Welcome To JohnInBarbados.com!: A Tribute To The Legacy of John Marsh, The "Caribbean Critic" Welcome To JohnInBarbados.com!: A Tribute To The Legacy of John Marsh, The "Caribbean Critic"

Established December 27, 2016

Welcome to JohnInBarbados.com. Some close friends of John who are greatly grieved over his sudden loss have contacted me and want to ensure that John's legacy lives on.

We are just putting this site together and will include a lot of archived information, audio interviews, and discussions with the erudite John Marsh, who left us too soon on December 23, 2016.

The purpose of this website is to bring John's friends and fans together in a social, educational, and memorial tribute platform. We will continue John's legacy of social interaction and intellectual discourse among those who knew, loved, and want to remember John.

Please join our John In Barbados Facebook Group and our John in Barbados SeenLife Group, so that the legacy of John Marsh, and his friends and fans, can stay connected.

John's friends will be having a memorial radio podcast next week, and are inviting submissions to be included in the show. Do you have a story, comment, audio or video file about John that you'd like to share? Or just a memory of him, or what he meant to you? Did the man whom you only knew from a radio show a few minutes each day have an effect on you? Why? Please contact us and share your thoughts at info [at] JohnInBarbados.com or through your e-mail directly by clicking the link here. All of the data, whether written or audio, will be included in the live show, which will be a call-in program.

If you would like to make a YouTube video message about John, please send it to us and it will be permanently included on this site.

We have also added some new content below from a yet-unheard radio interview John did this past October, which we are sure you will enjoy.

UPDATE: John's daughter posted the following message on this site on 12/31:

20 hours ago

"I don't know if anyone will be able to see this. I am Selina Marsh, John's daughter. My mum and I would like to thank everyone for their comments. The amount I have read, and seen is unbelievable I didn't know so many people knew of my dad, and we are touched by them, and I know my dad would be chuffed (pleased as punch) at the quantity of comments.

Again thank you, all of you.


You can read and respond to her comment in our comment section at the bottom on the page here . You don't have to log in or register, you can post as a guest.

"John from Barbados was amazing individual with an incredible life. Much more than we can go into right now. This website is to memorialize his last contributions to the pursuit of truth and as a corruption watchdog and critic," says Cam, one of John's good friends from Australia. Cam spoke with John nearly every day and is one of the founders of this site. Cam as you may recall is the person who called into Mike Rivero's show on 12/21/16 and informed everyone of the bad news. You can reach Cam on Skype, his username is Camspiracy.. Or you can e-mail him at Cam [at] JohnInBarbados.com.

Here is an audio message from Ted Midward, one of John's friends and a founding contributor to this site. This was recorded 12/28, and is an absolutely beautiful must-hear. (I'll bet money that it'll be a tear-jerker for you. :-) Listen to Ted's MP3 here.

John our mailing list below to receive periodic updates and notice of new additions to this site, as well as details on when the memorial broadcast will occur. (We all have 'real jobs,' so are still organizing and putting this thing together.) It will be sometime next week. We will not send you any spam.

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New photo of John Marsh as a youngster, sent to us by his daughter on 1/2/17. Thanks, Selina!

NEW POST, 1/2/17!:

Ted Midward releases new one-one-one interview with John Marsh, conducted 10/25/16. Two hours and 25 minutes. Thanks Ted!

John In Barbados Discusses Loving Others And Helping Out Your Neighbor 12/29/16

"Well now that Mr. Trump has been confirmed as the President-elect, my job now is to, really hold his feet to the fire and look at what he's doing and where he's going. And we can all keep him on his toes, should we say." - John in Barbados, 12/20/16, three days before his death.

John in Barbados Discusses Loving Thy Neighbor:
This is a very lovely clip - perhaps quite different than when you heard John discussing politics. Here he shares stories of helping others and explains why it is important. "I've worked on the premise that I've taken a lot out of this world and it was about time I started giving back... Being neighborly and helping people out, you get repaid 1,000 times, I'm telling people. That is the truth."

This interview conducted by Ted Midward took place in October 2016. You can reach Ted at Ted [at] JohnInBarbados.com

John In Barbados On Prepping, & His Survival Garden

'John in Barbados' Tells the 'Duh' Joke on WhatReallyHappened 10 26 2016
This is a good one. :-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2016: This was John's final call to Michael Rivero. 12 minutes.

Wednesday, December 21, and Friday, December 23, 2016: In this compilation clip, John's friend from Australia calls in on Wednesday to tell Mike that John is sick, in a coma. Following that are a few updates and then the recording of when John's daughter calls in to the show Friday 12/23 to tell Mike that John died. 8 minutes total.

Archived Messages About John from Friends and Radio Listeners

This is a screenshot of John's Skype profile. "The Anglo American Israeli alliance must be destroyed!" He went by the moniker "Caribbean Critic."

Round table discussion with John Marsh 10/13/16

Ted is one of the contributors of this site and is organizing the memorial broadcast.

"Caribbean Critic AKA Pontious Pirate AKA John Marsh joins the late great American patriot Danny Russell Brown to fight the good fight in Valhalla against the enemies of freedom. Thanks for 8 good years John. I and many others will miss you terribly." - Camspiracy from Australia

Here are two hour-long MP3 interviews with John conducted by Ted Midward. In the first, John discusses a wide array of issues, including his meeting with the British Minister of Defense, the Clinton impeachment case and Monica Lewinski, and the "Jewish power bankers." "They've been a monkey on the back of the gentiles for 2,000 years,enough is enough!" he proclaims.

He also discusses the United Nation's control of internet domain names, U.S. military capability vs that of potential war with Russia and Iran. He derides the money given to Israel by the U.S. "the amount of money frittered away on foreign nations." "We have interesting times to live through," he says. He touches on his calls to Mike Rivero's show and how he would challenge Mike when he calls in - but also admits when he is wrong. Download or play the MP3 here. You can contact Ted on Twitter here.

This second interview has sound quality issues, we are currently working on that and will have a new version soon. Listen here.

Tribute To John In Barbados: His Last 7 Calls To Mike Rivero's Show, Photos, & A Very Special Message From His Daughter
By Martin Hill

Very sad news this past Friday, December 23; 'John in Barbados,' the erudite caller who had become a staple on Mike Rivero's WhatReallyHappened.com radio show, died after a sudden illness.

I didn't know John personally, only from hearing his calls into Mike's show. But all regular listeners are surely familiar with John's astute analysis of world affairs accompanied by his entertaining, spunky, often-cynical presentation.

I for one will admit that I shed some tears when I heard his daughter call into the show Friday to announce his death. The sudden death of such a vibrant man reminds us of our own mortality, and that we never know which day is our last.

I thought John deserved some kind of tribute, along with some closure for the WRH community - sort of a virtual wake, if you will. In addition, I was curious about this man, his background, and what kind of life he had led- he was a very intriguing character.

John's daughter and wife liked the idea and agreed to share the following stories and pictures. In addition, I told them that I'd put a comment section here so that John's friends can share any thoughts or condolances they have on this page, so that his family can read it. Please feel free to do so. You don't need to log in or register, you can post as a guest.

I have also included the last seven phone calls that John made in to the WRH radio show.

I hope you enjoy this humble tribute. John will be greatly missed. Our prayers and condolances go out to John and his family. May God bless them and may his soul rest in peace.

Here is what John's daughter had to say:

John Marsh

Hello Mr Hill.

I am Selina Marsh, John's daughter. Both my mum and I are touched at by what you are doing, and I know my dad would be thrilled.

As for writing about my dad that is not a problem. i will just write and you can pick what you want to use, as the man people knew on Mike's show was the person I didn't pay attention to very much. Political debates is not something I wanted to deal with in the house and me being his daughter I would usually take the opposite view to whatever he was saying. So this is the man i knew more.

John Marsh was an opinionated, stubborn, pain in the ass. 9 out of 10 times he couldn't tell a joke right, which just made us laugh. He was the type of dad that if he knew I hadn't done my best he would tell me and push me to do better. Upon entering high school in the UK I was put in a class for a few months until they could perform the tests to make sure every student was in the correct class. After my test but before the results my dad told me if I went up 2 classes he would increase my allowance by five pounds.

That was a mistake as his part. I got my allowance every week and when the results came in, I had climbed not just two classes. but five. I ended up in the top class of the school. My dad was over the moon, but at 11 I was far more interested in reminding him he had agreed to give me an extra 5 quid. And although he did do the whole 'are you sure it was 5 pound more not just 2' he was a man of his word and I got the raise.

He was a mischievous boy, and the antics his baby brother and he got up to went from silly little pranks to really dangerous stunts. As a young man he joined the air-force, and traveled the world. He got qualification after qualification whilst there, as he loved to learn and absorb knowledge.

After the air-force he became an electrical engineer, and ended up with his own business. With his business he fixed machines at place like coca cola, and other types of factories. Whatever he was doing he gave it his all. It didn't matter if it was business or pleasure. He liked facts, and liked to make sure if I asked him a question no matter how old I was well and truly informed. Which brings me to a story I will never forget.

I was about 12 and we had been discussing tran-sexuals in school and me being a shy kid refused to ask the teacher questions. So I waited till I got home, and asked my dad "dad how do you turn a man into a woman and a woman into a man?" My dad being the type of person he was stopped filling out the paperwork for his business, took a blank piece of paper and as he began telling me how a man is turned into a woman he also decided to draw pictures to go with the explanation.

I honestly can't remember the words he used to tell me how a woman can become a man. But I do remember the picture he drew. and the reason I can remember his explanation of the woman is because I was too shocked, mortified and embarrassed over the explanation of the man and the drawings that accompanied them.

After that I learned that if I wanted to ask a question and get a simple explanation that didn't require diagrams and about an hour of in depth explanations, I needed to go to my mum. In a way I guess my dad just wanted me to be well informed but at 12 all I kept thinking was TMI.

He and I had great arguments if we had different opinions, but we both backed up our opinions with appropriate information. He and I are both gemini's so we clashed.

The week before he died he and I were arguing about the DNA manipulation thing that is going about at the moment. He said it is great for medical conditions and thought it should been done. For me although I thought it was good in theory I didn't think it should exist, because once DNA/gene manipulation starts then people wouldn't stop and just do it for medical reasons. Although we both saw each others points, neither of us would back down.

When he retired, he couldn't sit still, so he built a 2 bedroom cottage for me to live in, When that was done he decided to take up golfing. But that couldn't interfere with him sitting down for Mike's show.

He loved sci-fi shows. and watched every star-trek, he had a crush on Jeri Ryan (7 or 9) from voyager. His fave movie was bucket list. If he was asked he would help out a friend in anyway possible. He was a kind and loving husband and father. There is probably a hundred more things I could say but I think I have summed him up.


She continues: "Here are a couple of pics; one is him and mum posing which was taken about 15 years ago, and the other was taken only a couple of years ago. him and mum on a catamaran, living it up with a drink in his hand. Thank you for this, Selina."

Here are videos of the last seven calls that John made to Mike Rivero. After that is an eighth video which includes the news of John's illness on December 21st, and the call from his daughter informing Mike Rivero of his death on December 23rd.

Monday, December 12, 2016:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016:

Wednesday, December 14, 2016:

Thursday, December 15, 2016:

Friday, December 16, 2016:

Monday, December 19, 2016:

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Note: All of the comments can be seen at the original article url here.]

WRH link: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/content/tribute-john-barbados-his-last-7-calls-mike-riveros-show-photos-very-special-message-his-dau.

We love you, John. :-(

Elton John - Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding (1973) With Lyrics

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