Hours after going viral, 'Police State' crossbow video yanked from youtube
By Martin Hill

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Wife who filmed arrest is targeted by police after crossbow melee
Stephanie has set up a defense fund for her husband, who remains behind bars. You can donate to the Gary Grana Defense Fund, here.

A compelling video of an altercation involving twenty or more police outside a Lincoln, Nebraska mobile home was mysteriously removed from youtube after being featured on several libertarian websites.

The video titled 'Police State' had initially been posted on youtube by user corneliuscomedy and discussed on the DailyPaul.com website. Martin Hill featured a story on it the afternoon of December 23rd, and that article was subsequently featured on Earnest Hancock's FreedomPhoenix.com, a high traffic website promoting libertarianism and exposing government corruption. The article was also featured on reddit and FreeTalkLive. The video was featured on WhatReallyHappened.com on the 24th.

On December 24th, people discussing the video at the DailyPaul.com and Reditt noted that the video was gone. "Removed by user? yeah right" one commenter cynically noted. The video had 304 views before the article was published; The view count at time of removal is unknown.

Identified as Gary Grana in local news reports, the suspect was arrested after police came to Grana's house over the alleged use of a bow and arrow in his yard. A neighbor had called police to report the man. Gary's wife identifies her first name as Stephanie in the video. It's curious as to why a woman, who recorded the video herself and obviously wanted people to see what she believed was an unjust arrest of her husband, would abruptly remove it right as more people were seeing it.

In the video, which begins with dramatic footage of police piled on top of her husband on the family's front porch, the woman repeatedly asked why they were doing this, pleading with police that her husband wasn't doing anything wrong.

The original video description read "This is a video that I took of my husband being wrongfully accused and detained. They originally came because someone wrongfully accused my husband of firing a crossbow in our yard (crossbows are legal in our state). He told them he was not firing a crossbow and there was not a crossbow outside or any evidence of one being outside. The police asked him for ID and he refused on grounds that he wasn't doing anything to facilitate them asking for ID. Next thing he knew the police jumped him, then the police tripped over our steps and crashed through a wooden fence which injured the officers hand. They slammed my husbands head against my front door, breaking my door (I can't even shut it properly now and have to replace it) and sprayed him with mace and started beating the crap out of him. All of a sudden my husband is being charged with assault on an officer?! SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE!!!!!"

The original police call occurred December 21 at 11:52AM and is recorded in official Lincoln Police logs, which read "WEAPONS DIS.IN CITY. PR OBSVD BY NEIGHBOR TO BE SHOOTING BOW AND ARROW IN YARD."

In the second half of the video, a shaved-headed police sergeant is seen questioning Stephanie at length on the front porch. While initially objecting to being videorecorded, the sergeant ceased objecting after the woman stood her ground and refused to stop recording, which she said was for her own protection. The couple has a large yellow Gadsden "Don't tread on me" flag hanging in their living room, which can briefly been seen at one point in the video. The sergeant identifies himself to the woman as what sounds like 'Sergeant Yeager". Lincoln Nebraska Police does not list a Yeager, but does list a "Sergeant Destry Jaeger", who has apparently been with the force since September 5, 1991.

On revisiting the beginning of the video, Gary can be heard shouting at the officers repeatedly saying "I did nothing wrong". At one point he says "I did nothing wrong, you need to get out of here."

With officers on top of him, Gary says "Nobody was doing anything wrong, you came here!", and pleads with his wife to "record this!"

"I am", she replies.

Gary then has a short dialogue with officers:

"You're detaining me for what reason?"

"You're under arrest."

"For what!?"

"Failure to comply."

"For- comply what?"

Apparently referring to the handcuffs, Gary says "..too tight.. so get these off. You're cutting my circulation off. You understand?"

A female officer can then be heard saying then saying something like "then why do you resist us?"

The man responds "well then I'm going to resist. Because you're not my f----ing masters. You understand?"

An officer replies "Quiet. Stop."

The wife says "No, we weren't doing anything wrong, there shouldn't have been a reason to have him to resist." Gary can be heard shouting "you came here and f---ing attacked me!"

The wife is heard pleading "what is going on, there's no reason for this". Police sirens can be heard approaching in the background. One officer can be seen on top of Gary, while holding up his bloody hand. At 1:35 in the video, a man in a black uniform, bulletproof vest and black ski cap runs up the couple's front porch steps and takes over the for blue uniformed officer who was on top of Gary. The blue shirted officer then gets off Gary, leaving the porch with his bloody right hand raised in the air. The black uniformed cop jumps on top of him, to which Gary lets out a shout of pain. The wife, still videorecording, then shouts "hey! stop hurting him! Stop hurting him, there's no f--ing reason for this!"

Immediately following minute 2 of the video, Gary can be heard muffled shouting "protect me" to his wife, apparently referring to having her continue document and film what is happening. She replies "I am". He then uses what sounds like the word 'torture'.

The wife continues to plead "this is not right. Stop!" as her husband is taken away. Right before the front door opens, a female officer can be heard saying "I was trying to block her in". As Stephanie opens the door, a male and female officer stand in the doorway. The male officer starts to reach for the camera to which Stephanie voices a firm and confident "NO". He removes his hand immediately, and she asks "what is going on". "I don't know, I just got here", the officer replies. "I don't know. All I know is that we got a bunch of cops that are hurt". "Why were they here in the first place? she asks, to which the cops replies "I don't know. We just got here because cops are screaming on the radio they need help". The female officer then asks the woman her name, who replies 'Stephanie'. The officer then repeatedly asks her last name, to which the woman says that is not important, that she "wants some damn answers".

A blonde female officer with that appears to be a cut under her left eye, a blood covered nose, and a bloody shirtsleeve then comes to the door and tries to explain what occured. 'He's going to jail he's probably not getting out', another says.

At minute seven, Stephanie says 'Absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely f--ing ridiculous. And now they tell me that my husband's going to jail, for what. He didn't even do anything wrong in the first place. Absolutely ridiculous. Apparently they got nothing better to do here in Lincoln than all gaggle here because someone's using a bow and arrow in their own yard at a target."

It's obvious from the twenty minute video that the woman knows her rights and is familiar with the Constitution. At several points she refuses to answer innapropriate questions such as when one officer repeatedly demands that she has to tell him how old her child is.

During the final two minutes of the video, the sergeant, upon numerous refusals from the woman to allow them into her house, explains that they will go in regardless. He tells the woman that he will ask a judge for a warrant but that in the meantime, they will 'seize' the house, preventing the woman and her child from entering it. The sergeant explains that the initial call was about a bow and arrow. "That's a big piece of the puzzle right there, so that's part of the reason why we're gonna need to go inside your house. If you don't want to give consent for us to do that, then we will seize the house, have you and your son come out... That's just what I want you to understand. It's not like we're gonna have it forever, but we're gonna need to do our part of the investigation."

"There's no reason to come into my house though. Nothing happened in my house!" Stephanie protests.

The sergeant says "I guess if a judge... If a judge tells me that there's no reason to come into your house, then a judge won't. But until that time, we're gonna seize the house."

Stephanie: "Well that's fine then you guys can bring a search warrant. You can't seize my house without a search warrant," the homeowner says.

Sergeant: "Yes. yes we can,"

Stephanie: "No you cannot".

Sergeant: "We cannot search your house without a search warrant. We can seize your house while we're trying to get..

Stephanie: "You can seize something I own?"

Sergeant: "Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely."

The reason the video was pulled off youtube, allegedly by the user, is not known at this time. However, several people (including myself) made copies before the video was 'memory holed', and it is still available here, here, and here (part one and two).

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