Prosecution of radio caller reveals perils of talking with police
By Martin Hill
April 20, 2012

Remember the woman who called a radio show to brag about how she got out of jury duty?

54-year old Susan Cole of Denver Colorado boasted to the "Dave Logan Show" on October 11, 2011 about how she had dressed in a disheveled manner and acted mentally iustable in order to get out of jury duty.

But Judge Anne M. Mansfield, who was listening to the program and recalled the June 28 incident, then had the woman tracked down.

The Colorado Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation notes on their website, "Weaknesses: Survey results from attorneys indicate that Judge Mansfield may be somewhat biased toward the prosecution and against the defense in criminal cases." Who could've guessed?

Cole is now being charged with two felony counts. The criminal complaint, which states THE PEOPLE OF COLORADO VS SUSAN A COLE, is catagorized under ECONOMIC CRIMES UNIT AT LARGE, and lists two charges: 'Perjury in the first degree', C.R.S. 18-8-502 (F4) {25011} and 'attempting to influence a public servant', C.R.S. 18-8-306 (F4){24051}.

However, there is much more to the story. The reason that the woman is actually being charged, according to the official arrest affidavit in the case, is not merely because she spilled the beans on a radio show. The woman was contacted by 'authorities' and she talked. A lot.

The District Attorney's investigator in the case outlined many details in the affidavit, and much of the information used to establish the case was given by the woman herself, after she agreed to talk with them.

This is a very good lesson not to talk to the police. In this case, technically it was a prosecutor's investigator, not the police who Cole spoke to; but the same rule applies. Don't talk to anyone from law enforcement or the government if you know what's good for you. They are not your friend, and their job is to lock you up.

In this case, after some initial research, the D.A. investigator Brad Uyemura tracked the suspect down and went to her house. Cole wasn't home, so he left his business card. When she got the card, Cole willingly contacted him. What happened next was a lengthy series of conversations and an in-person meeting. Uyemura asked Cole to meet him at a Denny's restaurant, where he spoke with and compiled a great deal of information from the willing participant herself!

If Susan hadn't agreed to do that, Brad would seemingly have had a very hard time gettting all the rope he needs to hang her. Remember, law enforcement types are trained to entrap, lie, and deceive people into giving them all sorts of useful information. When you are a suspect, the government is not your friend.

The seven page "SUPPORTING AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT' lists a bond set at $1000. Brad Uyemura, an "investigator for the Denver District Attorney's Office, Economic Crime Unit", outlines how Judge Mansfield heard the radio program and directed some investigation into the matter. Uyemura downloaded and scrutinized details of the KOA podcast, then contacted the court reporter in the case, who gave him the transcript of the jury selection process. He found Cole's address as well as information about the homeowner, Cole's cousin. Uyemura went there on February 16, 2012 and left his business card. On February 23, Cole contacted him by phone.

During their phone conversation, Cole recounted many details about the day of jury duty, "related her state of mind", explained her abusive past marriage, admitted she called the Dave Logan show, etc.

Uyemura wrote, "Cole then agreed to meet your affiant later that day at the Denny's restaurant located at Alameda Avenue and Santa Fe Drive," and explained how he downloaded a copy of the radio call onto an MP3 and brought it to Dennys.

Uyemura continued "Cole declined to listen to the recording as she had stated she had "grown and moved beyond" that time in her life. Your affiant made several more attempts to convince Cole to listen to the recording stressing the potential serious consequences if Cole could not adequately explain her actions as described on the recordings as well as substanciate her sworn assertions of PTSD made in open court".

Cole then proceeded to try to convince Uyemura that she did indeed have post-traumatic stress disorder, and that she had been diagnosed by a counselor who worked for the County, who had since passed away. The affidavit explains that Cole even gave Brad a copy of a book she authored, "Seven Initiations with El-Way's Secret" by Char Cole, in an attempt to substanciate her past history. The 218-page paperback is an actual published book, ISBN: 978-0-9792501-0-1 and is available online for $15.99. The 'About the Author' portion of the book states

"Many citizens dislike politics and institutional religion; yet find wisdom and comfort in spiritual laws. Char Cole is one such person. She lived through a controlled and sheltered childhood, a repressive church, an abusive marriage, and even manipulation by the United States military before coming to understand that truth and unconditional love directly from God's word can be personal and empowering. Char Cole lives in Denver, Colorado where she styles hair. She has three grown children and two grandchildren."

The book and Cole's explanation wasn't good enough though; Uyemura, who's listed on as a member of Ft. Lupton, Colorado High School class of 1974, demanded more evidence. So four days later, Cole faxed him letters from the army, divorce records, papers from her late counselor "describing behavior patterns of battered partners", etc.

Brad even investigated details about Cole's deceased counselor, and confirmed that she was indeed a licensed clinical therapist whose "services were offerred to victims of assault or other crimes against persons". But neither that nor the published book was good enough to satisfy Brad's demand for proof of Cole's past problems. Uyemura concluded, "Based on the foregoing, your affiant respectfully requests that an At Large Warrant be issued for the arrest of SUSAN A. COLE."

Gee, I wonder if the creep at least bought her Dennys lunch while she blabbed away trying to appease his demands?

What would have happened if Susan had simply tossed Brad's business card in the trash, instead of agreeing to call him or meet him at Dennys? We will never know.

The D.A.'s office would at the very least have had to attempt contact with the woman again, and if they did find her when she was at home, it would have been very unhelpful to the state if Cole would have simply shut her mouth and invoked the 5th Amendment.

It's perfectly understandable how the average person might be intimidated into talking to law enforcement when they show up at your house. You might have done something, maybe you feel like you've been caught, and that it would be better to cooperate. Just explain everything to the friendly cop and it will all go away, brushed off as a mistake or a misunderstanding. Susan Cole, by all accounts, does not appear in any way to be a criminal. She is a cosmotologist. But because she talked to police, they are trying to convict her of felonies and send her down the river, to make an example of her. Don't let this happen to you.

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