Alex Jones: You know that, somebody on a dialysis machine in a cave didn't have NORAD stand down, didn't do war games of planes flying into buildings that morning, didn't do CIA insider trading, didn't call Mayor Willie Brown & tell him not to fly and Ashcroft and everybody else. You know that..
What really happened on September 11th?
When, 3000 Citizens were sent into Heaven.
Why'd they air a fake Bin Laden video confession?
Why's the fairy tale version got so many questions?
Where radical hijackers that were only using box cutters, Sliced up pilots like a knife cuttin hot butter.
They had it (? strainin) like a NASDAQ stock runner.
They flew the planes like a Tom Cruise Top Gunner.
But the story's bogus, I know this.
Dick Cheney ran 9/11 drinkin Diet Sprite sodas.

You only gotta look at how the buildings collapsed, Bombs poppin off, listen cuz they buildin the facts.
A controlled demolition had a molten pool of steel up in Ground Zero.
That's the temperature that drown heroes.
Fires in the buildings that were oxygen starved.
People waiving from the windows where the bombing gets start.
So let me get this straight, these fires couldn't melt people or glass, but they could melt 47 steel frames?
World Trade 7 wasn't hit by a plane. At 5pm collapsed and they couldn't explain, how for the 3rd time in history, a steel buliding melted, in a neat little pile.
How'd it happen? Such a mystery. The owner said "pull it" and admitted they knew.

That's Larry Silverstein, a partner with the Blackstone Group.
They got the act all cool. They made 6 billion dollars. takin blood money, drippin off a neck-tie collars.
The South Tower burned for like 48 minutes, while the buliding in Madrid burned for 28 hours.
Shootin white hot flames, but they never collapsed.
Ask your scientist, professor. Make them try and explain that. Or just watch the videos with concrete shootin out the blast points, You hear explosions at the flash points.
C4 hit 'em like an asteriod. Planted a controlled demolition, got a question, you can ask Roy.
You got a question? You can ask Roy.

Alex Jones: What you believe doesn't necessarily make it so. And so, people say 'How dare you change my reality on 9/11? I don't want to believe that.' Regardless of what you believe, the facts are still the facts. Let me just say this...

Yo! For real! Why was Dick Cheney runnin hijacking drills?
And why does George Shultz got a mind that can kill?
Why'd they steal the footage when the missle hit the Pentagon?
Why'd they stage terror, like in Beirut, Lebanon? Why is it that NORAD never try & intercept?
Why were Rumsfeld's 'stand down' orders so direct? Really, why was 9/11 such an inside job? Well, because the facts make it easy to solve.

So The Project for a New American Century said we need to mobilze 'em with a new Pearl Harbor.
Yeah, we got 'em by the chains, but we need to pull harder.
In a cashless society, control grid slaughter.
So 3000 Citizens were martyred.
The military scene budget jumpin like a young Vince Carter.
9/11's really just a starter.
They plannin more terrorism all the way from here to Jakarta.
After the fact, they passed the Patriot Act.
They left the Constitution murdered, with stake in its back.
Cuz they had to get a stake in Iraq. Bechtel, Raytheon,
DynCorp and the Haliburton contracts.
Children get abducted like alien contact, at Abu Gharib Prison during military combat.

Cheney's that man sayin 'bomb that', 'I'm that Vice President that played possum like a wombat.'
He stole the plan outta Operation Northwoods.
Him and Scooter Libby burn crosses and they sport hoods.
Peter Shumacher and the shadow government, are runnin martial law takeover drills out of Ft. Hood.
CIA runnin crack.
Teenagers poppin more Vicodin than Laura Bush.
Deficits they runnin up.
3 trillion missin from the Pentagon budget.
The water supply druggin it.
Why you think they lovin it? Lovin.

They got a system where the terrorism happens, cuz the CIA fundin it.
Abu Moussad Al Zaquari's just a one-legged schill.
Bin Laden's already been killed.
Just false-flag mind-control, sythetic terrorism. Comic book villans.
Now Americans are scared of livin.
Blind to the 9/11 inside job.
It's Roy Shivers to the truth, like religion & God.

Alex Jones: Face the facts. There's no debating it. All the evidence points towards David Ray Griffin's 4th scenario, government total involvement. That is a criminal element within the government. Thta doesn't mean your mailman was involved, or the cop was involved, or your cousin who's FBI was involved.

Yo! For real! Why was Buzzy Krongard sellin airline stocks?
Why does Bush's brain start where his hairline stops?
Why the Pentagon officials all cancel their flights?
Why does flouride in water cause cancer in mice?
Why would World Trade 7 all the sudden collapse?
Why was Dick Cheney plannin for a war in Iraq?
Really, why was 9/11 such an inside job?
Well, beacuse the facts make it easy to solve.

Mohammad Atta trained as a spy up in Cali, for the Able Danger program in the Monterrey Valley.
The he transferred to a CIA flight school in Venice. FBI double-agent terrorist apprentice.
With Cheney runnin drills like a dentist.
Remote control piloted & crashed into the World Trade Centers.
And now he claimin that he can defend us?
Haliburton's makin 20 billion off of genocide agendas.
Economy done toppled like Jenga. Mass media is runnin bigger scams than credit card lenders.

This New World Order that we enter, is David Rockefeller's wet dream, cuz he's chicken like tenders.
It's really not the end of it.
The Federal Reserve print money and they spendin it.
It's Roy Shivers, I can smell a psy-op from the scent of it.
Knowin that the NSA ran at least 80% of it.
They knocked down the towers like a tenament, ensurin that the military industrial complex benefit.
You hear the truth in my sentiment.
Bush Administration officials, they take reality & bendin it.

Alex Jones: It, it's called cover action, it's called compartmentilization. This is what they do. The CIA admits to hundreds of bombings all over the world, to blame it on people.

Why'd supposed hijackers train at Air Force bases?
And why did Flight 93 land in 2 places?
And why did they replace it with a drone?
Why did Paul Wolfowitz mention Richard Pearl talkin with Sharon?
Why did agents from Moussad have a video tape?
Why did FBI agents go & let them escape?
Really, why was 9/11 such an inside job?
Well, because the facts make it easy to solve.

Alex Jones: I have official government documents for 9/11. I have official government documents for Operation Gladio. I have official government documents where they carried attacks out. Do you understand?!? That's the number 1 piece of evidence. Number 2, is the motive. And we say 'well, we didn't want to believe that, so let's look at the evidence.' And you look at the evidence.. Only 1 country, and other governments have looked at this, only 1 country forgets somebody in a cave. Only 1 country could pull this off in America. Now, if you want to learn the truth go to or & get Martial Law, my new film. It is my crowning achievement.