Gabrielle Giffords should stop supporting the deaths of innocent people
By Martin Hill

It has been one week since the tragic massacre in Tuscon Arizona, where six innocent people were killed countless others injured. Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords miraculously survived and is reportedly improving. Dramatic photographs were released of her astronaught husband holding her hand at her hospital bedside. They have been posted on Gifford's campaign website.

So much political rhetoric has been ballied about in the wake of the shootings, the end result being death threats against the Tuscon Tea Party leader, 'unprecedented' death threats against Sarah Palin, and a demand for Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik to resign or be forcibly recalled from office. One survivor of the shooting has actually agreed with the left wing and said that conservatives and 2nd Amendment advocacy are responsible for the massacre . However, Jared Loughner is so far silent on his motivation, and if his words could even be considered reliable, which is highly doubtful, that would probably only add to the controversy and speculation.
Some have asked probing questions which have not received much attention, such as, was Judge Roll the real target? Federal Judge John Roll ruled portions of the Brady gun control bill unconstitutional in 1994, in a case brought by Oathkeepers founder Sheriff Richard Mack. Others have asked 'Is the Loughner family Jewish?' and did they attend the same synagogue as the Giffords? Did Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's daughter, who had been imprisoned for drug crimes and other various charges in 2007, get any sort of early release and was she possibly under the supervision of Jared Loughner's mother, who worked at the Pima County Parks and Recreation department? Were Loghner's numerous death threats against various people dismissed and was he treated in a particularly lenient manner because Sheriff Dupnik knew Mrs. Loughner, who was a county employee?
Since Pima County Sheriff Dupnik has refused to reply to any of the numerous queries regarding these apparently 'verboten' issues, that only leaves these issues open to continued scrutiny, research and speculation.
Nevertheless, this article will focus on something that has barely been addressed: the actual voting record of primary victim herself, 40 year old Democrat Gabrielle Giffords. Some pundits, particularly in the early days following the shooting, have actually tried to characterize Giffords as somewhat of a 'conservative'. This is well beyond absurd and ludicrous as the record outlined below will indicate. I understand that in the media mania immediately following the shootings, a 'reason' and ideological motivation for the massacre was sought; particularly because of the deranged rhetoric of Sheriff Dupnik, who seemed to relish every opportunity to enflame the left and right against each other. Thus, many conservatives and tea partiers fell for 'the bait' and argued 'Oh, Giffords was not even a liberal at all, she's actually pretty conservative, so you can't blame conservatives for inspiring Jared Loughner to murder her!' In reality, this 'blame game' and prevalent obsession on 'who is to blame' on 'inspiring' Loughner is a nonsensical issue.
There was one false report pursued by Arizona police and initially endorsed by Homeland Security that a white nationalist site was to blame. Jared Taylor of American Renaissance issued a statement on the matter, stating "This is so hopelessly wrong that it is hard to believe it is a genuine government document", noting that his group condemns violence.
Meanwhile, the ADL came out and said that Loughner's motivation was not anti-semitism. The Rabbi at Gabrielle Gifford's synagogue was interiewed excluseively by Ron Kall of OpEdNews. She claims that the Loughner family did not attend her Synagogue as had been reported by some. That claim was disputed as non reliable by skeptics though, who claim that the Jewish 'holy book' the Talmud allows Jews to lie and deceive. Giffords herself served on the Regional Board board of the Anti Defamation League in Arizona while she was in the state legislature, a fact that has received surprisingly scant attention in the aftermath of the shootings.
Larken Rose has written an excellent commentary on the overall Giffords issue, Giffords: Reality Turned Inside-Out. Rose, who appeared in Aaron Russo's landmark documentary Freedom to Fascism, contends that Giffords, like most all of congress, is a typical statist tyrant who supports force against innocent freedom loving individuals. Rose's commentary is a refreshing break from all the distractive nonsense, and puts this issue in perspective. He also wrote The Giffords Shooting: Unpleasant Truth, which I recommend. Because the bottom line is that Giffords, as a member of Congress, orchestrates the rules that 'rule' us and our daily lives, as well as guide the direction of the country. Those of us who want to see smaller government and a return to liberty need to keep our eye on the ball, so to speak, and support elected representatives who advoate liberty. After all, isn't that what the founders wanted?
With this in mind, I contend that Gabrielle Giffords should not return to Congress, since she does not support respect for life, a sensible foreign policy, or freedom here at home. Also, if she recovers well enough to potentially return to office, which I certainly hope she does, Giffords should be voted out immediately in 2012, as should most Congressional incumbents. I can almost hear the 'appalled gasps of shock' now. But let's be clear- I do not say this to 'be mean'. I do not wish to express any ill will whatsoever towards Gabrielle Giffords. She is a precious child of God, as all humans are, and her life should absolutely be respected and cherished. I abhor violence, which is precisely why I abhor abortion, abhor promotion of it, and stand against the zealous advocacy of funding the killing of the unborn. As I pointed out in my column immediately following the shootings, 'As we should vale Gabrielle giffords life, so should she value the unborn', respect for life does not merely encompass opposition to abortion. The Fifth commandment of God states 'THOU SHALT NOT KILL'. This applies not only to unborn fetuses, but to adult humans in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Israel, and everywhere else.
Now, on to Gifford's voting record.The best website I know of for compiling the general voting record of Congressmembers is Gabrielle Giffords page can be found here. Also, here is another site with a list of every roll call vote Giffords took, in chronological order, in 2010, from You can also click each preceding year to see every other vote. It is a great website. I will outline my contention as expressed in this article's controversial headline, that Giffords should stop supporting the killing of innocents. I will briefly cover her positions on the sanctity of life via abortion rights, foreign policy, and civil rights.
Giffords position is that abortions should always be legally available. She voted on expanding funding of embryonic stem cell research, 'regardless of the date on which the stem cells were derived from a human embryo'. She supports providing 'emergency contraception' at military facilities. Voted to 'ensure access to and funding for contraception'. She is 'endorsed by EMILY's list for pro-choice Democratic women.' Giffords co-sponsored 'Compassionate Care for Servicewomen Act' (S.1800 & HR.2064) 07-HR2064 on Apr 26, 2007. The summary states 'Ensuring that emergency contraception is more broadly available at military health care facilities is a fair, commonsense step that everyone should be able to agree on. It is my sincere hope that my colleagues join me in supporting this important legislation'
Giffords supported the Prevention First Act (S.21/H.R.819) 2007-HR819 on Feb 5, 2007, making the preposterous argument that without abortion funding, babies may be abused or die! "Contraception is basic health care that improves the health of women and children by enabling women to plan and space births. Women experiencing unintended pregnancy are at greater risk for physical abuse and women having closely spaced births are at greater risk of maternal death. A child born from an unintended pregnancy is at greater risk of low birth weight, dying in the first year of life, being abused, and not receiving sufficient resources for healthy development."
Regarding foreign policy, Giffords is an absolute neocon. She supports the numerous undeclared wars which were based on lies, and the ratcheting up of policies and 'sanctions' which as Ron Paul states, are nothing but a build up for more war. Giffords supports the war against so-called 'Islamo-fascism', a ridiculous term used to brainwash the public into being petrified of men in turbans hiding in every corner. In 2008, Giffords voted for House Amendment 1114 to H.R.5959, to "bar the use of funds to prohibit or discourage the use of the phrases `jihadist,' `jihad,' `Islamo-fascism,' `caliphate,' `Islamist,' or `Islamic terrorist' within the Intelligence Community or the Federal Government."
Giffords voted for sanctions on Iran to end its' nuclear program, the 'Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act of 2009', HR.2194, on December 15, 2009; official roll call vote 975.
Giffords co-sponsored the Syria Accountability and Liberation Act (S2917/HR2332) 08-S2917 on April 24, 2008, to "strengthen sanctions on Syria & assist democratic transition." By the way, our founding fathers abhored "democracy" as a proposed system for the U.S., much less as an empire advocating it in other countries. If you're confused about this, please see the great website
Giffords signed the signed Hoyer-Cantor letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2010-LT-UB) from 327 House members affirming the 'Commitment to unbreakable U.S.-Israel bond' in March 2010. on Here is full text of the letter.
On the issue of civil liberties here at home, Giffords voted to renew the Patriot Act, endorsed unauthorized spying by phone companies, and supported DNA grabs for those not even convicted of any crime.
As I reported at the time, on February 25th, 2010 Congress voted to renew provisions of the "Patriot Act" which were set to expire. They did so in a secretive way, lumping the patriot act renewal into a group of other bills that were set to expire. In effect, they bundled the bills into one vote as to avoid public debate or publicity on the matter. So at 7:25 PM on a Thursday night, Giffords (along with the allegedly 'libertarian leaning' freshman Congressman Tom McClintock and many others) officially pledged their support for abject tyranny. The final vote tally was 315 yes, 97 no. Official House Roll Call vote No. 67; more details here.
Giffords voted yes on retroactive immunity for telecoms' warrantless surveillance on June 20, 2008. [FISA Amendments Act; Bill HR 6304 ; vote number 2008-437 ] You may remember that Senator Obama voted yes on that Senate bill also, disapointing some of his supporters. The popular rationale at the time was surrendering liberty for security, as always: "This bipartisan bill provides the critical tools that our intelligence community needs to ensure the safety of our Nation--to authorize surveillance in the case of an emergency situation."
Giffords voted for mandatory collection of DNA from suspects arrested yet never convicted of crimes on May 18th 2010. Dubbed the "Katie Sepich Enhanced DNA Collection Act of 2010" the roll call vote 274. Despite Gifford's support of the measure, the bill never became law, but the bill was proposed in a previous session of Congress and will likely be revisited.
Giffords supports the failed war on drugs, supporting the 'Initiative to Combat Illicit Narcotics and Reduce Organized Crime Authorization Act', which claimed "The drug crisis facing the US remains a top national security threat".
On various other issues, Giffords opined that civil unions were ok, but the traditional definition of marriage was not ok. She voted yes on enforcing against anti-gay hate crimes. She voted to spend $40 billion dollars for "green public schools". The arguement for this bill was 'Green schools not only save school districts money but also teach the importance of sustainable living to children at a young age'.
Giffords voted to "teach teens about both abstinence & contraception". She agrees with a 2005 message to Congress that 'Sexuality education should be non-judgmental & support parent-child communication & should not impose religious or ideological viewpoints upon students,' and a 2006 position paper that 'Efforts to promote abstinence should include information about concepts of healthy sexuality, sexual orientation & tolerance, personal responsibility, risks of HIV, access to reproductive health care, and benefits & risks of condoms & other contraceptive methods.'
Giffords is a member of the "Blue Dog" Coalition of conservative Democrats which claims to be a "moderate viewpoint into the Democratic Caucus", offering a "centrist, fiscally responsible message".
Giffords is somewhat supportive of the 2nd Amendment. Despite getting a D rating from Gun Owners of America and a D+ rating from the NRA, Giffords supported a bill supporting the right of people with a concealed carry permit in one state to carry in other states. According to, she voted to 'ban the sale or transfer of semi-automatic guns, except those used for hunting', and to 'maintain and strengthen the enforcement of existing state restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns.'
On the positive side, Giffords voted "YES on requiring FISA warrants for wiretaps in US, but not abroad;" voted yes for Congressional oversight of CIA interrogations; voted no on removing need for FISA warrant for wiretapping abroad; voted yes on restricting no-bid defense contracts; and voted to restore habeas corpus for detainees in the War on Terror.
Giffords voted to repeal Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell, and reinstate discharged gays. She voted on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks; voted for 'strategic redeployment to bring our troops home' in 2006, voted yes on investigating Bush impeachment for lying about Iraq in 2008.
The civilian death toll in Iraq is beyong staggering. The number of civilian deaths as a result of the war is reportedly over one million people, although some doubt that and number the deaths at over 100,000. Nevertheless, the deaths are unacceptable, as is the rape of Iraqi women by troops and contractors, the torture, and devastation. Here is a website featuring Iraqi war photos, if you can stomach it. Here is a website by a young Iraqi woman documenting current life in Iraq.
I think that the record presented here will be a sober reminder of what is really at stake when the public supports warmongering anti-life politicians such as Gabrielle Giffords.
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