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Here are a few more recent visitors. Suffice to say there are so many amusing visitors that I'd never have time to compile them all. I get screen shots of their ISP logs occasionally- government agencies from across the country and worldwide- fortune 100 corporations, cities, states, mainstream media outlets, banks, law offices, universities, movie studios, police departments, DHS, U.S. Senate, retail giants, etc. etc. So people can scoff all they want about Zionist researchers and 'conspiracy theorists', or call me an 'anti-semite.' But the proven fact is, the people who read my stuff are the people in power. They are interested in it, and hopefully they will learn something and improve. You can follow on Twitter here to receive notice of our latest articles. ;-)


Note: I don't always have time to update this page regularly. You can check our LATEST ARTICLES page and you will probably find some more recent articles relating to Zionism.

Front-Row Protester Disrupts Trump's Michigan Speech with "ISRAEL DID 9/11! FIVE JEWS ARRESTED ON 9/11 IN NEW JERSEY, NOT MUSLIMS." 12/22/15

Trump's Response To "Israel Did 9/11" Front Row Anti-Zionist Heckler (WRH Member) Is Almost More Interesting Than The Heckle Itself 12/23/15

Donald Trump Confronted On Dancing JEWISH ISRAELIS, NOT Muslims 12/12/15 Trump's Secret Service Agent Tells Me "Let's Not Get Everyone Riled Up Okay?" in South Carolina.

"Dancing Israelis" Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case [Featured on Infowars,, and Veterans Today.]
Note: I was a guest on Dr. Kevin Barrett's radio show Monday, November 12 to discuss this article and related issues. The show can be heard in MP3 archive here [2nd hour].

After writing my first-ever article on the so-called "holocaust" in 2013, I was featured in HAARETZ! Martin Hill & Dubbed 'The New Anti-Semitism' By HAARETZ, Israel's oldest and most influential newspaper
Official Response to Haaretz and Other Media regarding the Holocaust and Allegations of Anti-Semitism

Rand Paul on Israeli groups: "I visit with them daily" (!!) August 13, 2013

9/11 Widow & lawyer sanctioned for motions which "reflect anti-Semitism in a raw and ugly form." obtained an exclusive copy of the court decision against 9/11 widow.

What Do You Do When A Federal Court Finds You To Be Anti-Semitic? 10/6/14

Meet David Joseph Lenio, the 28 year-old 9/11 Truther/Holocaust Denier being Prosecuted in Montana for 'Criminal Defamation' of Jews June 8, 2015

Montana Man Charged With "Criminal Defamation" of Jews Released From Prison, Barred From Social Media Pending Trial 9/12

Bilderberg Conspiracy buff Daniel Estulin insists there is no "Jewish-Masonic" conspiracy in world affairs

Canadian candidate James Sears on Live TV: "I'm sick & Tired Of it, Canada Is Israel's & America's BITCH!" 10/13/15

Anti-Semitic Attack at UC Berkeley as Man Bursts Into Classroom Screaming & Pointing Small Black Object at Palestinians - NO media

NO JOKE: FBI Director Delivers "A Love Letter To The ADL" 10/5/15

An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati (Very powerful testimony)

Catholic Archbishop In Syria: Putin's Military Intervention In Syria "Serves the Christian Cause, Is Source Of Hope" 10/11/15

"May you be inscribed in the Book of Life" Tweets Bibi, as he hugs the wailing wall

Alex Jewns Bombshell: "Criminal Elements of Our Government With Saudi Arabia Ran 9/11!" 10/10/15

Prosecutor Justifies Charges Against Man for "Criminal Defamation of Jews" in Montana 10/9/15

1938: Fr Coughlin explains the cause of Jewish persecution in Germany, warmongers falsely attack him as an Anti-Semite & Nazi

1939: "Anti-Semite" Fr. Coughlin Warns that Warmongers will Use Japan to Ensnare U.S. Into 2nd European World War

Father Charles E. Coughlin Archives - A Must See.

Auschwitz Survivors recall fond memories of Orchestras, Grand pianos, painting murals, making tea, watching movies, playing soccer, buying cigarettes & beer with their paychecks, theatre productions September 30, 2014

Catholic Bishops condemn "Israeli occupation" & mistreatment of Palestinians; tell Jews that "use of scripture to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable." 11/17/14
As our crazy federal government constantly issues declarations supporting their undying support for our 'special friend' Israel, it's worth recalling a groundbreaking religious document from the Vatican just four years ago. For all the religious people who are deluded into believing that Jews are "God's chosen people" and that they therefore must support the actions of the current country called Israel, here is a reality check for you. In the Vatican document, the bishops criticize the "Israeli occupation" of Palestine and the mistreatment of the Palestinian people through military checkpoints, demolition of homes, lack of freedom, economic disturbance, etc. in the region. The Bishops then affirm that it is the vocation of Christians to strive to "live as Christians and Muslims together" and that "Our actions in this area will be guided by the commandment of love." They continue "We condemn all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianism and Islamophobia and we call upon the religions to assume their responsibility to promote dialogue between cultures and civilisations in our region and in the entire world." The bishops proclaim the hope that "The Palestinian people will thus have an independent and sovereign homeland where they can live with dignity and security." And in a message to the Jews, the bishops criticize the use of religion/scripture to justify abuses of other peoples: "Recourse to theological and biblical positions which use the Word of God to wrongly justify injustices is not acceptable." Below the excerpts from the Vatican document SYNODUS EPISCOPORUM BULLETIN is the official 'Resolution that Israel Isn't Our Special Friend And Doesn't deserve Special Privileges Based on a Misinterpretation of Scripture'. Please send it to your Catholic and protestant friends.

In-Your-Face Absurdity: 90-Y/O Auschwitz Survivor Walked Out Of Gas Chamber Alive: "I completely lost my voice!" 10/2

German justice minister politician:Because of historical reasons, we have a stricter interpretation of freedom of speech than the US" 9/28

Rand Paul Finally Confronted About Israel At Live Event 9/28

Pope To U.N: Financial Agencies Must "Limit Every Kind Of Abuse Or Usury," Reject "Oppressive Lending Systems"

MUST SEE VIDEO: "My name is Donald Trump and I'm a BIG FAN of Israel" (Trump Endorses Netanyahu 1/15/13)

Jewish Woman Victimized By 'Anti-Semitic' Slurs Such as "Zionist Jews Were Responsible For 9/11!" Prove That New Anti-Semitism Protections Are Needed At UC Campuses (Video) 9/20/15

Ann Coulter Still Cheers Zionism, Torture, Pre-Emptive War, Gitmo, Waterboarding, Regime Change, Patriot Act

Ron Paul: 'Evangelical Zionism' The Root Cause of 'Pro-War Christians'

WOW: Alex Jones Official Youtube Channel Declares "Alex Jones Is Not A Zionist! 9/17

ADL Declares Ann Coulter's 'F---ing Jews' Remarks "Ugly, Spiteful and Anti-Semitic"

Ann Coulter Shock Tweet: "How many f---ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?" 9/17

Ann Coulter Defends Her 'F---ing Jews' Remark To Fox News Megyn Kelly 9/17

Alex Jones: "I'm Going To Visit Israel Soon" 9/16

Flashback 2013: Highest Ranking Catholic Patriarch condemns lies and hypocrisy of the U.S. in Syria

U.S. State Department Official Definition of 'Anti-Semitism' (Wow.) 9/14

Teen Pens Book About His 100-year-old 'Holocaust Survivor' Friend Who "Escaped the Nazis Eight Times!"

Israeli Minister admits that the 'anti-semitic' label is 'always used' as 'a trick' 9/14

Flashback 2009: Neocon Jew Ben Stein Calls Ron Paul Anti-Semitic On Live TV

Gaggle of Jews Demand UC Regents Adopt New Definition Of "Anti-Semitism" To Include Anti-Zionism 9/14

Rand Paul Meets With Member of AIPAC's National Council, Promises To "Oppose The Iran Nuclear Agreement" 9/12

9/11 Anniversary Articles

"Dancing Israelis" Arrested On 9/11 Later Sued The Govt, But Lost Their Case
Remember the Israelis who were arrested by New Jersey Police on 9/11/01 as the attacks occurred? They were arrested, interrogated, held for 71 days and eventually all sent back to Israel under suspicous circumstances. Many researchers have documented this as evidence of Israeli complicity in the attacks. But did you know that the Israelis later sued numerous government employees for civil rights violations? This is not widely known. They demanded their property and cash back, alleging many damages. Their case was tossed out of court.

Martin Hill Confronts Hillary Clinton On 9/11 In Beverly Hills (2008)
All of the other truthers & protesters had gone home because Hillary had not shown and it was getting late. She had jus finished taping the Tonight Show in Burbank and then arrived right on the street for a fundraiser at the Wilshire Theatre. I couldn't believe that this evil broad was right in front of me. As all her moron fans clapped for her, I shouted "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, WE KNOW YOU CLINTON! YOU AND YOUR CRIMINAL HUSBAND!" My videocam battery was dead but amazingly t his was caught in the clip below by gossip tv show TMZ & aired on FO X network. You can see Hillary's Secret Service goon glare at me towards the end of the clip. They then made everyone cross the street to establish a "safety zone

Flashback: Retired Feds blatantly lie to grieving public about Flight 93 Shanksville crash
John Shea, former special agent in charge of the Pittsburgh FBI office" is quoted as saying: "He said that as conspiracy theories cropped up alleging U.S. fighter jets had shot down the plane, he consulted with a National Transportation Safety Board accident expert about how best to respond "There would have been a huge debris field if it ha been shot down, and there was none".
In actuality, the exact opposite is true, according to the Pennsylvania State Police, FBI statements at the time and countless mainstream news outlets including CNN: " September 13, 2001 Debris found 3 miles from Pennsylvania crash- " . State police and the FBI said they did not want to speculate about how the debris got there.The second debris field was around Indian Lake. Some debris was in the lake and some was adjacent to the lake.The Boeing 757, Flight 93 bound for San Francisco from Newark, was among four planes hijacked Tuesday in the worst terror attack in U.S. history"."

Flashback: 9/11 Widow & lawyer sanctioned for motions which "reflect anti-Semitism in a raw and ugly form.' has obtained a copy of the court decision against 9/11 widow. A federal court in New York has sanctioned the widow of a 9/11 victim as well as her attorney, for filing "a series of offensive insinuations, unmistakably anti- Semitic." California Attorney Bruce Leichty and Appellant Ellen Mariani were both chided and fined by the court in an 11-page decision dated May 15th. The case, Ransmeier v. UAL Corporation, et al., was heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. "We conclude that Appellant and her attorney's conduct in prosecuting this appeal was frivolous and offensive," the court proclaimed, "and therefore warrants the imposition of sanctions."

Hey, Doug McIntyre: Questioning the government shouldn't be verboten on national radio shows
Doug McIntyre, longtime Los Angeles radio personality and host of nationally syndicated late night talk show 'Red Eye Radio', advertises the fact that callers are welcome to discuss 'anything and everything'. Apparently, however, there is at least one topic that is officially 'verboten': that is, casting any doubt on the government's official version of 9/11/01. I managed to get past the screener though, and Doug completely LOST IT when I was able to tell him about the 2000 PNAC "New Perle Harbor" document and that the towers were demolished by the U.S. government. (audio of the call)

Flashback: Number of NYPD dead Still Rising from 9/11 Enviro Toxins
The number of New York City police officers killed as a result of the September 11, 2001 attack continues to rise, thirteen years after the fact. The New York Police Department website has a memorial page which honors the victims of 9/11/01. The page notes "Twenty-three New York City Police Officers died in the line of duty on September 11, 2001 as they responded to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center." However, the department also notes more than 50 others who died as a result of the environmental hazards. Since our last article on this in 2013, five more names have been added to the NYPD dead.

Flashback; Pope Benedict Welcomes Back Bishop Who Says '9/11 Was An Inside Job' (1/25/09)
Williamson had made a very eloquent speech outlining how 9/11 was an inside job. I applauded his speech , and as much as I'd have loved to hear a Catholic Bishop to state the truth as Williamson did, I had to point out that Williamson had been excommunicated some years ago and was not in union with the Catholic church. This has now changed! Pope Benedict XVI has reinstated Bishop Richard Williamson as of yesterday and it is making news today primarily because of Williamson's comments regarding the number of Jews killed in gas chambers during WWII. [NOTE: RICHARD WILLIAMSON WAS EXCOMMUNICATED FROM THE CATHOLIC CHURCH ONCE AGAIN, FOR DISOBEDIENCE, IN MARCH 2015. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM.]

"I don't know where Bin Laden is. I truly am not that concerned about him" (George W. Bush, 3/ 13/02)
The official U.S. government White House website includes the President George W. Bush historical archives. On top of the page is a message that notes "This is historical material, "frozen in time." The web site is no longer updated and links to external web sites and some internal pages will not work." This particular press conference was held on March 13, 2002, a mere six months after the purported "terrorist" attacks of 9/11/01

Revisiting Barack Obama's official view of 9/11 conspiracy theories
An obscure document from Obama's official 2008 presidential campaign is the only time he has gone on the record on this topic. In the 41-page document, Obama maligns the "discredited, fringe bigot and "The Obama Nation"author Jerome Corsi's bizarre, conspiratorial views", noting " perhaps the gravest sign that his views can't be trusted, he alleges a government cover-up of the 9/11 attacks and denies that airplanes were to blame for the towers'collapse. ...In short, his record of attacks is disgusting and false, and so is this book."

Ron Paul on 9/11 conspiracies (in chronological order)
This is the most comprehensive collection of Ron Paul's statements on the matter, with no commentary added. The most dizzying, contradictory b.s. you've ever read. Truly a classic. ;-)

John Friend Sets Up Fundraiser To 'Support Free Speech' After Being Fired From His Job For His Revisionist Views

Young Black Man Proclaims: "Dr. David Duke really has changed my opinion about him. I've really learned a lot" 9/9

Mia Love, First Black Republican Congresswoman, Turns Out To Be Yet Another Zionist Stooge
[The U.S. House of Representatives in D.C. visited this article immediately after its' publication. Hi "Mia!" (The real name of the Haitian is 'Ludmya Bourdeau.']

Dr. Henry Makow & Daryl Bradford Smith Discuss Feminism, Zionism & the New World Order

Ron Paul Discusses 'Rabbis For Iran Deal' 8/22/15

Flashback: Rand Paul Says Confederate Flag Stands For Hate & Murder, But He Flies Israeli Flags on his Website 6/26/15
No wonder Rand keeps sending out desperate e-mails begging for money. He's a disgrace and a joke.

Mike Wallace Interviews Margaret Sanger on Eugenics, Her opposition to the Catholic Church, 1957
With Hillary Clinton recently admitting that she admires Margaret Sanger, this 1957 interview of Sanger by Mike Wallace is very interesting watching. Wallace asks Sanger her motivation is not based on opposition to the Church. Sanger's mother was Catholic from Ireland, and had 11 children. "The population question is a great concern today", Sanger opines. They spend a great deal of time discussing the Catholic position on artificial birth control, in a very interesting interview the likes of which would probably not be aired on secular TV today. Wallace then focuses on Sanger's history of publicly opposing the church. As Wallace confronts Sanger on her past statements, she gets fidgety, blinking, rubbing her face, and darting out her tongue.

Flashback: "Why would Israel attack a ship that belonged to its only ally?" asks Israeli Ambassador 9/28/10
Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, who was heckled by Muslim students in 2010 while giving a speech at UC Irvine in what became the infamous 'Irvine 11' case, is a stalwart defender of the official U.S.S. Liberty government story. The students, who called Oren a war criminal, were later criminally prosecuted by the Orange County, CA D.A. after an inflential rabbi held a private meeting with the district attorney's staff.

What does Israel have to do with gun bans in America? 6/3/15
I was in Las Vegas yesterday and noticed a guy open-carrying a pistol in a convenience store. I told him its nice to see people carrying weapons & that in California, many people would freak out if they saw such a benign practice. California actually outlawed open-carry for handguns in 2011. One seldom noted fact is that the Assemblyman who wrote the law did so just days after returning from Israel. Twenty four days after returning from a so-called 'Legislative Study Trip' to Israel with the Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California, the lawmaker decided that no one in California should be allowed to carry a firearm, even if it's unloaded.

Netanyahu Insists Twitter Users 'GET THE FACTS' on 'Gaza Conflict' 6/16/15
Two days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted, in caps no less, for folks to 'GET THE FACTS' on the Gaza Conflict. He links to an Israeli government report.

U.S. Air Force Releases Video Of Training With Israeli Defense Forces 6/14/15

VIDEO: Mexican cheerleaders drop jaws with Nazi-themed dance routine

Great News! Rand Paul's 'Stand with Israel' Amendment FAILS 5-14 6/12/15

Rand Paul Completely Ignores Anniversary of USS LIBERTY Massacre by Israel June 9, 2015

Did you know that one of Pope Francis' 'closest advisers' and 'right hand' has been smeared by the ADL & Alan Dershowitz as an 'anti-semitic' conspiracy theorist & "an out and out Jew-hater" June 2, 2015

Fascinating Historical Records Recount Abduction & Disappearance Of Anti-Freemason Author on September 11, 1826 - & Subsequent Criminal Conviction of 4 Freemasons in New York Court 5/26/15 Must read.

In Obscure Policy Document, U.S. Catholic Bishops & Muslim Clerics call for "Alternatives To Predatory Lenders" (Usury) 5/25/15

Israeli Defense Forces Major General Laughs: "We Israelis, we are sure that we're the center of the world; it's natural that candidates are coming to Israel. And we like it." 5/18/15

Israel's Fierce Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Is Fan of Ayn Rand 5/15/15

WOW: Rand Paul's Communication Director Calls Karl Rove His Hero 5/15/15

Rand Paul's Laughable 'Blogger Action Network': Zionist, Pro-Israel, Pro-Netanyahu, scared of Iran & Muslim Extremism 5/5/15

Rand Paul Tells Zionist Organization of America about his (two year old) Israel Trip 5/5/15

ABC7 TV Eyewitness News reporter asked about the 'Dancing Israelis' (Video) 4/27/15

Oy Vey! Rand Paul Speaking today at the 'National Society for Hebrew Day Schools' 4/27/15

Flashback: Flashback: Alex Jones asked about Zyklon B gas chambers and the Protocols of Zion 4/21/15

Rand Paul Flies Israeli Flag On His Campaign Website 4/18/15

Flashback 6 Years Ago Today! 'InfoWarrior' Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Are 'Anti-Semites' Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves 4/19/15

CA Congressman Ed Royce Obsessed With 9/11 "Conspiracy Theories," Anti-Semitism & Dangerous Internet Bloggers 4/16/15
"Now I've heard a lot of conspiracy theories," says Zionist Congressman Ed Royce

Israeli company building desalination plant in CA to 'help' with the drought 4/15/15
"Desalinated water will be more expensive; what is the cost of not having water at all?" Project manager Asks

WOW: Rand Paul Consults With Dr. Evil, Henry Kissinger 4/9/15

Rand Paul's Top Aide Works For Netanyahu: Loves Israel & the Likud Party 4/7/15

My Trip To Ground Zero NYC 9/11 Site 14 Years Later: (Video) "Fascism Could Be Broken Apart Right Here" 4/6/15
Dedicated Building 7 Activists At Ground Zero Continue to Share the Truth with the Public

Author of Senate Resolution Welcoming Netanyahu Explains "Why most Americans stand with Israel and why U.S. aid to Israel enjoys such overwhelming support among both parties here in Congress" 2/16/15

Rand Paul: "Proud to sign a resolution welcoming Israeli PM Netanyahu to Congress." 2/16/15

Five Years Ago This Week, The 'Irvine 11' Dared to Heckle An Israeli Ambassador on an American Campus- & Learned How 'Special' Israel Really Was 2/6/15

New House Resolution Condemns "Denying Or Minimizing The Holocaust" 2/3/15

Congress Passes Measure Which Pronounces "The Increase In Anti-Semitic Attacks Remains Of Great Concern" 2/3/15

Zionists In Houston On The Defensive, Counter 'Stop Billions To Israel' Billboards With One Of Their Own 2/1/15

High School Students In Gaza Cry Out to Vatican Rep: "We are not animals! We are humans! All the world has to see what's happening to Gaza" 1/29/15

Vatican Rep. Recounts Horrors Of Gaza: "The Level Of Destruction Was Unprecedented; Palestinians Forced To Sleep In Rubble, Children Dying of Hypothermia" 1/28/15

Pope Francis "not bothered" by "American and Israeli secret services" warnings of "Islamic terrorists"

'Libertarian' Zionist Thought Police 1/20/15

Calif. Police investigate KKK fliers, business cards left at houses on MLK Day 1/19/15

Neocon Confronts Ron Paul On Paul Craig Roberts Article: 'Do You Believe Hebdo Was A False Flag?' 1/19/15

LAPD Announces: "The Museum of Tolerance Will Provide Training For Patrol Officers Throughout 2015."

Photos of Catholic Trip to Gaza: Bishops Condemn "Appalling Scenes of Destruction, Shocking Scandal, A Man-Made Disaster"

Catholic Bishops From Around The World Visit Gaza: "Terrible Destruction, Shocking Scandal": Israeli Settlements "Illegal Under International Law.. Simply Unjust" 1/16/15
"Political leaders must defend the human dignity of the people in Gaza," Bishops Say

Persecuted French Revisionist Dr. Robert Faurisson Comments on Charlie Hebdo 1/15/15

Catholic Bishops call for Dialogue with Muslims and to "promote the good things found in other religions"
Corporate Pundits meanwhile call for BLASPHEMY worldwide in Wake of Hebdo 1/13/15

Jacob Weisberg, Jewish Zionist CFR Member says to ESCALATE BLASPEMY for "Best Response" to Hebdo Murders
Yale graduate and Secret Society Member 'runs the Slate Group' and thinks religious blasphemy should be increased in response to the Paris murders. 1/13/15

Guest Column: Zionist Puppets for President Texe Marrs asks, 'Is there any candidate who is not a toady for Israel? 1/12/15

Dr. Kevin Barrett interviews Greg Johnson: "Why I cussed out Bush to his face - and don't like Ron or Rand much either" 1/12/15

One Month Before Charlie Hebdo, Netanyahu's Angry Rant To France on Islamic Terror: "Does anyone in Paris talk about this!?" 1/11/15 Bibi was red-hot pissed that France wasn't concerned about Murderous Islamists, Then they had a Terror event. Now, France & all of the world is very concerned. Coincidence? You decide.

Mesmerized Ted Cruz Re-Tweeting Bibi Netanyahu Like a lost Puppy; Did Cruz Visit Jonathan Pollard's Wife With Bibi Too? 1/11/15

David Icke Hammers Home The Truth: "Zionism Is Organized Terror, I Don't Give a Sh!# If They Call Me 'Anti-Semitic!'" 1/9/15

Rand Paul Meets With Sheldon Adelson & Other 'Well-heeled Jewish GOP donors' As He Introduces Anti-Palestine Bill 1/8/15

Black Civil Rights Pioneer Was "Intimate Friends" with David Duke, Opposed the "Elite Ruling Class" 1/2/15

Houston 'Stop Billions To Israel' Billboard Campaign Gets A Little Bolder As 10 Week Display Run Its' Course 1/2/15

ADL's Abe Foxman's homosexual son 'marries' his lover in NY: Tweets "These two Jews are Honeymooning!"

Fr. Coughlin's New Years Day Message, 1933: Not Despair, But Hope Of 'Understanding The Flagrant Financial Abuse Of The Rothschild System'

Documented History: WWI Letters Reveal "Old Jew" Sells Maggot & Vermin Infested Pies To WWI Soldiers: Put In Stockade With Only Water & His Pies To Eat 12/29/14

Letters of a Freemason WWI Soldier To His Zionist Mother concerning "a certain prophecy about the Jews" & "the new order that will be ushered in by and thru the Jews in their home- land - Palestine." 12/29/14
In this series of fascinating letters between a proudly admitted Freemason WWI soldier and his Zionist protestant mother, the two lament "the hold Catholicism was getting on our people," and how they look forward to "fulfillment of "a certain prophecy about the Jews them that we used to discuss." The mother reminds the son how she longs for "the new order that will be ushered in by and thru the Jews in their home- land - Palestine." He also discusses an "anti-Catholic organization," he'd heard of through his Masonic membership and tells his mom "It is going to come to some crisis soon. I hope I can soon have the privelege of discussing some of them with you. I have not changed my opinion as regards them - only have become stronger in it." The mother says "for revolution is now close at our doors, anarchy on its heels. Now this dont mean that every body is going to get killed no no. for there will be millions no doubt who will live thru it and will lay hold upon the new order that will be ushered in by and thru the Jews in their home-land - Palestine. for out of Jerusalem shall go forth the law and His word from Mt. Zion." Fascinating reading from a historical perspective, regardless of one's personal opinions.

Man Who Confronted 'Zionist' George H. W. Bush in A Houston Pizza Place Has A Message For Rand Paul 12/27/14

Rand Paul: Yet Another Soulless Zionist Groveling for the Jewish Vote By Guest Columnist Greg Johnson 12/27/14

'Most Influential' Media Jewess Sneers: There Is No Cabal Of Bankers Conspiring To Pick The President 12/27/14
Alleged 'right-wing conservative' and hardcore-Zionist Jennifer Rubin: "The lady doth protest too much, methinks"

Some Important Questions For Rand Paul: Why Do You Meet With Israeli Groups DAILY? And Which Israeli Groups Have You Met With This Month? 12/23/14

Introducing Because We Really Need To Do Better In 2016 12/23/14
This site will be a clearing house for Rand Paul Zionist information- keeping a close watch on Randy as he ramps up to his attempted 2016 presidential bid. As someone who heartily supported Ron Paul for president, it's offensive to me that Rand would use his father's support & money base to get elected to the U.S. Senate and then betray his constituents to the degree that he has. Starting with endorsing Romney, slathering at the 'wailing wall,' etc. etc. You may not know that Rand has actually admitted in official Senate speeches that he "meets with Israeli groups daily," a story I broke last year. There are many similar stories in our archives.
I realize that Rand Paul's rhetoric on domestic issues and supposed 'limited government' are better than all the other legislators in Congress. But I believe there is a very serious reason that we as Americans need to reject people like Rand outright, and we should admonish and shame them publicly. The bottom line is that you can promise to 'cut government' all you want, but if you support the maniacal neocon-Zionist foreign policy of giving trillions to Israel and defending Israel at all costs, you're not a friend to Americans or an advocate of peace. Not to mention my good friend Greg from Houston, who made international news in 2010 when he confronted George H.W. Bush in a pizza place and called him a piece of ^%$# Zionist murderer, is helping me with the site. Stay tuned! ;-)

Rand Paul tweets on Hitler reference: "This sounds like a lot of Senate debates" 12/19/14

Rick Perry One-Ups Both Rand & Jeb, Does Crazy-Dance With Rabbis In the Street For Hanukkah 12/18/14

Jeb Bush lights the Menorah, wishes donors "Happy Hanukkah!" as he rakes in Jewish cash 12/18/14

Unique Christmas Message In Houston: "Bethlehem Like A Prison, Under Israeli Occupation 12/18/14

U.S. & France Agree To 'Compensation Fund for Victims Of Holocaust Related Deportation From France' ($100,000+ each!)

Remember the guy who called George H. W. Bush a "murderous, Zionist, piece of shit" at a Houston Pizza place in 2010? This story is about him and what he's been up to lately:
Jane's Addiction/Lollapalooza frontman Perry Farrell confronted on Bin Laden, 9/11 by pro-Palestinian 9/11 truther Grotesque mock baby-murder ritual plays out on stage while Zionist Farrell sings [Featured on Veterans Today.]

Ron Paul, Ben Stein, & Israeli Minister who said the anti-semitic label 'always used' as a trick 12/30/09

Ron Paul: "Too Much Killing, Palestinians Have Been Treated Unfairly, & Something Should Be Done About That" 8/31/14

Ron Paul: "Why is the plight of Palestinians never mentioned?"

Rand Paul: Israelis Don't Burn American Flags

George P. Bush's Right-Hand Man is a Holocaust-Obsesssed AIPAC Zionist: Jay Zeidman 2/18/14

Rand Paul on "the Jews, those bankers, the Jews did this to us!" 2/12/14

Traitor Judge who ruled NSA spying is Legal "because of 9/11" Let Convicted Israeli Spy Go Scot-Free 12/27/13

Catholic Priest Gives Powerful Homily on Just War Doctrine: Preemptive War & Regime Change "Totally Immoral" 12/15/14
War for "regime change" and "war on a very vague war on terror with no prospect of success" not acceptable, homilist says

Ted Cruz's Father Rafael's Religious Group Scraps Website After Media Scrutiny 1/6/14

Fourteen Ted Cruz Quotes on Israel" 1/3/14

Dec. 26th: Feast of St. Stephen, the first martyr, who was killed by the Jews

1938: Fr Coughlin explains the cause of Jewish persecution in Germany, warmongers falsely attack him as an Anti-Semite & Nazi 12/1/13

Rand Paul: Israel is "one friend that never leaves our side, has never wavered" November 18, 2013

Fr. Coughlin explains the Federal Reserve, 1940: This privately owned corporation 'thrives on misery' and is 'leading this country into chaos'

Jews Suing Jimmy Carter over Palestine book represented by 'Dancing Israelis' Lawyer Here is a recent interview of Martin Hill with Dr. Kevin Barrett of discussing this article:

Dick Cheney saved by Holocaust Survivor, calls for Israel to attack Iran

ADL's "Worst of the Worst" Groups Respond to Inclusion On Top Ten Anti-Israel List

House Passes Toothless Resolution After Zionist Baptist Rep 'Urges' DoD to 'Permit' Freedom of Religion 10/6/13

Ron Paul ignores pressure from Zionists, keeps scheduled speech to group at alleged 'Anti-Semitic Conference' September 4, 2013

'Patriots' Larry Pratt of GOA & Oath Keepers side with ADL, Obama, and AIPAC on one special issue: The Holohoax September 4, 2013

J.P. Morgan war propagandists plot to control the media: U.S. Congressional Record, 1917 August 30, 2013

DailyPaul 'Liberty Forum' deletes Jew Ben Freedman's Historical Anti Zionist Speech & discussions August 19, 2013

Infowars compares baby-killers to "holocaust deniers" 8/5/13

200,000 RFID-chipped patrons enjoy slave-training at Zionist-run Lollapalooza in Chi-town August 3, 2013
Condom ads, police state tactics, illegal drug use, & religious desecration featured at smarmy pop-culture gathering

Neocon Glenn Beck calls for celebrating Ramadan by shooting all Guantanamo prisoners in the head July 12, 2013

Texas Delgation to Israel will "meet with high level Israeli government officials" 6/17/13
Group will also hold 'investment forum' and lobbying workshop on anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks

Joke about Mossad False Flag Flies at U.S. State Dept.


1938: Fr. Charles E. Coughlin calls out Rabbi for lying about Henry Ford & Jewish persecution in Germany December 18, 2012

Flight 93 disinfo posted outside government toilets in Pennsylvania December 16, 2012 [Featured on]

Two days after Farewell speech, Ron Paul condemns "terrible treatment" of Bradley Manning from House Floor [Featured on]

All traces of Ahmadinejad's speech censored from United Nations website December 4, 2012 [Featured on and FreedomsPhoenix.]

Jewish Publication coincidentally uses "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED" in article title, complaining about anti-Israel internet bias November 19, 2012 [Featured on

Nov. 10, 2012: I thought it would be appropriate to share part of a sermon from Pope St. Leo the Great, whose feast day is today, November 10th. He died November 10, 461.Catholic sermon on money-lending: "usury of money is the death of the soul"

Finally, a Presidential candidate who's not afraid to call out the Zionists: Merlin Miller 2012

9/11 Widow Faces Sanctions For Objecting To Judges Israeli Ties
9/11 widow threatened with sanctions for "deeply troubling personal slurs" regarding judges ties to Israel October 21, 2012

Dr. Jim Fetzer interviews Ernst Zundel, who was prosecuted for holocaust/WWII research -Must hear!

For alternative researcher, staying online is no easy task August 16, 2012

Father Charles E. Coughlin warns of the war propagandists, their system of financial control and their evil "blood business"

Why it's so difficult to get Israel-firsters out of office
Bill Pascrell, portrayed as an anti-Israel candidate but not quite so

Republican critic of Israel garnered votes in Illinois

Could I be a Jew?

Doubts About the Official 9/11 Story Banned from Nationally Syndicated Red Eye Radio Show
Listen to the audio of my 2011 call to establishment shill Doug McIntyre, and how mad he gets when I successfully slip past his call screener to tell the truth about 9/11 to millions.

Read the story that corrupt zionist elements do not want you to see:
Corrupt D.A. Rackauckas met with Jewish influence peddler prior to filing charges against Muslim students

D.A. prosecuting Israeli critics says ADL "represents the O.C. law enforcement"

Man wearing yarmulke at UCI tells students "you are failing your exams" during political protest 2/10/10

Calif. Rep seeking open carry gun ban just returned from Israeli political trip

Rice University Jewish Studies Professor calls police over youtube 9/11 video

Alex Jones asked about Zyklon B gas chambers and the Protocols of Zion

Did Israeli spies record and release the Mel Gibson audio tapes to the public?

Gabrielle Giffords should stop supporting the deaths of innocent people 1/15/11

'InfoWarrior' Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Are 'Anti-Semites' Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves
Update: Jason Bermas & Alex Jones respond to the original caller and to the article I wrote & video I posted. Click above for full details. Amps Up Use Of "Anti-Semite" Canard -5/16/09

Fear and Censorship Rampant In "Patriot" Community -5/14/09

Fr. Charles E. Coughlin: "Not AntiSemitism But AntiCommunism" (1938)

Alleged Best Friend Says Pittsburgh Gunman Opposed "Zionist Control Over Our Government"
Best Friend of Gunman Interviewed in Street

Zionism is the problem
The Zionist ideal of a Jewish state is keeping Israelis and Palestinians from living in peace.
By Ben Ehrenreich, L.A. Times 3-15-09

Some suspect conspiracy in Holocaust Museum case
[CNN surprisingly covers the topics of 'zionist controlled government' and 'false flag terrorism'].

Do The Jews Own Hollywood And The Media? -By Texe Marrs

Texe Marrs - "Jason Bermas, Infowarrior or Zionist Shill?" [Part two].

  • VP Joe Biden: I Am A Zionist

    'Kabbalah', or 'Jewish mysticism' is being taught in public (government) schools in L.A.
    See the recent article from the L.A. Times, 'Spirituality for Kids' class draws fire[4/14/09]

    5th graders taught about 'hate crimes', taken to Museum of Tolerance by Prosecutors

    LAPD spokesman backs off Israeli organized crime comments

    Palin Beck 2012? A match made in hades

    Palin continues establishment line on Israel

    Webster Tarpley: libertarians opposition to FDR is like nazis

    The only politician Mel Gibson ever endorsed snubbed him

    Adam "Pearlman" Gagahn supposedly became a muslim extremist while living with his Jewish grandfather

    Hannity calls Ron Paul supporters nuts, says military industrial complex gives us freedom of speech

    Hannity tells Chuck Norris that Ron Paul is nuts

    Infowars guest wrote book with the judge who took Mel Gibson's guns

    Mel Gibson asks Jewish reporter "YOU GOT A DOG IN THIS FIGHT?"

    Why isn't Mel Gibson's girlfriend charged with wiretapping?

    United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012:

    Multiple AIPAC Chairmen flanked Obama as he signed Israeli bill 8/1/12
    "Despite tough fiscal times, the President fought for and secured the largest amount of funding for Israel in U.S. history"

    White House taking comments on pending Israeli aid legislation prior to Obama's signature 7/26/12
    "Republican Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who introduced the bill along with Barbara Boxer on March 6 2012, stated"There should not be one scintilla of light between the positions of Republicans and Democrats on the issue of the security of Israel."

    New law allows Israeli Air Force easy opportunity for a false flag in United States 7/20/12
    [Featured on]

    House passes Israeli loyalty bill by voice vote, awaits Obama's sig 7/18/12
    [Featured on]


    Israeli Air Force to Conduct Training Exercises in United States Under Fast-Tracked Aid Bill 7/15/12
    [Featured on]

    7/14/12: I spoke with Rand Paul's Senate office in D.C. to inquire about this matter:
    Rand Paul remains silent on $9 Billion dollar giveway to Israel 7/14/12 [Featured on Economic Policy Journal]

    The red-herring of Rand Paul's "proposed foreign aid cuts" 7/14/12
    Yes, Paul proposed a very good bill to cut foreign aid in 2011, but the bill went nowhere. So that single attempt does not exonerate Paul from sticking to his purported position of no foreign aid in the future.

    "Fiscal conservative" Rand Paul pledges $9+ Billion to Israel on the backs of American taxpayers 7/9/12
    Romney Lapdog Joins Criminal Senate, Guarantees $9 Billion Dollars (plus interest) in Loans to Israel in six second voice vote
    [Featured on and Economic Policy Journal]

    Rand Paul Archives

    Ron Paul Archives

    Read about the latest abomination passed overwhelmingly by Congress 411-2. These disgusting cretins are supposedly representing the American people, yet in this bill H.R. 4133: United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 they basically vow undying support for Israel, and pledge to give them billions of our tax dollars. The only reps who voted against it were Ron Paul and John Dingell (D-Mich).


    Orthodox Jewish woman who wanted black Christian removed from Jew cemetery settles case:

    Teacher sues LAUSD after being fired for "zionist jews' remarks:
    I take exception to the use of the term 'anti-semitic' to describe what the teacher, Ms. McAllister said. All she said was that zionist jews run wall street, which is nothing more than what Jewish talk show host Bill Handel boasted abut on his radio show: Top rated Jewish talk host admits his "tribe" controls Wall Street

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