Youtube recently gave me a warning saying that I violated their 'community guidelines' and that if I get one more violation, they will shut my account freedommv1 down. You ought to see the ''offending'' video! It's HARMLESS, it doesn't violate any standards. And even worse, when you get one of these warnings, youtube does not allow you to contest or challenge their decision, or even get an explanation of their 'ruling'. I emailed them asking what exactly was offensive about the video in question and they didn't respond at all. Below is a copy of the email I sent to youtube, and the original video.

The video was simply a one minute vid of two overweight homeland security women at LAX carrying big gulps. I thought it was funny and posted it on 4/21/08. Here is the google cache of it.

It was titled 'FAT BOTTOMED BIG GULP GIRLS OF HOMELAND SECURITY. If the content in the video was 'obscene', why werent the officers charged with obscenity?? Here is the warning I got from youtube:

Here is the 'offensive' vid:


THIS home video was banned from youtube. It is merely a funny video of two overweight homeland security agents walking around carrying big gulps at LAX. A public place where i have every right to film. If it allegedly was 'obscene' and violated youtubes 'community standards' then why werent the officers in the video charged with obscenity?? Youtube stinks and is run by control freak new world order statist tools. boycott them and upload elsewhere.

Also, a few days ago Alex Jones talked about how google is censoring his website and not including his site in search results. I can verify this because when I google the title of my videos that have appeared on prisonplanet, the videos do appear in the search results, but not at the PrisonPlanet or Infowars URL. Despite the fact that is where they got the majority of hits from, as of today none of the exact titles, which are still on prisonplanet.com do not appear AT ALL in google results. So Alex he is right, google is deliberately & completely blacking out infowars and prisonplanet. You can verify this censorship very easily, by googling some of the titles below.
Top rated youtube director NufffRespect appeared on Alex Jones show Monday and has called for a boycott of youtube Dec. 19th.

12-03-2008 5:39:20 AM
To "YouTube Service"

Hello, I'd like to know what specific 'community standards' my video allegedly violates? The vid, titled "FAT BOTTOMED BIG GULP GIRLS OF HOMELAND SECURITY" is a simple video of two public servants, homeland security officers, on duty carrying large cups of soda, in a public place in view of thousands of people, at LAX in Los Angeles, CA. Are you alleging that these federal agents violated some law or community standards by their actions? If so, what laws or standards did the officers violate? If not, how is a video of them violating standards? The title certainly can't be an issue, since youtube has thousands of videos posted with the phrases 'fat bottomed girls', 'big gulp', and 'homeland security'. It's obvious that whoever 'complained' about my video is merely angry at satirical commentary of government agents. Your own standards page [ http://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines ] lists community standards violations as including the categories of "Sex and Nudity, Hate Speech, Shocking and Disgusting, Dangerous Illegal Acts, Children, & Copyright". The video in question violates none of these in any way.

Please remove the innapropriate and incorrect 'notice of violation' from my account.
Thanks, freedommv1

Below are some of our articles and videos that have appeared on INFOWARS & PRISONPLANET; They are still there, yet most are no longer available via a google search. Why is that?



"I urge every YouTube user who values their free speech to join us in boycotting YouTube for at least one day on Dec 19th. I will personally be boycotting the site for at least one week to protest against the unnecessary measures that Google is taking to censor our free speech as well as severely restrict our ability to network with large groups of people. YouTube has stopped us from broadcasting bulletins, and now we can only share videos with one person at a time. And if that wasn't bad enough, YouTube is fiddling the view counters and algorithmically demoting videos that they dont like. This is completely unfair, undemocratic, and a fraud against the very users who made YouTube what it is today. Please get involved - complain to YouTube, inform as many people as you can about the unfair censorship that Google is engaging in. And for the sake of our freedom of speech, please join us in boycotting YouTube on Dec 19th. Name: Nufff"

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Below are some of our articles and videos that have appeared on INFOWARS & PRISONPLANET; They are still there, yet most are no longer available via a google search. Why is that?