Tea Party Rep. Tom McClintock Should Really Endorse Ron Paul for President 2012!
By Martin Hill

A week before the initial Republican presidential primaries, "Tea Party" Congressman Tom McClintock of California still can't find the nerve to endorse Congressman Ron Paul for president.

In 2008, after initially endorsing and even working on the presidential campaign of Fred Thompson, I asked McClintock if he would endorse Ron Paul, to which he replied "I'm not sure if Ron Paul is presidential Timber" . Ron Paul endorsed McClintock in his first run for Congress in 2008. After assuming office, McClintock left a record of abysmal and very disappointing votes, such as voting to extend Patriot Act, supporting a mandatory DNA database for those arrested but not convicted of crimes, and consistently funding all the undeclared wars. McClintock still talked a good game though, such as when he criticized Mexico's president. There is no evidence that Ron Paul endorsed McClintock for Congress in 2010.

McClintock then began showing signs of improvement. On February 15, 2011, McClintock gave a speech in Congress outlining his reasons for no longer supporting the Patriot Act. After Congress had voted to renew the law on Feb. 14th.(H.R. 514), McClintock stated in part:

"Mr. Speaker: Last year I voted to extend the PATRIOT Act for one year. I regret that vote and was glad to have been able to correct it, although I am pained that the House voted otherwise yesterday. During this past year, I have become convinced that the provisions of the so-called PATRIOT Act are an affront to the Bill of Rights and a serious threat to our fundamental liberty as Americans..."

McClintock voted no on the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, a bill which received a lot of negative attention because of its provisions to detain American citizens without trial. He was one of only six Republicans to vote no on the bill. The congressional version of the bill, H.R. 1540, was originally introduced in the House of Representatives on 4/14/11. It passed on May 26 with Congressional roll call vote 375. The only Republicans to oppose it were McClintock, Ron Paul, Duncan (TN), Campbell, Chaffetz, and Amash. The much-balleyhooed Senate version of the bill, S. 1867, passed on 12/1/11. The conference report was agreed to in the house on 12/14. By that time, since the bill had gotten a lot more negative attention because of the senate version, 38 republicans voted no on the conference report despite wholeheartedly supporting the bill itself in May. McClintock, along with the others who opposed the bill from its start, also voted no on the conference report [roll call vote 932].

This past May, the Freeman Centinel blog reported Tom McClintock fails to endorse Ron Paul. At a town hall meeting, McClintock was asked if he had any favorites for president and he replied Chris Christie.

"Apparently someone at the event had some sense as one man asked: "Chris Christie is not yet a declared candidate, as you said, but there is one candidate who is actually running who has been warning for decades about the debt, the coming collapse of the dollar and America's over-expansion overseas, so will you consider endorsing Congressman Ron Paul for president in 2012?" McClintock acknowledged that Ron Paul is a worthy man for whom he holds affection, saying: "I have lunch with him weekly in his office and he is high on the list of candidates I am considering. I supported Fred Thompson in 2008, but he was not running by the time of the California primaries, so I voted for Ron Paul."

This is the first admission that McClintock had ever supported or voted for Ron Paul. How difficult would it have been to simply endorse Paul in 08, since he voted for him? Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, had been considering a run but endorsed Mitt Romney for president on October, 11 2011.

Mitt Romney!! So McClintock will endorse gun-grabbing socialist Schwarzenegger, globalist front-man Fred Thompson, Al Gore donor abortionist Steve Poizner, and Bush appointee Chris Christie, but just can never find the heart to endorse Ron Paul. Sorry, but this guy is disgusting. Just incredible. (Sorry, I promised myself I was going to try to be nice in this article... start over.)

In 2010, McClintock and Ron Paul both endorsed Mike Lee of Utah for U.S. Senate, who won and currently holds office. There was a petiton circulated earlier this year, urging Congressman Tom McClintock to endorse Ron Paul for President, which has 107 signatures.

An interesting and little known side note about McClintock is that actor Mel Gibson endorsed him for governor of California in 2003 while he was running against Schwarzenegger. McClintock even used Gibson's endorsement in an official campaign letter, but later renounced any association with Gibson. I supported McClintock for governor also, and thus was absolutely horrified when a mere three years later in 2006, McClintock vehemently endorsed Schwarzenegger for governor, stating "Like many of us, I too have disagreements with some of the Governor's proposals. These differences, however, do not justify the abandonment of our party's responsibility to work tirelessly to reelect this Republican governor and to elect our GOP candidates to statewide and legislative offices. For this reason, I view any effort to attack Governor Schwarzenegger as an attack on my own candidacy..." [Full details here.]

As Scharzenegger's poltical career thankfully ended after his second disastrous term as govenor with the state in shambles and deeper in debt, McClintock conveniently reverted to his 2003 stance, stating "I will never trust another word he says".

Similarly, I never fully trusted Tom McClintock after his 2006 endorsement of Schwarzenegger. It was such a stunning disappointment that I have kept a political eye on him since. I was there at the early 2003 rallies and took video of McClintock properly excoriating Schwarzenegger and his entire political ideology. As I pointed out in my 2010 article The only politician Mel Gibson ever endorsed snubbed him, Schwarzenegger was an evil degenerate all along. Anyone with a lick of common sense or integrity would know to always oppose Schwarzenegger, because of his own stated platform and record. When Schwarzenegger sadly won the election and met George Bush in California for the first time as governor, I was so disgusted that I went and protested outside, and was featured on the 11 o'clock NBC news that night as the "only one man" who insisted that the Schwarzenegger victory was not a victory for conservatives. [see minute 5 in this video].

As I outlined in my 2008 article Which Big-Government Socialist Will Tom McClintock Endorse Next?, Fred Thompson was never a valid choice for Constitutional conservatives:

Thompson, otherwise known as 'Cheney With a Drawl', and remembered as a 'mole' for Nixon White House is the typical establishment's man neocon, supporting undeclared wars and big government. Even fellow republicans such as James Dobson 'Trashed Fred Thompson'. Defending the wildly unpopular fiasco in Iraq, Thompson told CNN, "We will not be a safer country, we will not be a safer America if the whole world watches us being defeated by a bunch of kids with improvised explosive devices,". He claimed "forces are succeeding", and "we didn't know what we were facing" when we went into Iraq. McClintock, who is purportedly a constitutionalist with libertarian leanings, loses credibility by endorsing such a candidate for president.

Singer Barry Manilow had enough guts to donate to Ron Paul's presidential campaign in 2008. As one of Manilow's famous pop songs states, "I feel the change coming, I feel the wind blow... I FEEL BRAVE AND DARING, I FEEL MY LOVE FLOW!"

Tom McClintock, for goodness sakes, stand up. Endorse Ron Paul for president, and be on the right side of history.

Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured on LewRockwell.com, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, National Motorists Association, WorldNetDaily, The Orange County Register, The Press Enterprise, KNBC4 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Catholic Mission Newspaper, and many others. You can view a full archive of his work at LibertyFight.com.

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