Here are the archives for California Congressman Tom McClintock. I was a big supporter of Tom McClintock for years. This archive of articles is in the spirit of constructive criticism, in the hopes that McClintock can return to and maintain his principled limited government Constitutional views. McClintock has a lot of potential to be a genuine leader and a respectable advocate of liberty. This page will be updated periodically.

64 Tea Party Traitors eviscerate the 1st Amendment and support Trespass bill

Tea Party Rep. Tom McClintock Should Really Endorse Ron Paul for President 2012! (December 2011)

(McClintock endorses actor Fred Thompson over Ron Paul)

Which Big-Government Socialist Will Tom McClintock Endorse Next?
(You've gotta see this.)

Senator Tom McClintock tells me "I'm not sure if Ron Paul is presidential Timber"

Former Ron Paul endorsee Rep. Tom McClintock, alleged libertarian, voted to extend Patriot Act

Rep.Tom McClintock votes for mandatory DNA database for those arrested but not convicted of crimes

Rep. McClintock gives lip service to sovereignty after endorsing open border globalists for years
McClintock makes big news when he criticizes Mexico's president. It sounds good, but let's take a closer look at what Tom really endorses.

Two years later, Rep. Tom McClintock does not deserve the endorsement of Ron Paul 10-17-10
Because of the record of McClintock's first term in office, he doesn't deserve the endorsement of Ron Paul.

The only politician Mel Gibson ever endorsed (Tom McClintock) snubbed him

Rep. Tom McClintock endorses 'former' abortionist, pro-tax advocate and Al Gore donor Steve Poizner

Republican Congressman McClintock chastizes radio host Ed Schultz

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Kerry, Schwarzenegger, Shriver: Elitist scofflaws abound in Los Angeles

Schwarzenegger axes low-cost auto insurance program as state & feds fleece impoverished public

9/11 truther Chelene Nightingale runs for CA governor

Ten Republicans who rejected the patriot act in 2010


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