By Martin Hill

Brett Darrow is a 20 year old from St. George Missouri, who decided to mount a video camera in his car after getting some traffic tickets. Watch the bizzare series of events that unfolds in September 2007 when Brett politely invokes his God given right to privacy and Constitutional protections. Sgt. James Kuehnlein became outraged and began screaming like a lunatic, berating and threatening Darrow, saying he would find '9 different charges' to lock him up on. Darrow later posted the video online where it got international attention, and Sgt. Kuehnlein was promptly fired. Darrow had an eerily similar incident happen to him in December 2006, when he politely invoked his rights and told a cop at a checkpoint that he did not want to discuss his personal life. Both these are must-see videos. Kudos to Brett Darrow for standing up for his unalienable rights and privacy. We can all learn from him. Video of the 2006 incident is at the very bottom of this page. There is an article below that appeared shortly after Darrow's video recieved international attention, in which the local police chief, Scott Uhrig, condemns the actions of Sgt. James Kuehnlein. This is especially ironic, given the info about Uhrig that follows! In February 2002, the Missouri Department of Public Safety disciplined Scott Uhrig, ruling "We conclude that Uhrig's unwelcome sexual advances to a teenager, while on duty and under the guise of enforcing the laws, indicate an especially egregious mental state, show that he cannot enforce the law, and are cause for discipline." Unreal. Why is pervert degenerate child predator Scott Uhrig even allowed to work in law enforcement at all, much less be a police chief?? Why isn't he in prison and on Megan law's website??? Why?

CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a man who records police rants on his own dashboard camera.

On the original full length video he initially posted on the internet, Darrow wrote the following comments: Police are stalking me outside of my home:
BTW, the officer's patrol video and audio is no where to be found. His tape is GONE. Anyone surprised?
This happened just outside of a speed trap town in Missouri called St. George with only a few officers that think they have more power than they really do. According to MO state statutes, this 3rd class city does not have police power outside of their city limits.
If you know of any statute in MO that gives them general police power outside their town, please email me.
The commuter lot is open 24 hours a day and can be confirmed by calling 1-888-Ask-MoDOT.

You can see me pass the officer at :08 seconds as he nearly blocks the road as he sits waiting for the next car without license plate lights to come by.
You'll hear this officer tell me he'll make up "9 different charges" including resisting arrest before he has even tried to arrest me. You'll hear him say how I didn't use my turn signal and I was weaving when the video clearly proves him wrong.
I truly thought if I didn't suck up, I would be beaten and maybe killed.
The officer's name is Sgt. James Kuehnlein.
Please excuse the clicking in the video.
He's been fired

Cop gone wild- Lying and making threats just part of his job 12 min 55 sec - Sep 8, 2007

Missouri: Police Threaten, Detain Motorist for Parking After Hours A St. George, Missouri police officer is caught on tape threatening to invent charges to arrest a motorist for parking after hours.

CNN: Police officer taped ranting at driver fired
Fri September 21, 2007

ST. GEORGE, Missouri (AP) -- A police sergeant whose berating of a driver was captured on videotape has been fired. Aldermen in the town of St. George, a St. Louis suburb, voted 5-0 in a closed meeting Monday to fire Sgt. James Kuehnlein. Notice of the firing was posted Wednesday at City Hall. Kuehnlein's attorney, Travis L. Noble, said the officer received a letter Thursday detailing the reasons for his firing. Noble said he would review the letter with Kuehnlein before deciding on a course of action. Brett Darrow, 20, had a video recorder inside his car when Kuehnlein approached him in a commuter lot in the early hours of September 7. Watch the tape and police officer's tirade In a video that was widely viewed on the Internet, Kuehnlein is heard taunting and threatening Darrow, sometimes shouting and using profanity. CNN's Jeanne Moos introduces the videotaping driver "It's what I wanted the whole time," Darrow told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "The conduct was not forgivable." Police Chief Scott Uhrig said he recommended that Kuehnlein be fired based both on his language in the tape and because he violated department policy when he failed to tape the encounter himself with his police car's camera.

Cop Gone Wild In Trouble Over Motorist's Video

The picture doesn't show much, but the audio part of the recording, posted on Google Video and YouTube on the Internet, brought more than 300 protest calls to St. George Police Chief Scott Uhrig.
"I was very displeased when I saw the actions on the video," Uhrig said. "My officers are not trained and taught to act like that."
He put Sgt. James Kuehnlein on unpaid suspension pending further investigation.

Uhrig said the officer's actions were not justified, and he insisted the episode is not representative of his department.

view this document from the state of Missouri from 2002! Why is he even allowed to be chief of police? Why isn't he in prison??

Excerpt from Before the Administrative Hearing Commission State of Missouri DIRECTOR OF DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY, Petitionee, vs. SCOTT T. UHRIG

The Director argues that Uhrig's sexual advances are cause for discipline under section 590.135.2 (6), which allows discipline for: Gross misconduct indicating inability to function as a peace officer[.]
(Emphasis added.) Misconduct means "the willful doing of an act with a wrongful intention[;] intentional wrongdoing".�

We conclude that Uhrig's unwelcome sexual advances to a teenager, while on duty and under the guise of enforcing the laws, indicate an especially egregious mental state, show that he cannot enforce the law, and are cause for discipline.

Uhrig is subject to discipline under section 590.135.2(6).
SO ORDERED on February ____, 2002.

From wikipedia:

Sexual harassment allegations
In 2000, St. George Police Chief Scott Uhrig, while serving as an Arnold, MO patrol officer, was accused of sexually harassing a 17 year old girl during a traffic stop. The State Administrative Hearing Commission found that Scott Uhrig called the teenager "beautiful, hot and tempting." Uhrig also allegedly asked the teen to come to his car for sex. Although Uhrig maintained his innocence, the Commission believed Uhrig acted outside the law. They said his unwarranted sexual advances showed he could not enforce the law and was cause for discipline. Uhrig was suspended for weeks without pay and put on probation. Several years later he took the helm at the St. George Police Department.[8]


The press later revealed that Sgt. Kuehnlein had been previously arrested for assault and stealing, and in late September, he was fired by the city's Board of Aldermen in a 5-0 vote.[7]

Missouri: Police Stake Out Brett Darrow Home
Saint Louis, Missouri police stake out the home of young motorist whose video of an out-of-control police officer garnered international attention

12/30/2006 Missouri: Police Roadblock Harassment Caught on Tape
St. Louis County, Missouri police threaten to arrest a teenager for refusing to discuss his personal travel plans.

A teenager harassed by police in St. Louis, Missouri caught the incident on tape. Brett Darrow, 19, had his video camera rolling last month as he drove his 1997 Maxima, minding his own business. He approached a drunk driving roadblock where he was stopped, detained and threatened with arrest when he declined to enter a conversation with a police officer about his personal travel habits. Now Darrow is considering filing suit against St. Louis County Police.

"I'm scared to drive for fear of being stopped at another checkpoint and arrested while doing nothing illegal," Darrow told TheNewspaper. "We're now guilty until we prove ourselves innocent to these checkpoint officers."
...When Darrow asked why he was being detained, an officer explained, "If you don't stop running your mouth, we're going to find a reason to lock you up tonight." The threats ended when Darrow informed officers that they were being recorded. After speaking to a supervisor Darrow was finally released.

"These roadblocks have gotten out of hand," Darrow told TheNewspaper. "If we don't do something about them now, it'll be too late."

FULL VIDEO of the 2006 incident:
DEC 12, 2006

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