

TSA screeners in airports are entrrusted to screen passengers, including children. With recent advocation of 'naked body screeners' nationwide in the aftermath of an alleged terrorist plot on Christmas day, more Americans will be at the mercy of possible federal employee perverts swarming through airports. News recently reported "airports  set to become primary peddlers of child porn' and new scanners break child porn laws', not to mention the increased cancer risk  and harm to DNA  which scanners present. [See full infowars.com body scanner archive here. ]

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