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I joined youtube in May 2007 and started creating and posting liberty oriented videos. As of January 2017, my channel has nearly 6,000 subscribers & 10 MILLION views. [As of November 2013, my channel has 3,096 subscribers & 5,551,942 views.] My youtube channel can be found here. Feel free to browse through my youtube channel to see all of the videos. Below are some of my favorites. This page will be updated as time permits.

I have posted a few videos that have nearly three million hits; but the following interview, with less than 7,000 views, is still my ALL-TIME favorite, my favorite interview I've ever done. It is an interview with my good friend Vincent Arias, and darn, no matter how many times I've seen it, it's still a very powerful tear-jerker. AMAZING story.

Shot By Cops & Charged With Two Felonies, Pro Per Defendant Acquitted!

Newt Gingrich claims he is not a member of bohemian grove, for world government, or a freemason

8/16/08: Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church Vs Rick Warren's Saddleback Members

Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist on 9/11 Truth at Saddleback

Interview with USMC Vet targeted by police- Part 1

Interview with USMC Vet targeted by police- Part 2

Public supports 9/11 truther outside police department

Muslim USMC Vet Fired From Job For 9/11 Truth Sign

This video of my trip to New York City and ground zero was featured on

The following two chemtrail videos were featured on Infowars.

CHEMTRAIL ATTACK at Santa Monica: Part 2

My Visit to Waco, TX Branch Davidian Mount Carmel property:
Waco Tragedy: 16 Years Later 1,431 views

[ A Visit To Waco, TX- Fifteen Years later 15,627 views]
Also, view photos and story HERE.

The Ron Paul Bumper Sticker Is Still On My Car...
Remember the good times. A tribute to Dr. Paul and his supporters who love liberty. I should note, several people have told me that this video made them cry. Keep up the fight for freedom, everyone.

Ontario, CA 'Tent City', 2009: One Year After Colored Wristbands
Footage of the Ontario California 'Tent City' where homeless were forced to wear colored wristbands last year, and had their motorhomes and kids seized. An update on the now desolate camp for the displaced and unemployed.

3/19/09: Obama Comes To California

While Obama speaks at a "town hall meeting" during his first appearance in California as President, his supporters respond to questions about false flag terrorism, the war in Iraq and the "new world order". Most of the people questioned agreed that 9/11 was an inside job, yet they held out hope that their candidate will make things better.

More video interviews here. Videos include the following clips:

HARMLESS VIDEO OF HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICERS VIOLATES YOUTUBE'S 'COMMUNITY GUIDELINES' See the video that youtube deemed innapropriate for their site: A one minute video of two female homeland security officers walking in a public place, with no commentary added. Does youtube contend that the officers did something obscene, or what? If not, why did they pull the vid and threaten to close my account over it?

George H.W. Bush, Population Control Ghoul in the 60's: "Rubbers Goes To Congress" A brief summary with little known details of George H. W. Bush's vehement advocacy of global population control when he was a Congressman in the late 1960's. Includes congressional testimony of Bush's attacks on the Pope and his support of planned parenthood. Excerpts are from the excellent book "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin- Chapter X: Rubbers Goes to Congress. Available to read for free here: [Video]

1/5/09: Kissinger Says Obama's Task Is To Create A "New World Order"
Appearing on 'Morning Call with Mark Haines' on CNBC, Henry Kissinger says Obama can create a "New World Order". When asked by the female reporter , "What do you think the most important thing is for Barrack Obama?"
Kissinger responds: "....His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period, when really a "New World Order" can be created . It's a great opportunity. It isn't such a crisis."
Watch [youtube vid]

'Anti War' Obama seeks $83 billion in war funding

Watch vid:

Obama is a deceptive liar, is not anti-war, and is a puppet of the new world order. Also, being staunchly against gun rights, he is an enemy of liberty. People laud the fact that we have our first black president, yet the first gun control laws in America were passed to prevent black slaves from owning guns. Why does Obama endorse this policy?
Our rights are inherent, from the Creator, and government is not to infringe on those rights. The 2nd ammendment (and the Bill of Rights in general) does not 'give' us rights, it simply enumerates some of our rights and limits goverrnment power. Government is the servant. Keep them in check.
Also, the fact that 'hero' Obama so vehemently supports abortion, the slaughter of innocent life, shows what a degenerate anti Christian person he is. Christian Obama supporters should deeply examine their conscience as to why they support the murder of the unborn.
"Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy: deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man" Psalm 42:1
Glory to God in the Highest.

Watch The New Film From Alex Jones: The Obama Deception

Attorney Jeff Dickstein Gives Advice to Potential Non Tax Filers; Joe Bannister Discusses his Catholic Faith
Jeff Dickstein, lawyer who successfully represented former IRS agent Joe Bannister in court, tells potential non tax filers "be prepared to lose everything you have and be broke for a really long time".. it's extremely dangerous to be correct when the government is wrong". Joe Bannister discusses his Catholic faith and the future of the tax freedom movement.

  • Rest In Peace, Pete Nosan
    Pete Nosan was head of Restore The Republic So. Cal chapter. He was an advocate of tax honesty and constitutional government. Tragically, he killed himself in 2008 after the IRS came after him and levied his bank account.

Watch: Sweet Talkin' Women Of Freedom
Dedicated to Women everywhere who fight for Freedom, Peace & Justice

Our 2008 9/11 Film Screening & Q&A in Lake Arrowhead on Saturday May 10th 2008 went great. Thanks to Clare at Mountain Arts Gallery.

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