Senator John McCain Speaks to Dan Rather on 9/11/01, regarding State Sponsored Terrorism: "I have felt that there's been involvement"


At hour 1:04, of the documentary above, a clip from CBS NEWS ON 9/11/2001: Dan Rather talks with Senator John McCain about government sponsored terrorism.


Rather: Senator- true or untrue, that there's been occasions over the last let's say, decade.. when the evidence pointed clearly to some sort of state sponsored terrorism; I'm not suggesting that this is state sponsored terrorism..

McCain: Yes.

Rather.. I'm saying clear that we don't know what this is

McCain: Yep.

Rather: But is it true or untrue that in the past over the last decade that there's been occasion when evidence pointed to certain states..

McCain: Yes

Rather: and that for one reason or another, neither the executive nor legislative branch of our US Govt wanted to attend to that. The decision was made to look the other way.

McCain: I don't know if the intention, uh, if the action was to just look the other way, but I think there were indications, whether there was conclusive proof or not, was a judgement that made by, uuuhh, our leaders both in the executive and legislative branch. Uh, I have felt that.. that there's been involvement, but, uh , I- I'm .. be honest with ya, Dan, I never thought that an operation of this sophistication and size would take place. I.. I just never did.

Will presidential candidate McCain please expound on his remarks regarding state sponsored terrorism?

or watch the youtube clip below:

Dan Rather & Sen McCain on 9/11/01-state sponsored terrorism

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