SHOT IN REVERSE: Vincent Arias, Shot by cops & facing life in prison, tells his story of Acquittal by Jury without a lawyer
By Martin Hill


On August 15, 2006, Los Angeles native Vincent Arias was acquitted of all charges and freed from prison. Vincent had been shot by police and charged with attempted murder of a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon (his Chrystler) in 2004, in an incident which began in a Pomona parking lot. Arias was facing life in prison and held on over a million dollars bail in Los Angeles Twin Towers jail for over two years. Unhappy with his state appointed defense lawyers and skeptical of the system, Vincent fired all of them and took the chance of his life- went pro per, and beat the case. A jury acquitted him of all charges. Here is a wonderful video interview with him, which is a tribute to the fighting spirit which refused a plea deal and risked it all for the cause of righteousness and liberty.

My youtube channel has nearly ten million views but the following video, with only 7,228 views, is still my absolute favorite and an inspirational tear-jerker. Below that is another audio interview with Vincent and photos of his bullet-ridden blood-splattered car.

This interview with Vincent Arias was conducted on September 8, 2008.


Coming soon! An interview I conducted with Vincent on 8/8/16, where we discuss the recent rash of police shootings of unarmed people.

Here is an interview conducted with Vincent Arias on January 5, 2014. Man Shot By Cops Discusses His Acquittal, Freedom & the Current Police State of America: Vincent Arias

4/27/09: Vincent was a guest with Christie Czajkowski [of] on Monday, 4/17/09 at 5:15PM Pacific. Call in number was (512)879-3805. The audio archive of the show can be heard here or here. [archive pages here and here.]

We hear so many stories of people who are 'shot by cops' with the police allegedly 'defending themselves' against someone who they claim was 'using their car as a weapon'. This is one of those cases, except for the fact that this gunshot victim didn't die. Shot and bleeding profusely, Vincent Arias feared for his life and fled in his car, escaping police. He was aprehended a few days later, when his wife revealed his hideout after police threatened to have their kids taken by CPS. Charged with "attempted murder on a police officer" and "assault with a deadly weapon" (his car), Arias faced over 60 years in prison, a sure death sentence. Held in the infamous 'twin towers' jail in Los Angeles for nearly two years on over a million dollars bail, Arias used his faith and grit to beat the system. Firing all his crooked inept lawyers and aided by the help of a wise cellmate, Arias encountered all sorts of DAs, judges, sheriffs and clerks who all seemed to be against him. When the time came for the verdict to be read, the jury aquitted Arias of all charges and he is now a free man. He wrote a memoir SHOT IN REVERSE, SAVED BY GOD, a riveting emotional account of his experiences. A truly inpirational success story for everyone who cherishes liberty.

Shot by cops, left for dead and barely escaping with his life, an innocent man is only later to be captured by police. Put on trial for crimes which, if convicted, would equal a death sentence, he began the fight for his life. Ripped off by crooked hapless lawyers and a rigged corrupt judicial system, he fired them all and took his life into his own hands. Inspired by his Christian faith to continue his fight for freedom, Vincent Arias was imprisoned on over a million dolars bail and held for nearly two years at the twin towers jail in Los Angeles, CA. In this amazing story of hope, faith and redemption, Arias personifies the gutsy American spirit of freedom and resistance to tyranny. Single handedly taking on the seasoned lawyers, prosecutors and biased judges with the help of his knowledgeable cellmate, a wounded yet resiliant Arias represented himself in court, "pro per", and ultimately convinced a jury of twelve that he was indeed, not guilty.

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