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Ten Republicans who voted no to renew Patriot Act in 2010

How compulsory auto insurance rode the slippery slope to "government health care"

Freedom to travel, the benchmark of liberty: Comparing the USA with other places

Profile of admitted freemasons presently serving in U.S. Congress

True first hand account of the so-called Lakers 'riot', ten years ago: LAPD started it

Los Angeles, 2006: 9/11 Truth Conference: Alex Jones cries out in passion

Twenty Six Miles From der Homeland Catalina Island Police State

Did Israeli spies record and release the Mel Gibson audio tapes to the public?
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Cell phone ban does not reduce accidents: California revenue scheme exposed as complete fraud
Featured on 1/30/10

Arkansas State Trooper meets videocamera: Still not Illegal To Film Police
Featured on 1/21/10
"...For the most part, you may not have any problem with the average police encounter. It�s still advised, however, to protect yourself by exerting your God given right to film public servants in public. By doing this regularly, we condition them to accepting the liberty of those they serve."
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Observing the vote count for the Ron Paul primary election - FEBRUARY 5, 2008

L.A. Clearchannel KFI Host Shills For Romney, says "I don't care about people's gun issues" [2/1/2008] Listen HERE.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht (RFID Expert) visits the Infamous Baja Beach Club (Where Club Patrons were Chipped)

Ron Paul on Republican Congressmen: "911 changed everything. And they loved it."

Senator John McCain Speaks to Dan Rather on 9/11/01, regarding State Sponsored Terrorism: "I have felt that there's been involvement" Cadre of government agencies move forward with eminent domain seizure of Malibu beachfront property
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Rose Parade attendees surrender 4th Amendment rights in bizzare police squad program
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Hannity calls Ron Paul supporters nuts, extremists, says military complex gives us freedom of speech
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Neocon Pundits Amp Up Demonization Efforts in Response to Possible Ron Paul 2012 Run
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In this article, some Jewish national pundit, alleged 'former' communist and Bush zealot David Horowitz, criticized me on his website. [Horowitz is the guy who appeared with Glenn Beck in the segment where they compared Ron paul supporters to terrorists.]
Hannity Doesn't Hate Constitutional Statesmen, It's the Appeasement, Stupid

Can shoplifting really be justified? Why violating civil law is not always immoral
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Southland city removes red light cameras after 'rear end collisions have actually increased'
Featured on National Motorists Association and CameraFraud

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Infowars Obama Joker Poster Featured in LA Times Front Page Story

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Armed Woman Reportedly Concerned About FEMA CAMPS Arrested In N.Y., Sent For Psych Exam.


Our Santa Monica Chemtrail video Featured on
Massive Chemtrail Attack:Public Responds

Article archive [This page will be updated when time permits.]

Mike Wallace questions Margaret Sanger on her opposition to the Catholic Church, 1957

Wicked government mandate forces immigrants to accept deadly vaccine

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton to appear together in Los Angeles, Tickets go on sale Nov 5

Los Angeles Animal Services requires controversial RFID chip

9/11 Commission Member Bob Kerrey Confronted On 9/11 Issues

Cops Conduct Decoy Shoulder Tap Program throughout state

Southland City Bars Restaurants From Offering Water To Customers

"Please Be Nice To Me, Important Pig, Read This OathKeepers Card!"(?!)

Defendant Refers To Court & Traffic Cop As "Revenue Agents (Bagmen) For The Government", Wins Case.

You Want My Money Pig? WORK FOR IT!
How To Beat A Stop Sign Ticket In California

At home behind the barbed wire
A local newspaper runs an article about how the L.A. Fairgrounds formerly served as an internment camp for thousands of Americans.

FBI Looking for 'Anti-government' Perp in Death of Census Worker

DHS Addresses Traveler's Attempts To "Prevent The Search Of His Property In A Timely Fashion"

CA Activist Launches Fight To End The 'Tickets For Revenue' Scam

California State Prison Takes 55 Cents Of Every Dollar Sent To Inmates

Priest Betrays Vow, Calls Police On Penitent

L.A. Police Chief William Bratton: Admitted Freemason

Santa Monica and Red Cross Promote 'Free' [Cancer-Causing] RFID Chips In Pets

Newport Beach, CA Bans Styrofoam At Schoolkids Suggestion

Bush, Kissinger, Sanger and Ginsburg: All Eugenicists
Read about Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent comments regarding abortion and eugenics. Also, a KFI radio host covers the story as well as a short history of eugenics and forced sterilization in the United States.

Do Catholics Have To Support A "World Political Authority"?
Some Critical Discernment Regarding Pope Benedict's Recent Suggestions

Anything over 65 MPH is 'dangerous', right? Maybe not.