Fed up with cops like no other: "Officer Scaredy Pants"
By Martin Hill
July 31, 2012

The guy in this video, Officer Scaredy Pants, has obviously had enough. He starts out videotaping what he considers police harassment in his neighborhood. The cops tries to intimidate him to stop filming, claiming that the videographer is interfering with his duties. But youtube user "FunTrails" is having none of it; he blatantly refuses to stop filming. The cop calls for 'backup' and two more copcars show up. FunTrails obviously knows his rights and the cops, by their actions (or rather lack of them), clearly concede the right to film. The videographer then goes into an unbelievable, profanity-laced insulting diatribe right to the cop that can only be described as CLASSIC internet. He is clearly fed up with corrupt cops. FunTrails links to http://camarillocopwatch.wordpress.com/" in his video description. The video is 8:20 in length and was posted on July 18th 2012.

My initial reaction to this video was conveyed in my note to a friend: "Did you watch this video to the end? I cant believe that someone would be so bold and obnoxious as to just act like that to a cop. LMAO! It was SCARY to watch, but funny at the same time. Not that I would want to do that. I fully understand the guy's sentiments, but treating another person like that really serves no good purpose. Because if you want public servants (or anyone for that matter) to be righteous and moral, you really need to hold yourself to the same standards."

At the same time, I thought that this video definitely deserved more attention. As Carlos Miller points out in an April 2010 article 'Man wins $5,000 after he was cited for flipping off cop', "Personally, I don't believe it's professional or polite to go around flipping off cops. But I also know it's not illegal." Many people have sued and won after being falsely cited or arrested for flipping off a cop or telling a cop to fuck off. As noted on our Filming Cops Archive Page, federal courts have ruled that it's not illegal to film police, and the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division recently issued a letter to Baltimore Police clearly outlining the public's right to film police.

Your thoughts on this video and the actions of the filmer are welcomed in the guestbook below or on the youtube page. Here is the original description on the video, which currently has 340 views and 7 likes:

Published on Jul 18, 2012 by FunTrails
In about the span of one hour we hear this cop douche pull over 4 people. Obviously he sees the road construction and thinks "lulz double fines bitches!" Well I'm not down with that, reminds me too much of check points which piss me off! Check Points are a gross infringement on our rights as citizens of the U.S.A.
We did not intend for the motorist to be stopped that extra time while the officer waited for backup, however the officer could have easily finished his business with them and they (the victims) took our # and actually thanked us seeing the good we were trying to do. We also got support after this incident from another neighbor! (Double win!)

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