Ron Paul says he doesn't believe "the towers went down by microwaves from outer space", but that the 9/11 investigation should be reopened.

By Martin Hill

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This is a transcript of the 9/11 related questions which Paul addressed during last night's show.


George Noory: do you believe that if we lived on a planet that was totally peaceful, I mean nobody was fighting.. that special interest groups, would create problems, in order to create war, and possibly even terror?

Ron Paul: Well it seems that is human nature, unfortunately, you know, we were told there'd be wars and rumors of wars so it must be engrained into the human, uh, soul, in many ways, which bothers me to no end because, I don't understand it, it just seems so so foolish I just cannot concieve how, how, our people can, and people of the world can always be fighting and killing each other and reject the idea.. I mean.. we don't, we don't seem to make any progress.. I mean we just keep doing the same thing over and over again, and not ever using just common sense!

(At 24:24 Caller Joe asks:)

Um, congressman, I just wanted to ask you, um, first I'd like to say before i ask my question, I have a lot of respect for you, you seem like one of the few politicians that actually will stick to their guns, regardless of what anyone thinks. That being said, my question is, how do you feel about the fact that maybe, um, you have a certain section of followers that are so caught up in the ridiculous conspiracy theories such as, uh, 911 was caused by America, or, we didn't actually go to the moon,.. that, it tends to detract from your legitimacy. and do you plan on doing anything about it, or, have you tried to address that, or..

Ron Paul: well, you know, uh, I can't do a whole lot about it. Uh, and I think to some degree, what you say, uh, is true. But, the whole thing is, is, when you defend freedom, you defend your right to think and do whatever you want. as long as you're not hurting other people. So I would defend freedom of religion- and there's a lot of silly things that go on in the name of religion. So if you join me because of your religous beliefs and you know, that, uh, I'm not gonna bother you and I'm not gonna arrest you for it, yes, you would join and say 'yeah they'll leave me alone'.

This is one reason why- If you want to talk about true diversity, you have to look at what, the kind of people that support us and that come to our meetings. much moreso than all this other talk about diversity and bringing people together. So no, I can't control what people think- now, I don't have to endorse what they, what they, uh, what they think. But if you endorse freedom, all of the sudden you being people together that are quite different and they will have different views, and I don't make any attempt to try to sort it out,

I have - we've gotten 40,000 different people sign up on our webpage, uh, there's no way I could monitor, and I'm really not even going to try,. but if somebody comes and and says well what do you believe, .. and uh, if they ask me, 'do you think the towers went down by, uh, microwaves from outer space?' I'll say no, I don't believe that. You know I just tell em what I believe, and that's, to me what is the most important, is I tell people what I believe.

George Noory: You know what I'd like to see congressman is perhaps the 9/11 commission reopened again; a new investigation, with some of these professors and scientists who, have brought some pretty fascinating information forward, which really was never looked at during the original investigation.

Ron Paul: And I can agree with that and that's my position. I think it should be reopened, I think that, uhh, it didn't solve any problems, yet I don't, you know, I don't claim I know the answers. and I don't say our government did it. and I know some of my supporters would say that. "oh yeah, I know our united states government actually did this as part of a conspiracy". And I don't personally believe that, and I don't say it. But I still, am not satisfied with the investigation. There's a rare government investigation that I am satisfied with, because usually what they do is they're just covering up their ineptness and all other kind of problems, I mean , look at the assassination of Kennedy. I mean I think 80 some percent of the American people don't believe that Oswald did that all by himself. So noboy's trusted those kind of investigations.

But our big problem there - unless you can really trust your government,- so say we get Hillary in or McCain in, and they say, 'oh, okay, the people want to have another investigation'. Are you gonna be happy with the next investigation? If you don't have absolute confidence in the person and individuals in your government, to just have another investigation, you know, will be to cover up.. the other investigation!

George Noory: well that's true and what is happened here, and we can sense it, we can feel it, you can feel it, that's part of your campaign, your platform, people have lost trust in government in all areas....

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