Hillary Clinton Confronted On 9/11 In Beverly Hills
By Martin Hill
April 4, 2008



Hillary Clinton Attended a Fundraiser at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills on Thursday night, April 3, after taping an episode of THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno.

[Note: The 'INLAND EMPIRE' of southern California is an area that begins roughly 35 miles east of Los Angeles and borders Los Angeles and Orange Counties.] On Thursday, I had received an email alert from the meetup group of WE ARE CHANGE L.A. Clinton in Beverly Hills? How could I miss such an opportunity. The WE ARE CHANGE L.A. guys got there at 6PM but I was stuck in L.A. traffic and didn't get to the event until almost 7PM. All of them left by 7:30PM, except for Mike, who was taking pictures. Mike told me that Clinton was taping the tonight show and that she was running late. So I waited, and around 8PM, Clinton's entourage showed up on Wilshire Blvd., right at the front entrance of the theatre. I hadn't really expected to see Clinton herself, so this was quite a surprise.

I had my Clinton mask on, which makes it difficult to talk. (I have a habit of wearing character masks when truthing, it's a disarming way to get people's attention. See some examples below.) When I actually saw Hillary walking up the sidewalk, I just couldn't believe this evil broad was right in front of me. I tore the mask off shouted as loud as I could, 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB! WE KNOW YOU CLINTON! YOU AND YOUR BILDERBERG HUSBAND! YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER IS GOING DOWN! YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER WILL BE DEFEATED!! YOU WILL FAIL. YOU WILL BE DEFEATED!"

These criminal politicians, most of whom view themselves as the 'privileged elite', are so detached and inaccessible from those they serve, that It felt great to shout at this person knowing she had to listen, for at least a minute. Watch her bodyguard look towards me at the end of the clip. :-)

I did not take video of this myself. But the next day, I searched online and found a clip of the incident! TMZ.com, the ridiculous Hollywood gossip site, was there and posted video on their site of Clinton's arrival. Their story focuses on Clinton's secret service agent who was not wearing a seatbelt. Listen towards the end of the 28 second clip; the crowd is clapping for Clinton and she starts to wave, when I shout '911 was an inside job, we know you Clinton!' TMZ cut the audio there, although I actually continued to shout at her for about 2 minutes at the top of my lungs. (My throat is actually still hoarse from shouting.)


Hillary's Got Junk in the Trunk
Posted Apr 4th 2008 8:46AM by TMZ Staff She wants to be President, but how's that gonna happen if Hillary Clinton's security detail won't obey a simple seatbelt law!
(Filed in their presidential election section HERE)

There is a shorter condensed clip also, which aired on the TMZ TV program Friday June 4th at 6:30PM on KTTV FOX 11. On the TV show, they included part of the footage into a larger segment about the seatbelt story. This clip is on MYSPACE TV and can be downloaded and saved to your REAL PLAYER. You can still hear me shouting '911 WAS AN INSI-' as Hillary waves. Notice they cut the word INSI(de) off and narrated over it, but couldn't delete it alltogether. ;-)

Hillary Clinton has Junk in the Trunk
Description: Hillary doesn't practice what she preaches.

The secret service and Beverly hills police were surprisingly friendly and did not give me a hard time; although after I shouted at her and she went inside, they demanded that the entire sidewalk be cleared and that everyone leave that side of the street, claiming it as a the 'safe zone'. I got the video of me speaking to the secret service agent., which I'll post later.

HERE are more photos from the event.

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