How To Properly Write in Dr. Ron Paul For U.S. President

Received from Steve H. on 9/6/08. For those interested in becoming an official Ron Paul elector in southern California, e-mail me here for info to arrange a notarization of your Ron Paul elector form.

Here is the information on how you can become an elector for Ron Paul for President. What an elector is a person who declares that they will vote for Ron Paul for President. Since Gail Lightfoot originated this plan, it is requested that her name be added as Vice President, because it's important to have both names match for each of the 55 names pledging to Ron Paul. Also, she has a good working relationship with the Secretary of State in CA who is responsible for processing these forms.

I have attached a PDF file that explains the requirements for an elector (someone declaring that they will write in Ron Paul for President.), and the form to be filled out is also in that PDF. Finally, it must be notarized, and Jennifer is a certified Notary. So, she asked me to let you know that if you have a local meetup sometime soon, we can all meet and get the forms filled out, then each person would need to sign their from in front of a notary (Jennifer), and if you bring a roll of stamps and envelopes with labels premade we can process the whole thing at once and send them off ASAP. You'd have to check with Jennifer to find out the notary fee and her availability. I believe she is also going to email you tonight as well.

Also, you should know that Gail Lightfoot does not have to be your vote for Vice President, the important part is that Ron Paul is for President and the Vice President's name is not important who it is so much as all 55 forms match both VP and Presidential choices. Gail has asked to have a copy of your form emailed or faxed to her so she can coordinate and verify all forms were received and processed correctly. She has also pointed out that Ron Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin for President (see

Gail explains her thoughts about why its important we do this anyway, and I've cut and pasted her email below for your reference. In the text of the email is also included her email address and fax number in this email, so please feel free to contact her if you have further questions. Gail's email to me is posted between the lines, below:

(I've removed my introduction from this email text, so it begins with my questions to Gail)

QUESTION FROM STEVE H: To that end, could you please give me an update on the status of the forms you have received naming Ron Paul for President and you for VP? I am told that we only need 55 of these properly filled out and notarized forms from any person who is over 18, a US citizen, and is willing to fill out and have that form notarized. If this is the case, then I will get my form notarized and mailed to the address provided for the Secretary of State, and I can email you a copy as well.

ANSWER FROM GAIL L: You are correct as to the number and the process. Officials in Sacramento are in tune and counting our forms as they arrive.
I have an email list of 32 potential Electors that I am keeping informed via email. Some but not all of those have signed, sealed and delivered a form to the Elections Office in Sacramento. I am trying to keep count but the number of questions via email exceeds the DONE emails. I am merging them into a list that I can convert to a document that lists 55 names and locations.
There are 6 of us in SLO Co. who will get forms in on the 15th. We are reaching out by mail and phone and will have a Notary at a mtg on the 14th in hopes of adding to that short list. Others among the 32 are adding individuals like yourself and I resend her message via Meetup each week. [she did such a good job making the message look professional].

QUESTION FROM STEVE H: I am willing to go out and find others to support this plan but I first wanted to find out the current number of valid forms that were submitted and also I'd like to verify the process involved so I can fully explain how it works to others interested. Finally, it is my understanding that even though people list you as VP, they are not committed to voting for you as VP. By the way, have you discussed this plan with Dr. Paul?

ANSWER FROM GAIL L: Yes, using my name is a formality that most voters who write in Ron Paul will not even know is an option. They may or may not write in some name for VP but it does not matter what they put on the VP line. The votes for Ron Paul are the ones that will be counted and reported [along with the very few for me]. Any other VP candidates written in will end up under 'other' as Ron Paul's' will if we don't do this.

I have not talked to Ron Paul or anyone at his web site or the Campaign for Liberty web site. I have sent two or three emails letting them know what I am doing and I have had one or two individuals tell me Ron Paul does not want a protest vote in his name and that he has endorsed Chuck Baldwin. That makes no difference to me because it will not stop anyone from writing in Ron Paul if he is their first choice. Of course, once we succeed, the media may help us by reporting our success which will add to the number of voters who do write in Ron Paul. Many would like to but won't unless their vote will actually be counted.

My motivation is to see every voters vote counted and a belief that there will be a significant number of votes for Ron Paul. I am not sure how I will vote and may never say but I do want the votes counted. I would like to see more volunteer write in electors for ____ and ____ for every election. Each name given by a voter sends a different message as to why they are not voting for the choices they are given on the printed ballot. I think that matters! gkl

CLOSE FROM STEVE H: I'd appreciate a reply to my questions at your earliest convenience. Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Steve H.

CLOSE FROM GAIL L: We plan to stop trying to get LP Voters to attend a mtg - they never do - and go for a local org of Campaign for Liberty. As a non-profit club we can get into events for less money and cross party lines to attract members. The economic crisis will only help. In fact, I am thinking about setting up speaking engagements that focus quite simply on the fact the capitalism is not debtism and until we all start living within our means and create savings to invest in business, the economy will remain at risk. There is much more to this but I am thinking of what we can each do and what is really easy to understand. Everyone understands that debt has to be paid and the later you pay it the more you pay above and beyond what you borrowed in the first place. Maybe we can persuade people to cut back gradually and reform our economy slowly enough not to hurt too much. OF course, as Maggie Thatcher said, 'it will hurt' we all need to know that but it will hurt much more later.

gail lightfoot
San Luis Obispo, CA

File : Presidential_Elector_Form_and_Procedure.pdf(85 KB)