Joe Bannisters Lawyer Warns Non-Filers 'You Risk Going To Jail- Be Prepared To Lose Everything You Have'.
Successful tax attorney Jeff Dickstein Gives Advice to Potential Non Filers; Joe Bannister Discusses his Catholic Faith

By Martin Hill


Attorney Jeff Dickstein  successfully represented  former IRS enforcement agent Joe Bannister in court after Bannister was arrested and charged for criminal tax fraud and conspiracy. Bannister, who had previously quit his job at the IRS and joined what is known as the "tax honesty" movement, contends that the income tax is illegal and fraudulent. This is a conclusion he reached after years of research, which was initiated after he heard a radio interview with Constitutionalist Devvy Kidd. Bannister was featured in Aaron Russo's blockbuster documentary film AMERICA - FREEDOM TO FASCISM.

Dickstein was questioned at a conference in March 2008 in Newport Beach, CA:

Q. "You represented Joe Bannister who was acquitted of charges. If the average American were to watch Freedom to Fascism and they decide they don't want to file their income tax, what would you say to that? What would you recommend such a person do?

Dickstein: "I would say that you have to realize that the positions presented in the film are not accepted by the United States government; that if you don't file you risk going to jail, and you might even expect that, and also the amount of tax that you might otherwise end up owing will probably be quadrupled if not more. If you're young, you have a family, before you take that position you ought to make sure you have plenty of money set aside so you can take care of your wife and kids, and be prepared to lose everything you have and be broke for a really long time. Also don't forget to save a substantial amount of money to pay for your attorneys fees."

Q. That doesnt sound like a very inviting prospect does it?

Dickstein: "Well in today's society with the political situation the way it is, it's extremely dangerous to be correct when the government is wrong. That's a quote from Voltaire, and I think it's extremely true today.

Bannister also discusses the role his Catholic faith had in his battle against his former employer, the IRS. The video is below. Sherry Peel Jackson, a former IRS agent from Georgia who also contends the income tax is illegal, was charged and convicted of non-filing and served a multiple year federal prison sentence, where she was grossly mistreated. Her blog is at

In 2011 Jackson started her blog with a post which began,

Hi Everyone!
I finally have the little shackle off my left leg and am out of the custody of the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). I am going to clear up some misconceptions, give you a brief summary of my journey and tell you of some of my future plans.

First, let's clear up some misconceptions that have been flying around the Internet for a few years.

  • I was convicted of a misdemeanor, not a felony. There is a BIG difference. You can look up the differences when you have some free time.
  • I was not convicted of tax evasion but willful failure to file. Tax evasion is when you file but leave off over 25% of the 'income' that you earned.
  • Willful failure to file has a definition that includes (1) you didn't file, (2) you knew you were supposed to file and (3) you were liable to file. Since I am not guilty of (2) and (3) then I am innocent even though the jury found me guilty. Just because people say a thing doesn't mean it is the truth, as most of you already know and understand. [Read the rest here.]

  • Here is the video of Jeff Dickstein and Joe Bannister:



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