Bush, Kissinger, Sanger and Ginsburg: All Eugenicists
By Martin Hill
July 15, 2009


Clearchannel Host Covers Ginsburg's Eugenics / Population Control Remarks:
Clearchannel host covers the history of eugenics in America 11/06/09

Clearchannel Host Bill Handel of KFI Los Angeles covers Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent comments to the NY Times regarding abortion and population control. To his credit, in just over two minutes, Handel covers the dark history of eugenics and forced sterilization in the United States and promises to explore the subject in depth at a later date

youtube link


I saw a white woman with 7 kids in Walmart today 6/11/15
Celebrate big families the next time you see one, it may be the hope for the future of our society, and against the culture of death!
"And now, suppose that a man has the worldly goods he needs, and sees his brother go in want; if he steels his heart against his brother, how can we say that the love of God dwells in him?" 1 John 3:17

Rand Paul to Ferguson: "Come on guys, you got to wait to have your kids." (Government Meddling in Procreation: Is Rand Paul a Crypto-Eugencist?) 12/1/14
"Birth control is not our business. I cannot imagine anything more emphatically a subject that is not a proper political or governmental activity ... or responsibility," President Eisenhower said in December 1959. Oh how things have changed, with even supposed 'limited government' politicians promoting 'family planning.'

Rand Paul Praises Bill Gates, "his amazing vaccination crusade in Africa" 5/30/15

Bush, Kissinger, Sanger and Ginsburg: All Eugenicists
In light of the recent Ruth Bader Ginsburg remarks on abortion and population control, (see previous post), I thought I'd post the following related info regarding three other modern day eugenecists: George H W Bush, Henry Kissinger, and Margaret Sanger.

Our previous entry George H.W. Bush: Evil Population Control Ghoul- "Rubbers Goes To Congress"
outlines a brief summary, as well as a youtube video, covering little known details of George H. W. Bush's vehement advocacy of global population control when he was a Congressman in the late 1960's. Includes congressional testimony of Bush's attacks on the Pope and his support of planned parenthood. Excerpts are from the excellent book "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin Chapter X: Rubbers Goes to Congress Available to read for free here: http://www.tarpley.net/bush10.htm

Mike Wallace questions Margaret Sanger on her opposition to the Catholic Church, 1957 11/06/09

In this interesting 1957 interview, population control and abortion advocate Margaret Sanger says her "opposition is mainly from the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church". Wallace reads a reference to Sanger about her background about how Sanger and her siblings were referred to as "children of the devil" in their town growing up, because of their athiest father. Wallace asks if her motivation was not based on opposition to the church. Sangers mother was Catholic from Ireland, and had 11 children.

Wallace: "Now you certainly can take no issue with the natural law as the Church regards it"

Sanger: "Well I certainly do and I think it's unnatural".

They discuss the Catholic position on artificial birth control, in a very interesting interview the likes of which would never be aired on secular TV today. Highly recommended. As Wallace confronts Sanger on her past statements, she gets fidgety, blinking and darting out her tongue. Below, I will post excerpts from George H. W. Bush while he was a congressman in Texas in the 1960's, Bush's attacks on the Pope, Bush's glowing praise for Margaret Sanger, and his insistant advocacy of coercive population control enacted by governments worldwide. As Wallace continues to reads Sangers quotes back to her, and how they are at variance with her current replies, she pleads, "Where these strange things come from that I said??!" They then go on to discuss sin, if sin exists, divorce, etc.

Meanwhile let's examine another issue; Why in the world would the Pope seek out Henry Kissinger, who is largely regarded as a war criminal and admitted eugencist as an "advisor"?(!) Media reported a few years ago, Neo-conservatism at the Vatican? Kissinger to become Political Adviser to Pope Benedict XVI

Formerly classified National Security Study Memorandum number 200 written and signed by Kissinger, immediately comes to mind:

According to mathaba.net, the document

"became the official guide to foreign policy November 26, 1975, when a National Security Decision Memorandum (NSDM 314) was signed that endorsed the findings of the study. "acknowledged that the purpose of population control was to serve the U.S. strategic, economic, and military interest at the expense of the developing countries".
LifeIssues.net covered it too, in their article: Kissinger Report 2004: How U.S. foreign policy uses population control to expoloit third world economies

Kissinger recently Called on Obama to complete their "new world order"

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Revisits Eugenics

The supreme court "justice" pervert who has a history of advocating lowering the age of sexual consent has spiked the eugenics issue in New york times magazine. her comment:

"Frankly I had thought that at the time (Roe vs. Wade) was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don't want to have too many of."

Jonah Goldberg of the LA Times wrote a good article covering this issue here.

Original article: The Place of Women on the Court


Mainstream media ignores astonishing comment by Ruth Bader Ginsburg on eugenics and Roe v. Wade

Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles radiating pregnant women and everyone else in forced body scanners


MUST READ: PrisonPlanet.com: Bill Gates is scared to death that everyone knows his vaccines kill millions

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